Football Manager 2012 Best League 1 Players List

FM 2012 League One Players

written by TheZiggy

Welcome to our Football Manager 2012 best League 1 players list. Here you can find the biggest list of FM 2012 League 1 players and the list will continue to grow throughout the year. The table below is full of useful information like each players asking price, age and position etc. We’ve even given these Football Manager 2012 lower league players a star rating based on their quality and bargain value.

It doesn’t matter if you’re after FM 2012 free players or even Football Manager 2012 cheap league one players, we have included them all below. If that’s not enough try clicking on each players name to view their comprehensive player profile. So if you have been struggling to find the best FM12 league one stars then look no further.

Our FM 2012 player profiles show a current profile taken from the start of the game, all the players relevant details, a scouting report and then the players profile from a year on to show how well he can perform and at what level. That’s right, we are showing you what each player could achieve just by clicking his name. This is surely the most in depth Football Manager 2012 best league 1 players list around.

Please note that all profiles are taken from patch 12.2.

Player NamePositionAsking PriceWage p/wAgeClubRating
Van Zanten, DavidDL/WBL/MR325,0003,40029St. Mirren
Gillet, KennyDL/DC45,0001,10025Inverness CT
Rubbo, MarianoRubbo, MarianoAMC/AMR01,30023Free Agent
Baxter, JoseST/AMR/AMCLoan019Everton res.
Donnelly, RoryST/AMRLoan019Swansea res.
McAllister, JamieDL/WBL30,0001,70033Bristol City res.
James, MattMCLoan80019Man Utd res.
Alnwick, BenGKLoan024Spurs res.
Allan, ScottMCLoan019West Brom
Vigurs, IainMC/CL55,0001,20023Ross County
Silva, JoaoSTLoan021Everton res.
Lovre, GoranAMC/MC/MR/AMR03,10029Free Agent
Moussa, FranckMC/ML/AML/AMCLoan3,50021Leicester
Thicot, StevenDC/MC01,20024Free Agent
Adorjan, KrisztianAMC/STLoan018Liverpool res.
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  • comment avatar silva July 21, 2012

    Somebody has to do Joe McKee I had him at Crewe one of the best freekick takers on the game

    • comment avatar TheZiggy July 21, 2012

      I’ll give him a look. If he’s good enough, which it sounds like, it might be he’ll be profiled. Depending on ability he might go on the League Two list when I get to doing it.

    • comment avatar Ian October 13, 2012

      19 year old, first season, midfielder Joe McKee, scored 10 goals out of 30 matches for me, scoring a mind blowing free kick from incredible distance in a FA-cup finale against Tottenham, won the match 1-0. McKee is a MUST sign.

  • comment avatar Scotty98TR September 4, 2012

    Put Jamie McAllister on the League 2 list aswell… I got him as a League 2 club in the first season, got in the team of the year :D

    • comment avatar Darren Smith September 4, 2012

      I don’t think we’ll be doing a league two list this year to be honest Scotty.

      • comment avatar TheZiggy September 7, 2012

        Unfortunately I’ve been very busy over the last month or so, with a contract. One of the problems of being self-employed, especially when you’ve underestimated the amount of work needed.

  • comment avatar J September 4, 2012

    Darell Russle is a very good player

    • comment avatar TheZiggy September 7, 2012

      Thanks for the comment. I will check him out as soon as I can.

  • comment avatar October 7, 2012

    Elliot Horton. I signed him as a 16 yr old for Fleetwood Town. After 3 seasons sold him to Villa for 1.3 million. Very good cb, dm or cm.

  • comment avatar Jammin June 5, 2013

    I signed Apostolos Vellios for Col U, wasn’t expecting fire works but was pleasantly surprised. Of 50 odd games played he scored 35 in all competitions & played well as a lone striker or as a duo up top

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