FM2011 Player Profile – Connor Wickham

FM 2011 Strikers

written by Vaibhav Chandrasekhar

 Connor Wickham

Age: 17 years old

Position: Striker

Club: Ispwich Town

Nationality: English

Value: 1.7 million pounds

 Price tag: 3.7 million pounds in patch 11.3 (as Arsenal)

Connor Wickham Starting Attributes

This is how Connor Wickham will be when starting a new game. His strengths are his Long Throws, Strength, and Determination. He is also good at pace and jumping. He is injured at the start of the game for around 2 months. His finishing is ok, not too great. This is how Arsenal’s scout Peter Clark rates him.

I think his potential level should be a little better than 3 stars, but I don’t think he improves that much in the future. I do not have a profile in the future, the farthest I have is 2013. If someone has a long-term save, can you please post Wickham’s future profile.

Wickham in real life (taken from Wikipedia)

He has played football for England Under 16s, 17’s, 19’s and 21’s. He is still awaiting his first England cap. He just moved to Sunderland FC for 8 million pounds.  He is one of England’s best young players in the world right now.

My best buy rating: 6.5/10

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  • comment avatar CsAtlantis July 12, 2011

    I think the Sunderland fee includes some clauses that could see the fee swell to 13 million pounds or so maximum too :D

    I have a long term save with Birmingham (default database though) of Wickham, he’s really good and has done well for me

  • comment avatar Vaibhav Chandrasekhar July 12, 2011

    Wow, he is absolutely amazing! How did you get him to improve so much?

  • comment avatar Chai Chien Liang July 12, 2011

    bought him 1 year into the game, and regular game time(lots of sub appearances at first, then first team starts after 2 years) plus tutoring from Zigic helped him out quite a bit

  • comment avatar Nicholas Phipps ('Nick' on the main site) July 19, 2011

    Wow, that’s incredible! Wickham’s usually turns out to be an average player on my game after signing for Chelsea or Arsenal in his second season where he dosn’t improve due to his lack of regular football. He then just dissapears int the lower leagues.

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