FM13 Best Young npower Championship XI


written by Darren Smith

FM13 best wonderkid championship XI feature

The Scouting Network is renowned for finding great talent on FM13, but we rarely get involved in the lower leagues. So I thought it may be nice to share my personal FM13 best young npower championship XI. I say ‘my’ because these are my personal favorites, the players I look to sign if ever I’m in the second tier.

All these players could make an instant impact at  FM 2013 Championship level and then grow to be good in the Premier League. I tried to only include players that are interested in second tier teams and are also affordable. I also haven’t included anyone that I haven’t had an experience with in game.

FM13 best Championship players XI

Click any players name to see their profile, and click the last link to see each players profile from the future.

GK – Jack Butland

Age: 19

Club: Birmingham

1st season av. rating: 6.85

Asking price: 4.6 million

Click here for Profile from 2019 aged 26


DR – Kieran Trippier

Age: 21

Club: Burnley

1st season stats: 41 apps – 6 assists – 7.05 av. rating

Asking price: £5 million

Click here for Profile from 2018 aged 27


DL – Aaron Cresswell

Age: 22

Club: Ipswich

1st season stats: 30 apps – 3 assists – 6.87 av. rating

Asking price: £4.7 million

Click here for profile from 2018 aged 28


DC – Danny Batth

Age: 21

Club: Wolves

1st season stats: 41 apps – 7.02 av. rating

Asking price: £3.7 million

Click here for profile from 2018 aged 27


DC – Doria

Age: 17

Club: Botafogo

1st season stats: 8 apps – 7.06 av. rating

Asking price: £525K (Joins in January)

Click here for profile from 2016 aged 21


MC – Bressan

Age: 23

Club: BATE

1st season stats: 14 apps – 4 goals – 3 assists – 7.22 av. rating

Asking price: Free (joins in January)

Click here for profile from 2016 aged 27


MC – Adryan

Age: 17

Club: Flamengo

1st season stats: 38 apps – 4 goals -11 assists – 7.25 av. rating

Scored: 4 from 38 apps

Assists: 11 from 38 apps

Asking price: £875K

Click here for profile from 2019 aged 24


MC – Oskar Hiljemark

Age: 20

Club: Elfsborg

1st season stats: 36 apps – 10 goals – 3 assists – 7.14 av. rating

Asking price: £875K

Click here for profile from 2018 aged 26


AMR – Will Hughes

Age: 17

Club: Derby

1st season stats: 32 apps – 7 goals – 9 assists – 7.38 av. rating

Asking price: £4 million

Click here for profile from 2019 aged 24


AML – Thomas Ince

Age: 20

Club: Blackpool

1st season stats: 46 apps – 13 goals – 10 assists – 7.08 av. rating

Asking price: £6.5 million

Click here for profile from 2019 aged 27


ST – Mason Bennett

Age: 16

Club: Derby

2nd season stats: 32 apps – 16 goals – 7.13 av. rating

Asking price: £3.5 million

Click here for profile from 2018 aged 21


Now for the overview, here’s the FM13 best championship XI and all their relevant details.

FM13 best wonderkid championship XI


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  • comment avatar Bjørk Lange January 8, 2013

    Nice team there Darren. I maybe would have considered someone else instead of Doria, which I think is a bit overrated, even though he is very cheap. Nathan Redmond and Wilfried Zaha are players that might fit well for a bench. I currently have a Q.P.R save going, where especially Zaha has surprised me with some very good performances, so we might see a profile of him soon. :)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 8, 2013

      Yeah I was too and throw over Doria but I’ve seen some good displays and there’s no arguing his performances for Barce in Johnny’s story. I was considering Cathcart but I thought it would be nice to have a younger cheaper option. Would be nice to see a fully developed Zaha as all I’ve seen is pretty woeful so far, which doesn’t seem accurate to his claimed RL potential.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 8, 2013

      Doria has been outstanding so far in my Barca save, made excellent progress and there’s still some room left for improvement.

  • comment avatar dzunglv January 9, 2013

    Great squad there Darren,

    However it’s a bit expensive I think. As a Championship team, the budget is not large enough. Maybe because I’m managing Leeds but really, I will find more helpful if there is a cheaper list.

    However, I still can get everything from your cheap player list, Doria and Diskerud are wonderful in my save.

    And another choice for ST, loan Sanogo on first season and during the winter transfer window, offer him a contract. Bang! Get him for free!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 9, 2013

      The point of this post wasn’t to show a squad of players you can buy all together as Championship budgets would make the XI an impossible task to assemble. The point is just to show affordable individuals, which for most teams they are if you use the monthly investments feature.

  • comment avatar Edses January 9, 2013

    Would be interesting to see when you bring these eleven in one squad (using the editor or so) if you can manage an instant promotion, and how well you fare in the EPL (with or without strengthening your squad even further).

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 9, 2013

      Well I had what I would class as a lesser XI with Blackpool, bar maybe Bennett’s inexperience upfront and gained top spot so I think you should get promotion with a good tactic.

  • comment avatar Ben Earl January 10, 2013

    Nice team I have just joined Fulham in need of relegation save and we r without a goal scorer is there anyone who’s young but will still score goals ?

