FM 2013 Player Profile – Viktor Fischer

FM 2013 Strikers

written by Karl Deighton


Viktor Fischer

Age: 18

Position: AML/AMC, ST

Club: Ajax

Nationality: Danish

Value: £3.5m

Price tag: £10.5m

Fischer’s profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, fischer2, 2012 profile

Fischer’s scouting report from Moss of Liverpool

Viktor Fischer_ Scout Report

Fischer’s profile aged 25 in 2019

fm 2013 viktor fischer future profile

Fischer’s career history until 2019

fm 2013 viktor fischer career stats

This FM 2013 player profile of the young Dane Viktor Fischer shows a classy attacking player. In 2012 he has a lot of potential, already with some good attributes. But in 2019 he has improved his game and is a great AML. His mental attributes in general are very good and has all the right technical attributes to succeed in his position. In Johnny’s future save he moved to AC Milan for just £6.5m in 2015, where he scored 24 and assisted 11 in 109 games. Not a great return, and his average ratings were pretty low but with human management I’m sure he will do better. For less than £11m he is a great buy and would fit into any team nicely.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Miles Smith December 13, 2012

    Looks like he’d make a class inside forward on a budget.

  • comment avatar Wilson December 13, 2012

    My Most Favourite AML Is This Guy Here , Now I’m Having Second Thoughts About Playing With Inside Foward .. Wingers Time

  • comment avatar Wilson December 13, 2012

    OMG .. He Change From A Inside Foward To A Advanced Playmaker ( Attack ) Zzz

  • comment avatar Bob December 14, 2012

    Speaking of young Danes, how good does Christian Eriksen develop?

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton December 15, 2012

      He is already a great player at the start of the game, and he can develop to be even better. But in my future save he has hardly developed so won’t be profiled by me.

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