Football Manager 2011 best XI – My favourite players

Darren's pick

written by Darren Smith

Hey guys, I decided to do one last Football Manager 2011 post. It may be a short one but I have decided to share my favourite FM 2011 players, they may not be the best in the world but they all mean a lot to me. Each player selected holds a special place within my FM journey and I have become attached to each and every one. I have selected my best XI and shown a few of their details below.

Football Manager 2012 will be released on Friday and I can confirm posts similar to this will feature in the future. One thing is for certain, I’ll be keeping a close eye on each and every one of the above players in Football Manager 2012.

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  • comment avatar billy October 20, 2011

    Nice pick. I have M’vila,pjanic,and hazard. I was going to get vrsaljko but he had a release clause of 116 million pounds.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 20, 2011

      Thanks mate, it took a while to make but was worth it. The midfield is especially brilliant and I love the strikers.

  • comment avatar Nicholas Phipps October 20, 2011

    Great piece and I’m guessing Sanogo would be the captain :). Unfortunately he doesn’t look as good at first glance on FM 2012, looking forward to more of these types of pieces :)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 20, 2011

      Sanogo would certainly be captain mate. :) Although the stats don’t look as good on FM12 I’ve seen Barca, United and AC Milan want to sign him so there must be something there.

  • comment avatar Daniel (ex fm writer) October 20, 2011

    am i right in hearing you are re starting the scouting network for fm12

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 20, 2011

      Well I wouldn’t say restarting as it never really stopped, just became inactive for a while due to us posting most of the best profiles. But yeah we’ll be doing a lot for FM 2012 mate.

      • comment avatar Daniel (ex fm writer) October 22, 2011

        I cannot wait

        • comment avatar Darren Smith October 22, 2011

          I’m actually working in the layout, categories, lists and a tonne of profiles now. Won’t play the game properly until after the weekend I don’t think :)

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