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Best FM22 League Two Free Agents | Football Manager 2022

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Climbing up the English league pyramid can be really tough, but here you will find the best FM22 League Two free agents for Football Manager 2022.

Signing experienced players, for no transfer fee, be that Unattached or Out of Contract in FM 22, can make a huge difference to your budgets and chances of winning promotion to League One.

Picking up bargains and cheap players in FM22 could be key to success, so hopefully the list below can help provide an edge.

Below we have listen the best FM22 free agents who will sign for teams in SkyBet League Two in FM 2022. We have loaded up every player in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland.

  • Every player will sign for Salford City
  • Maximum age of 33 for outfield and 37 for goalkeepers
  • International caps listed

Once we have access to the Editor, we will provide ratings for all the FM 2022 League Two free agents based on their ability.

Our best FM22 League Two Free Agents are able to be filtered by position using the ‘search’ bar and below you can download the shortlist straight into your game.

Best FM22 League Two Free Agents

RatingNameAgePositionNatCapsMedia Description
Jota30M (R), AM (RLC)ESP0Experienced winger
Tony Andreu33M/AM (C)FRA0Experienced attacking midfielder
Callum Gribbin22M (C), AM (RC)ENG0Attacking midfielder
Ross McCormack34M (L), AM (LC), ST (C)SCO13Veteran striker
Brandon Miele26M (RL), AM (RLC)IRL0Winger
Melvin Sitti21M/AM (C)FRA0Midfielder
Alexander Kogler23AM (RC), ST (C)AUT0Striker
Matheus Santana23M/AM (C)BRA0Attacking midfielder
Piero Mingoia29M/AM (RC)ENG0Attacking midfielder
Otis Khan25M (RL), AM (RLC)ENG0Winger
Cuco Martina31D (RLC), WB (R)CUW46Experienced full-back
David Wheater34D (C)ENG0Veteran centre-back
Bambo Diaby23D (C)ESP0Centre-back
Williams Velásquez24D (C)VEN0Centre-back
Jordan Boon20D (LC)ENG0Young centre-back
Dan Seaborne34D (C)ENG0Veteran centre-back
Jack Hobbs32D (C)ENG0Experienced centre-back
Yoan Zouma23D (C)FRA0Centre-back
Troy Brown30D (C)WAL0Experienced centre-back
Joe Wright26D (C)WAL0Centre-back
John-Joe O'Toole32D (C), DM, M (C)IRL0Experienced centre-back
Jamie Sendles-White27D (C)NIR0Centre-back
Stefan O'Connor24D (C)ENG0Centre-back
Corey Jordan22D (C)ENG0Centre-back
Niall Keown26D (RC)IRL0Full-back
Cyriaque Mayounga20D (C)CTA2Young centre-back
Salomon Kalou35M/AM (RL), ST (C)CIV97Veteran winger
Nick Blackman31AM (RL), ST (C)BRB6Experienced winger
Collin Quaner30M/AM (R), ST (C)GER0Experienced striker
Jerome Sinclair24AM (RL), ST (C)ENG0Striker
Yaya Sanogo28ST (C)FRA0Rangy striker
Ronaldo Pearson22ST (C)JAM0Striker
Anthony Stokes32ST (C)IRL9Experienced striker
Steve Davies33ST (C)ENG0Experienced striker
Rodel Richards20AM (C), ST (C)ENG0Striker
Kris Doolan34ST (C)SCO0Veteran striker
Chris O'Grady35ST (C)ENG0Veteran striker
Josh Parker30ST (C)ATG32Experienced striker
Jahmal Hector-Ingram22AM (RC), ST (C)ENG0Striker
Max Clayton26AM (RL), ST (C)ENG0Striker
Ciarán Kilduff32ST (C)IRL0Experienced striker
Wes Thomas34ST (C)ENG0Veteran striker
Lee Novak32ST (C)ENG0Experienced striker
Cody McDonald35ST (C)ENG0Veteran striker
Byron Moore32WB (R), M/AM (RL), ST (C)ENG0Experienced winger
Marcus Barnes24AM (R), ST (C)ENG0Striker
Nile Ranger30ST (C)ENG0Experienced striker
Anton Forrester27ST (C)ENG0Striker
Michael Folivi23ST (C)ENG0Striker
Shaq Coulthirst26ST (C)ENG0Striker
Nathan Eccleston30AM (R), ST (C)ENG0Experienced striker
Simon Dawkins33M (LC), AM (C)JAM21Experienced midfielder
Joe Ledley34DM, M (C)WAL77Veteran midfielder
Lewis MacLeod27DM, M (C)SCO0Defensive midfielder
Mohamed Maouche28M/AM (C)FRA0Midfielder
Jem Karacan32DM, M (C)TUR0Experienced midfielder
Jacob Mellis30M/AM (C)ENG0Experienced midfielder
Jamie O'Hara34DM, M (C)ENG0Veteran midfielder
Chris Taylor34M (RC)ENG0Veteran midfielder
Josh Wright31M/AM (C)ENG0Experienced midfielder
Dean Parrett29M (RC), AM (C)ENG0Midfielder
Jimmy Ryan32DM, M (C)IRL0Experienced midfielder
Stuart Sinclair33DM, M (RC), AM (C)ENG0Tireless midfielder
Emyr Huws27DM, M (C)WAL11Midfielder
Jermaine Anderson25DM, M (C)ENG0Midfielder
Charlie Trafford29DM, M (C)CAN3Midfielder
Billy Knott28M/AM (C)ENG0Midfielder
Luke Hyam29DM, M (C)ENG0Midfielder
Karl Moore32M (RLC), AM (RL)IRL0Experienced winger
Bobby Carroll19M (C)ENG0Young midfielder
Khaleem Hyland32DM, M (C)TRI94Experienced midfielder
Zdeněk Zlámal35GKCZE1Veteran goalkeeper
Abdoulaye Diallo29GKSEN17Goalkeeper
Ben Alnwick34GKENG0Experienced goalkeeper
Lee Camp36GKNIR9Veteran goalkeeper
Frank Fielding33GKENG0Experienced goalkeeper
Mark Howard34GKENG0Experienced goalkeeper
Lee Robinson35GKENG0Veteran goalkeeper
Rene Gilmartin34GKIRL0Experienced goalkeeper
Adam Smith28GKENG0Goalkeeper
Conor O'Malley26GKIRL0Goalkeeper
Mariano Barufaldi28GKARG0Goalkeeper
Dino Visser31GKRSA0Experienced goalkeeper
Fabian Johnson33D/WB (RL), M/AM (L)USA57Experienced winger
Armand Traoré31D/WB/M (L)SEN5Experienced full-back
Pablo Armero34D/WB/M (L)COL68Attacking full back
Aaron Taylor-Sinclair30D/WB (L)ATG2Full-back
Brandon Mason23D/WB (L)ENG0Full-back
Reece Hutchinson21D (L)ENG0Full-back
Aziz Deen-Conteh28D/WB (L)SLE2Full-back
Lorcan Fitzgerald32D/M (L)IRL0Experienced full-back
Zoumana Bakayogo34D/WB/M (L)CIV0Attacking full back
Sam Habergham29D/WB (L)ENG0Full-back
Bradley Garmston27D/WB (L)IRL0Attacking full back
Marc Pugh34M/AM (RL)ENG0Veteran winger
Dolly Menga28AM (RL)ANG10Winger
Jordon Ibe25AM (RL)ENG0Winger
Viv Solomon-Otabor25M/AM (RL)ENG0Winger
Josh Sims24M (L), AM (RLC)ENG0Winger
Nathan Oduwa25AM (RL), ST (C)NGA0Winger
Josh Bohui22M/AM (RL)ENG0Winger
Alex Kiwomya25AM (RL), ST (C)ENG0Winger
Callum Harriott27M/AM (RL)GUY9Winger
Luke Giverin28M/AM (LC)ENG0Winger
Nathan Thomas27M/AM (RL)ENG0Winger
Ethan Ross19M (L), AM (RL)SCO0Winger
Anthony Jeffrey26AM (RL), ST (C)GUY5Winger
Mitch Austin30M/AM (L)AUS0Experienced winger
Layton Ndukwu22AM (RLC), ST (C)ENG0Winger
Steven Lawless30AM (RL), ST (C)SCO0Experienced winger
Shaun Cummings32D (RL), WB (R)JAM3Experienced full-back
Martin Cranie34D (RC)ENG0Experienced full-back
Steve Lawson26D/WB (R), DM, M (C)TOG20Full-back
Paul Caddis33D (R)SCO1Experienced full-back
Josh Clarke27D/WB/AM (R)ENG0Winger
Niall Mason24D (RC), DMENG0Full-back
Benjamin Gleditsch25D (RL), WB (R)NOR0Full-back
Elvis Bwomono22D/WB (R)UGA2Full-back
Phil Edwards35D (R)ENG0Veteran full-back
Shay Facey26D (RC), WB (R)ENG0Full-back
Zeli Ismail27M (R), AM (RC)ENG0Winger
Elliot Grandin33AM (RC)FRA0Experienced winger

