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Weston McKennie FM23 Wonderkid

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Weston McKennie FM23 Wonderkid

Age: 23

Position: midfielder (central, left, right), attacking midfielder (central, left, right), defensive midfielder, wingback (right), defender (central, right)

Roles: defensive winger, winger, wide midfielder, winger, wide playmaker, inverted winger

Club: Leeds (loan), contract belong to Juventus

Nationality: USA

Value: €12.5 – 37 million

Hidden Potential: 143 / 153


Weston is one of the current USA national team players, his football career began in Germany. In 2004 he starts playing football in Phönix Otterbach – local team from Kaiserslautern. After that he returned to the USA, progressed in the Dallas youth system, and played for the first team. After Dallas was a new German challenge, he plays for Schalke 04 from 2017 and in season 20/21 Juventus agree to buy his contract after one year loan. La Vecchia Signora sends him to Leeds in winter 2023.


Weston McKennie FM23 Wonderkid profile in 2022

He cant play just four positions on the field, including the goalkeeper. Surely, if you want to use Weston in the defense, think twice before doing that. Weak marking and jumping reach cause problems for your team, especially in the air. Better unleash his potential in the midfielder position. He can score goals, give you an advantage in tackling, and grant a decent performance in total. Weston is a player with a small amount of potential ability left and now at his peak form.

Weston McKennie FM23 Wonderkid Leeds coach report in 2022

Leeds assistant manager Aranalde has great judging skills and thinks that McKennie is the best player in the team at the midfield position. Main pros are determined personality and big matches, in which Weston is relishing. But he has an injury at save start and needs a month to recover. Also, Weston sometimes does dirty tricks on the field, which leads to cards.

Weston McKennie FM23 Wonderkid Man City scout report in 2022

Man City scout thinks, that this player can’t be in leadership roles, but as a sub he may give impact on the pitch.

Weston McKennie Agent Demand to Man City at the Save Start

Weston was sent on loan with the optional fee, and while he is in Leeds, you can’t buy him.


But if he comes back to Juventus, agent demand will look like that. Decent price for a midfielder, between €30 and 37 million. The agent will demand a high wage for his client, €8-10 million in a year. For example, this is the level of a starting eleven in Man City. You will need a lot of money in the wage budget.


Wonderkid Weston McKennie FM 2023 profile aged 30 in the year 2029


Weston McKennie FM 2023 Wonderkid career history until 2029

Weston McKennie Football Manager 2023 Wonderkid FMS Summary


  • Mature player with good skills, fit for mid-table teams from top-five leagues
  • Can play quite a lot positions on the field
  • Has a good personality (Fairly determined)
  • Relishes in big matches
  • May take a long throw
  • Physically strong


  • May have a problem with injuries
  • Big wage demands from agent
  • Can’t be bought while he is on loan
  • High eccentricity skill (hidden)



Weston is a decent player for your team, if you play for a non-top club with some money in the pockets. Cheap price for the player, as for EPL clubs, but wage demands sound scary. Also, you need to wait a year, for this time you simply can find a better player that will fit better for the team. In summary, worth for buying to improve squad here and now, but with some hidden weak sides.

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