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FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Have you found that one true wonderkid, a player that can make all the difference and be a true hero for any club? If so then you could have your player featured on the FMS Scouting Network.

We scout out the best talent Football Manager has to offer and then provide detailed reports accompanied by future screenshots to prove the players potential. Now those future profiles could feature your player.

We are also looking into profiling players for ‘second tier’ clubs like the Championship and Serie B (but not yet below.) So whether it be a top flight player or Championship level player, we are interested. If you’re looking for bragging rights with your mates, then there is surely no better way to prove your ability as a manager than to have your player on this site and be able to say you recommended him.

Interested? Then carry on reading the rules and how to have your players featured on the FMS Scouting Network.


    • None of the below rules count when recommending players for Championship level clubs, you don’t need to provide a screenshot at all (but they’d be welcome,) all we really need is the name and the players record while playing for your club. Now we’ll move onto the rules for any top class and top flight recommendations.
    • You cannot recommend players that are already featured in the ‘Ultimate list’, click here to check and just type your players name into the search box above the table…if his name appears in the list, don’t recommend him.
    • No regens are aloud to be recommended.
    • Every recommendation must be accompanied by a screenshot of the players attributes from 2015 onwards, we cannot accept screenshots before this year, this screenshot must be from the players ‘overview’ ‘profile’ and not his ‘overview’ ‘attributes’. You must also provide a screenshot of the players career history.
    • We do not tolerate cheating and do not want screenshots from hampered or adjusted games, if you’ve used the editor, loaded a database or use FMRTE etc, we do not want to see your screenshots. Any suspicious profiles will be discarded, don’t take this the wrong way if you have not cheated, we just have to protect our reputation.
    • We are welcoming lower league players so any recommendations are welcome, but any top flight players must at least have the potential to play at the highest level. We want top class talent and anything else may be rejected depending on age and asking price…remember, its all about the future screenshot, if we feel yours isn’t good enough we’ll have to turn the profile away and wait for someone else who may have the same player developed to a better standard.
    • And finally we are only interested in players that are visible with a large database loaded, including the English, Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian countries.

How do I take screenhsots and share them?

  • Download PicPick for free from http://picpick.en.softonic.com/.
  • Now open up PicPick.
  • Run Football Manager and get to the screen you want an image of (player profile and career stats.)
  • Go to preferences/display&sound, now change the ‘display mode’ to ‘windowed’.
  • Make sure you maximise the screen again if it has gone smaller, then press ‘PrtSC’ This is your printscreen key, it should be next to the F12 key on your computer.
  • You should see an image in Picpick, just save this as something memorable.
  • Now use any image upload site you like, but I recommend http://imageshack.us/. Just upload your screenshots, copy the links and paste them into your comment below.

Its that simple, just leave me a comment below for any Championship players or address the comment to Karl for any top flight players.

I must emphasize though, this is all about the future screenhsots so if any of the rules above aren’t followed we will not consider your player and no screenshots, means no profile. We are in the early stages of profiling Championship level players so screenshots are not required for such recommendations but may help your player get included.

Earn yourself the bragging rights and recommend us a player today, if we like what we see, your screenhsots will be featured in a profile and your name mentioned.

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