FM14 Wonderkids To Watch – Hachim Mastour

FM 2014 Wonderkids

written by Darren Smith

Hachim Mastour

Hachim Mastour

Club: AC Milan (Serie A, Italy)

Position: AMC/ST

Age: 15

Nationality: Morrocan/Italian

The boys a bit like: Messi, Zidane, Kaka and Riquelme

Mastour signed for AC Milan aged just 14 from Reggiana. The Italian giants paid an age appropriate record fee of 500,000 euros. Nothing short of that would do as bitter rivals had taken the young gun on loan and tracked the FM14 wonderkid since the age of 10. It is reported that Europe’s elite including Real, Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester City were interested in Mastour, some clubs even offered to find the kids parents accommodation and a job.

This Football Manager 2014 wonderkid operates just behind the striker, Mastour can create magic with fast feet and an ability to do things with the ball that few others would even dream of.

While there’s very little data on Mastour’ record at youth level, we do know he scored on his debut for the Italian U15’s. An incredible 20 yard strike followed the most sublime display of skill, it was this performance, aged just 14 that got everyone excited. Just watch the video below, you’ll see why we’re touting this kid as the FM 2014 best wonderkid.

Italy U15 stats

Appearances: 1

Goals: 1

What should we expect from this Football Manager 2014 wonderkid? From what I’ve read and watched (which is a lot) Mastour should have incredible potential ability. SI should maybe set this as flexible to represent how some kids can fail to fulfill their promise, but there should be few players with more potential.

Key attributes will surely be dribbling, flair, creativity and technique, come on Sport Interactive, don’t let us down. ;)

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  • comment avatar Brucey July 15, 2013

    Donis Advijaj, the Schalke youth striker, would be my wonderkid to watch. He should have great finishing, off the ball and composure. Doria and Will Hughes have had great seasons so they should improve. Fm14 may be the return of Yaya Sanogo now he’s gone to Arsenal, and Sao Paolo and Brazil youngster Henrique has scored 7 goals in just 11 under 20 caps, so he might have high potential.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 15, 2013

      Thanks for the information, there’s sure to be a few star players enter the scene next edition that weren’t even included this year.

  • comment avatar andy July 15, 2013

    the only thing I would say.. is that he won’t be in the game if if’s only 14/15…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 15, 2013

      He’s 15 years old, and why wouldn’t he be in the game at 15? It hasn’t stopped them adding players to the database in the past. Just look in game with Italy loaded right now, you’ll find plenty of 15 year olds. We wouldn’t mention him if there was a reason for SI to not include him.

      • comment avatar Giovanni Musella October 22, 2013

        I think he would be 14 at the start of the game, never seen a 14 year old player in FM tbh

        • comment avatar Darren Smith October 22, 2013

          He should be 15 when the game starts, DOB 15/06/13, game starts after that date from memory. There must be a good reason, maybe something legal.

  • comment avatar LmFaO July 16, 2013

    Dan Crowley and Gedion Zelalem from Arsenal… Both have good technique and vision… and as Brucey said, maybe the return of Sanogo…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 16, 2013

      Yeah would be nice to have Sanogo back to a high level, he was my favorite in FM12.

  • comment avatar Niels Theis Bendtsen July 16, 2013

    Being Danish I am hoping that a future wonderkid could be Markus Bay which has recently signed with Ajax.

    (and on a sidenote I hope they reduce the reputation of Niclas Bendtner he goes to way to big clubs in my saves. I my Wales save he was signed by Paris St Germain, oh enough bantering.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 16, 2013

      I haven’t seen Bendtner get an opportunity like that yet, but if I had it would certainly come as a shock.

  • comment avatar Conor July 17, 2013

    Yan Dhanda, 14, just signed for Liverpool from West Brom. He looks very promising, he is also the first Indian player to sign for Liverpool. From the videos I’ve seen, he sould have high passing, flair, technique and dribbling, among other attributes.

  • comment avatar NLoureiro October 2, 2013

    Freddy Adu was in the game when he was 14/15…granted it wasn’t FM…there’s no reason Mastour won’t be in FM14

  • comment avatar Darkstorm October 18, 2013

    I’ve watched him with my on eyes while i was on Italy for holiday.

    His strength and pace is excellent but he is also expert at shooting and dribbling.

    I called him Cristiano Messi lol.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 18, 2013

      Haha yeah he’s very, very talented. Real shame that he isn’t in FM14 after all.

      • comment avatar Darkstorm October 19, 2013

        i guess he will be there after half season patch. true talent.

        • comment avatar Darren Smith October 20, 2013

          Maybe, real shame he didn’t make the game yet.

  • comment avatar harry January 5, 2014

    why i cant find Hachim Mastour in my game. any update that im missing??

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 5, 2014

      Because SI didn’t put him in the game. This post is one from our collection of wonderkids we think should be in the game and good wonderkids.

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