FM 2013 Player Profile – Ricky Van Wolfswinkel

FM 2013 Best Players

written by Karl Deighton

Ricky Van Wolfswinkel

Age: 23

Position: ST

Club: Sporting Lisbon

Nationality: Dutch

Value: £4.2m

Price tag: £8m

Van Wolfswinkel’s profile in 2012 (after starting new game, in version 13.3)

Van Wolfswinkel’s scouting report from Moss of Liverpool

Van Wolfswinkel’s profile aged 28 in 2017

Van Wolfswinkel’s career history until 2017

This FM13 profile of Ricky Van Wolfswinkel shows a top-drawer striker, he may not have great pace or dribbling ability but he is a perfect poacher and a natural goalscorer, this is proven by the future stats above, 80 goals in just 127 is a brilliant return, it may only be the Portuguese league, but I believe he can still score in the ‘top’ leagues. A great striker and for just £8m you cannot go wrong with him. I think he easily deserves an 8.5.

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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  • comment avatar Kazemiro November 7, 2012

    What do you mean its “just” the Portuguese league??LOL i personally think van wolkswagen is a flop though…

  • comment avatar andrewK November 15, 2012

    I bought him in two different games/saves. One with ac milan, for the bench, but after a while, he was a starter.
    The other, with arsenal, he was a starter after a few games.
    Scored an average of 20’ish with each. It’s a player i always go for… if i need a new striker, of course.
    Since he scores many goals in real life too, i’ve been following his short carrer and got my attention. Last year he scored more then 20 on sporting lisbon. Funny that his real life average is exactly the same has mine, ingame.
    It’s rare to get a bad dutch player, normally they are all interesting.
    Cheers. AK

  • comment avatar Hawthorne May 13, 2013

    What about diego rubio

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