FM 2011 Player Profile- Marc Albrighton

FM 2011 Wingers

written by Vaibhav Chandrasekhar

Marc Albrighton

Age: 20 years old

Position: Right Midfielder

Club: Aston Villa

Nationality:  English

Value: 5.5 million pounds

Price tag:  24.5 million pounds + 10% of profit from next sale. (11.3)

Marc Albrighton Starting Attributes

Marc Albrighton is a fantastic player at the start of the game. His crossing and his work-rate are incredible for a 20 year old.  He is also very good at natural fitness and his stamina is great. He should develop to be a fantastic winger. This is how Arsenal’s scout Cagigao rates him.

I agree with Cagigao. He should be able to play at a similar level as Nasri. I think right now in real life he is similar or better than Theo Walcott.

Marc Albrighton in 2019

He is really good. His value has decreased for some reason, I think it is age. His dribbling, first touch, and his concentration have all improved a lot. I would recommend selecting dribbling as a skill to improve.

My best buy rating: 7/10

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  • comment avatar csatlantis July 13, 2011

    Quite a good player, might need to develop his pace for a bit to be an effective winger to beat the enemy full backs regularly

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