FM13 Wonderkids to watch – Dennis Praet

FM 2013 wonderkids

written by Darren Smith

With FM13 just around the corner I thought we should start looking at possible talent for the new game. Every year unearths a player we have never heard of and so, so many hidden gems. Well this year I want to second guess Sports Interactive, creating some real life profiles of hotly tipped wonderkids SI surely can’t ignore. This will be a continuous series of profiles for FM13 wonderkids, I have five in mind so far but will not be taking any recommendations, its just  a small series of players to look out for come FM13’s release, hopefully this will help us all get excited about the new game.

Dennis Praet

Club: Anderlecht

Position: MC/AMC

Age: 18

Nationality: Belgian

2011/12 league app: 7

Interested clubs: Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea

Video reel

An excellent talent, widely thought of as one of the best talents to come from Belgian Football in the last decade. Praet has fantastic vision, great passing (long and short,) the pace of a winger and ball control of a forward. Such is his talent that Arsene Wenger offered the teenager a contract aged 15, however Praet’s family thought he’d be best developed at home in Belgium leading to a three year contract extension at Anderlecht.

Since then Praet was the subject of a Premier League bidding war between Liverpool and Chelsea, thought to be worth around £5 million this kid must be the snap of FM 2013!

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Jonathan Carver

Great idea Darren, I think everyone will be trying to guess who next years Fierro will be :)

This kid looks amazing, hopefully his attributes will reflect this :D

Gaurav Chaddah

Looks a really good player their and lets hope si represent that when the game is out


I’m already drafting up my list for potential buys on the new game and this lad is already on it. Looks a real talent and surely will be the must have midfielder on the game.

I wonder if Fierro, Niang etc will be as good, although I can see Niang being FM12’s Lukaku and not getting a great deal of game time.


Just signed him for Man City in 12/13 for FM12, looks a good prospect. Trying to get him to go back on loan to Anderlecht but he’s not having it, gonna look for a Championship side for him.

David Warner

He does look good but in truth the defending in the video is universally pretty appalling :P


John Guidetti will probably be pretty good in FM13!

Darren Ropper

Cant see him on FM13? What settings or leagues do you need playing to see him? Same with Halilovic and Bazoer.

Tried Large database of players and still didnt show??

Darren Ropper

the whole country?? can that only be done at the start of a game or during?

Just tried to add the belgium league on a game that was playing but still didnt show Praet…