FM 2013 Player Profile – Thomas Ince

FM 2013 Wingers

written by Karl Deighton

Thomas Ince

Age: 20

Position: AML/AMR

Club: Blackpool

Nationality: English

Value: £5m

Price tag: £19m

Ince’s profile in 2012 (after starting new game, in version 13.3)

fm13 player profile, ince2, 2012 profile

Ince’s scouting report from Moss of Liverpool

Ince’s profile aged 27 in 2019

Ince’s career history until 2019

Here we have one of the most exciting English youngsters. He is a class winger and can go way beyond what he is in my future save. His dribbling, crossing, technique, flair and well rounded physical attributes makes him a top winger. He hasn’t had the best career in my save, playing in the Championship for three years and being left out at United. But after all that he is still a great player but maybe not £19 million’s worth!

Best buy rating: 7.5/10

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One of the Most awaited players profiles for me and tbh he is dissapointing in the future screenshot……but can he develop better than this with human management??


Could ya maybe get another future screenshot cause he looks pretty poor in it and I wouldn’t really class him as a wonder kid with that record…

Darren Smith

He is similar I my save too…wonder kid is a very loose term!


So would you recommend him for like a top 6 pushing prem team?

Darren Smith

I would if developed correctly yes, I have been considering him for my Newcastle side…it all depends on your tactic and how much you want home grown players though. Of course there are better players out there but not many that are affordable, English and play his position.

Gaurav Chaddah

He looks quite good to me, not the best of future profiles but I am sure he can do a job for many teams in the Premier League and could be better with human management.

Bjørk Lange

He can be good for a top 6 side in the PL. He has been a regular for my Swansea side for 4 seasons now, since the beginning of the game. This last season he made 15 goals, 8 assists and played at an average of 7.44 in 32 league matches. Stats quite similar to those of the future screenshot here, but has devolped his dribbling skils to 19. Good English player for his position I think.


[…] wrote: no wor he is in my reserves… he's good leh, will develop to be a top winger FM 2013 Player Profile – Thomas Ince – Football Manager Scouting Network | Football Manager Scouting… __________________ I don't care about your post count, I only care if your POST COUNTS […]


for what i see in the print, i think he is a very good winger, and very proapbly those two years that he lost in M.U and then the loan to norwich cut is legs on is evolution. i think this kid with proper management could be a little better than he shows .


He has a release clause in his contract to higher division clubs of 12.25m. I managed to get him for that spread over 48 months for Spurs, and he’s already looking like taking Aaron Lennon’s place on the right wing. He does have a tendency to take ambitious long shots though.