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Lower League FM 22 Story – Introduction: Welcome to Gateshead

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Hi, welcome to my Lower League FM 22 Story managing Gateshead, the Tynesiders.

My name is Mario Rodrigo, I’m from Spain and I’ve been playing Championship/Football Manager since the mid 90’s.

Please excuse me for my poor English as it is not my native language – His English is better than my Spanish (Editor) – I usually like to take over a club from the lowest league available,

My goal, like most of you, is to push the team up the leagues as quick as possible. Winning promotion to the top division and looking to win the Champions League.

This is my manager profile at the beginning of the save.

My main motivation with this series is to share with you my approach to the game, my victories and losses, so we can all learn together.

Beside the reports of how my save develops, I will be writing guides using this Gateshead lower league FM 22 story career as a “case study”.

I have many FM checklists, scouting, tactic, training, and man management guides on my list to complete during the save.

The Club

Gateshead is a team founded in 1977 playing in the Vanarama National League North.

They are a professional club, but only carry a one star local reputation at the beginning of the save.

The squad has a determined personality, which will be an area we will look to improve, but is a great starting point.

The Facilities

The Tynesiders rent the Gateshead International Stadium, built in 1955, it has a capacity of 11.800.

For this level, it is a good size stadium and with success it should help bring in cash from ticket sales in the cup matches.

The training and youth facilitates are adequate.


In their history, the Tynesiders have twice won the Northern Premier League, won in 1983 and 1986, I hope to change this drastically very soon!👍😁


The Finances

The finances are ok, we have an overall balance of £351k and a weekly wage budget of £11,320 per week.

The board have handed us a £15k transfer budget, so I will have to sell for cash or sign free several players to be able to bring new blood into the squad.

My Lower League FM 22 Story Tactic

I will be using an attacking pressing 4-2-3-1 tactic with a high defensive line.

In a separate post I will be going into the details of this tactic which I already tested in a previous experimental save with amazing results.

The Training Schedule

I will be using Andrew’s training schedule, I also tested it in another previous experimental save and worked brilliantly.

So, this was just the introduction to my lower league FM 2022 story. I will be writing individual posts for each season so stay tuned here or at the FMS Twitter account!

In the first season, we are predicted by the media to finish 13th in the Vanarama National League North.

The bookies and I have a more optimistic opinion, they ranked us in seventh place with odds of 10/1.


Thanks for reading 🙏 and see you soon in the next chapter of this lower league Football Manager 2022 story. 😁

Let us know where you think Gateshead will finish in our first season.




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