  • comment avatar Nick January 11, 2013

    i have hiljemark at leeds and he has been one of the best center mids in the april at the minute and has 17 assists and 5 goals so far.
    had to pay a bit over the price her because there was 3 other teams after him

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      He is an excellent player, even did reasonably well first season in my Newcastle side.

  • comment avatar priim January 11, 2013

    nice team, im 4 seasons in as arsenal (going pretty well), iv opted for the Wenger route and gone for youth with the odd splash of experience…anyway, the majority of my reserves and under 18 are those players…bennet, adryan will hughes… iv had Zaha for nearly 3 years… a tbh… he’s crap… iv loaned him out and he just seems to be going backwards… all my other players are pushing for the first team, but he honestly seems poor… anyway, thats my opinion…. he’s a waste…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      Yeah I have been a little disappointed by Zaha TBH, not one single save has seen him develop (all CPU management but still.)

  • comment avatar andy January 11, 2013

    Bressan for free?
    Hughes a mcl at amr? surely Zaha should be there.

    Feel you missed a trick missing out the likes of

    Ruben Yttergard Jenssen,
    Sean Murray.


    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      Bressan can be bought for free and joins in January, if you check the game you will see, and as mentioned in the post I have only shown players I know can be bought in the Championship and that I have actually managed as well…as for Zaha, he’s a bit of a waste IMO, but I’d love to see someone show some proof otherwise as he shouldn’t be as bad as in all my saves.

  • comment avatar Jeff January 11, 2013

    did you use a specific training programme to get the later stats?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      All the later stats are taken from future saves where the CPU was manager, so I couldn’t answer that one I’m afraid.

  • comment avatar Craig January 11, 2013

    Signed both Butland, Bressan and Adryan for Newcastle in first season – now in 2017/18 and all never made it out of the reserves so sold on…. much better players out there.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      This is a ‘CHAMPIONSHIP’ XI as mentioned many, many times within the post. I really don’t see how you could find better young players that would join the Championship!

  • comment avatar Ben Mann January 11, 2013

    I havea Leeds save and can not for the life of me sign Butland from Birmingham any suggestions

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 11, 2013

      If he doesn’t want to move there’s nothing you can do I’m afraid.

  • comment avatar David Curran January 12, 2013

    I have Hiljemark at Chelsea and he does a fantastic job for me so I think you’re under-selling him by putting him in a championship squad :p

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 12, 2013

      We also have him in our wonder kid and cheap players list with 4.5 and 5 star ratings respectively. He’ll just go anywhere with reason :)

  • comment avatar Pual January 16, 2013

    Hi. Can anyone give me the name of skin with photo of Mason Bennett. I’D BE GRATEFULL.

  • comment avatar Andy Harris January 22, 2013

    Mate Simao
    Ruben Yttergard Jenssen

    and my all time favourite player for lower leagues:

    Damian Boudjemaa.. 60k for a top class AMC/IF.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 22, 2013

      Thanks for all the recommendations, I’m sure this will help a fair few gamers.

  • comment avatar Jordan Fernandes February 4, 2013

    Play Zaha on the right as a inside forward with support duty and he’ll boss it did for me in my arsenal career

  • comment avatar Gavin February 19, 2013

    Did u have all of these with Blackpool first season? How did u afford that?! I thought they get like 2 m?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 19, 2013

      No I just signed some of them with Blackpool, I got Hiljemark and Adryan in the summer, then used the £10 million extra you get in the winter to sign the likes of Will Hughes, Doria, Bressan and Batth, not to mention money recouped from player sales and the fact I got em on monthly installments to stretch my budget a little.

  • comment avatar Gaurav Chaddah February 20, 2013

    Great work here Darren, I knew about some of these before hand but not all of them, I went and tried to get some in a Blackpool saving but wasn’t enjoying it… With Monaco now and bar Bennet and Cresswell got all of these and looks like they’re going to get me up, really helped :)

  • comment avatar Kane February 24, 2013

    does the club you start at make a massive difference because i have the money for them with my Barnsley squad but once it gets to the contract negotiation stage they dont want to talk

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 24, 2013

      Of course it does, if the team aren’t high enough profile then that will effect whether the player wants to move or not.

  • comment avatar COOL GUY June 18, 2013

    great squad. how about mathias zimmerman? he is a right back

  • comment avatar Scott July 30, 2013

    Hi something ive struggled to understand is how do people get away with getting players o zero up front but monthly installments? I can have say 1m balance, offer nothing up front and pay the asking price in monthly installments but then once deal agreed, the purchase takes my 1m cash even though ive offered nothing up front and the deal goes through. Some people tell me this shouldnt happen, can you let me know what I’m doig wrong?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 30, 2013

      Usually the board will take some of the fee off your budget depending on the size of the offer and how many deals you have done this way…it also varies on the clubs finances, it’s irrelevant how much time you have to pay the money if your finances are poor, the board will just stop you spending more money.

  • comment avatar daz August 5, 2013

    boudjemaa is brilliant for 60k i got him as a squad player for southampton and hes very good

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