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FM 2021 Player Profile — Matteo Lovato

Lovato has great aggression, determination, strength and jumping reach. He moved to Milan in 2023 missing just 9 games in 4 years…

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Matteo Lovato

Age: 20

Position: DC

Role: Central Defender, No-Nonesense Centre-Back, Ball Playing Defender

Club: Verona


Value: £1.3 million

Price tag: £7.5 million (patch 21.1)

Hidden Potential: CA: 116 / PA: -85 (140-170)



Matteo Lovato profile in 2020 (patch 21.1)

Matteo Lovato profile aged 27 in the year 2027


Matteo Lovato career history until 2027

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Lovato may not have the price tag of Papetti but he does possess the same potential and well rounded attributes. At 20 years old he has a solid foundation with great aggression, determination, concentration, strength and jumping reach. During our test he moved to AC Milan for £22 million in 2023 missing just 9 games in 4 years!

Matteo developed 14 or above in every essential defensive attribute bar Bravery (12.) With 15 pace, 15 acceleration and 17 for strength, jumping and balance the Italian is a physical specimen. Lovato may lack that wow factor but few centre backs can be so consistent and at £7.5 million he is worth shortlisting.

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