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The New Best Football Manager 2009 Tactic

As I promised I’m going to reveal the new tactic that I’m using for my Chester City team, the tactic that brought us the promotion from Coca-Cola Championship to the Premier League although nobody thought we could do it. 

The tactic uses a 4-4-2 diamond formation and it was designed by Paine. He called it the Razor tactic, and if you want all the details about it you can go to his website to check it out. What I did is this: I took his Razor 1.1 tactic and changed only the set pieces instructions, nothing more. Here’s an example, the corner kick instructions.

Original Razor 1.1 instructions



Tweaked Razor 1.2 instructions



The result? A goal right from the first game! Scored by James Chester, my centre back.


There you go. If you want to download the original Razor tactic please go to Paine’s website. If you want my tweaked Razor 1.2 tactic you can grab it from here.

P.S.: Paine has released a new tactic, a 4-3-3 called The Believer. It looks very interesting ;)



  1. Robert

    July 18, 2012 at 10:35

    Nice tactic. I just tried it and kept getting winning streaks, although one in 10 is a loss.

    • Johnny Karp

      July 18, 2012 at 20:31

      Thanks, nice to hear you had good results.

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