FM 2013 player profile – Ruben Yttergard Jenssen

FM 2013 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Ruben Yttergard Jenssen

Age: 24

Position: MC

Club: Tromso

Nationality: Norweigian

Value: £825K

Price tag: £1.9 million (in patch 13.3)

Ruben Yttergard Jenssen profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, jenssen2, 2012 profile

Ruben Yttergard Jenssen scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

Ruben Yttergard Jenssen profile aged 28 in the year 2016

Ruben Yttergard Jenssen career history until 2016

This FM 2013 player profile of Ruben Yttergard Jenssen is very similar to its counterpart form FM12. Jenssen remained largely similar which is certainly no negative. With good passing, technique and first touch, Jenssen can control the ball at his feet so when he develops these areas as shown above in the year 2016, he’ll be deadly. And the cherry is his mental attributes, which are close to been unrivaled! If you’d like whipped cream on top of that cherry, you can buy Jenssen for £1.9 million, a must purchase midfielder.

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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Rohan Parekh

A Very Good Player for Mid Table Premier League Team……Hasnt Changed Much from Last Year actually

Tijmen Stronks

YEAH! He’s even better than last year! Great player for a mid-table team or even a sub top team.


I just wondering if anyone watched this fellow playing IRL? Is he that good for Tromso?


Brilliant player, with both skills and a fantastic attitude! Most likely being sold after this season. Way too good for the norwegian premier league.


I have seen him several times in action for Tromso and he is actually that good. Brilliant player.