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FM 2011 cheap players

written by csatlantis

Tobias Figueiredo

Age: 16 (Born 2.2.1994)

Position: DC, DM, MC

Club: Sporting CP (Sporting Clube de Portugal)

Nationality: Portugal

Value: 650k

Price tag: 750k , 11.3 patch

Tobias Figueirido is a young and very talented central defender, is also versatile enough to play at an accomplished level as a defensive midfielder or central midfielder, his best position is as a central defender but should be able to do a good job if retrained to a defensive midfielder, take note that he will only want to join a big club



Good pace and acceleration

A long way to go in his career, being only 16 and a half years old at the start of the game



Low Strength

From academia-de-talentos website, where the first picture is from:

At the time of referring the strengths and weaknesses of his son, Luis Figueiredo does not hesitate: It’s a quiet kid and has a very good vision of the game, so it can also play lock or central midfielder. How is high and plays well head, Tobias scores many goals in the corners and free, but also have the facility to shoot at goal, do not ask permission to do so. Maybe will have to make an effort to think a little faster, sometimes it still takes a little to react, but is still very new, “concludes the father of Tobias.

Screenshot of player after loading new game on latest patch

Screenshot of players scouting report from Arsenal

Screenshot of players future profile: 

Not the most flattering of future profiles, but he’s broken his leg, collar bone, and has 15 or so injuries through his career, safe to say he probably did not reach his maximum potential (he is on loan to Nottingham Forest, who are in the Premier League)

But even so he looks like a pretty good central defender overall

Players best buy rating out of 10: 7.5

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  • comment avatar Nicholas Phipps ('Nick' on the main site) July 19, 2011

    Looks like a great cheap player!

  • comment avatar jay April 12, 2012

    this guy is a legend in my game. proper center back and score 10 goals or more a season, only down side is he gets a lot of red cards.

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