Every year we test countless tactics and review the very best. For FM22 these systems will be ranked and listed within our tactics index linked below.

Best FM 22 League Two Free Agent Shortlist

To download every player above simply use the download button below and follow the instructions further down:

Please note: If you want to share this download on your website you will have to link back to this page, hosting the file elsewhere or posting the direct download link is not allowed!

How to install the shortlist

1. For Windows put the downloaded file in this folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/shortlists. If the «shortlists» folder doesn’t exist you will have to create it. Windows users skip to step 2, Mac users read below.

Mac users put file in this folder: Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/shortlists. If «shortlists» folder doesn’t exist create it. To access your files on Mac open ‘Finder’, click ‘Go’ from the menubar, press and hold the ‘alt’ key to show ‘library’ in your menu, while still holding ‘alt’ click it, then go to ‘Application Support’ > ‘Sports Interactive’ > ‘Football Manager 2022’

2. Start your game and go to shortlists.

3. In game click ‘scouting’ on the sidebar, then ‘shortlist’ within the top tabs. Click the settings icon next to ‘shortlist’ at the top right of your screen.

4. Select “load shortlist” from the menu and then select the respective file

The FM22 lower league players series coming soon:

If you are going to play in the English lower leagues this year, let us know who you will be managing in the comments or in social media.

Don’t forget you can buy FM22 through us and by supporting our content you receive an exclusive 30% discount, making the game £27.74. Click the link below to find out more.

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