FM 2013 Player Profile – Olivier Ntcham

FM 2013 Central Midfielders

written by Johnny Karp

Olivier Ntcham

Age: 16

Position: MC

Club: Manchester City

Nationality:  French/Cameroonian

Value: £4K

Price tag: £662K

Olivier Ntcham profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

Olivier Ntcham scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Olivier Ntcham profile aged 23 in the year 2019

Olivier Ntcham career history until 2019

This FM 2013 profile of Olivier Ntcham shows… how you can steal a good youngster from moneybags Manchester City. The Citizens have just bought him from French club Le Havre for 1.3 million pounds but they only gave him a youth contract, and that’s a big mistake. Why? Because you can directly approach the player to sign, he was willing to join Arsenal in my test save and I got him for just 662,000 pounds, the compensation you have to pay towards Man City.

Is the lad good? I definitely think so, and so did the Arsenal scout. The scout believed that Olivier Ntcham could become a leading Premier League midfielder and, judging by his future profile at the age of 23, he was right. As you can notice Man City didn’t give the youngster much playing time but he still developed amazing physical attributes, he’s a powerhouse central midfielder. His mental skills also developed nicely and I think that if you work a bit on his passing and first touch he could become a great all-round midfielder. His value in 2019 went up to 5.5 million, so you will at least make a tidy profit if you sign this lad early on.

Best buy rating: 9.5/10

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  • comment avatar bearded dragon November 5, 2012

    do you feel I could use him as a good box to box midfielder or anchor man?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 6, 2012

      He should do very well as a box to box midfielder.

  • comment avatar Tijmen Stronks November 5, 2012

    Stoke City type of player. Not good enough to succeed at a top club though.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 6, 2012

      I’m not so sure, he could well play in any top club, but he’s not Messi, that’s certain :)

  • comment avatar Nathan November 5, 2012

    I’d say he’s worth the punt. Develop him properly and you can expect the important technical attributes to be around 4 points higher, and better mental attributes as well. I do wonder how his teamwork managed to get to 18 though… If I can get that I’d be very happy.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 6, 2012

      Mental attributes tend to develop with age. Secondly, he might have been tutored by one of the senior players at Man City and that probably helped with that.

  • comment avatar Jeremy Sitbon November 7, 2012

    Hey mate, do you have a profile for Alen Halilović (Dinamo)? I’ve seen him play in youth teams and seems incredible… but I cannot find him in FM13… Any tips?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 7, 2012

      I haven’t found him in the game either, but I never loaded the Croatian league. He might be there if you load that league.

  • comment avatar darock November 8, 2012

    Is it about the price, that you give him such high rating?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 8, 2012

      I considered both the price and the potential, and those two make this lad a good buy.

  • comment avatar Sybren March 14, 2013

    He got offered to me on a free transfer! Very good player, he’s just 18 years old but I put him in my basic 11. This is him in my game:

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 14, 2013

      Not bad at all, great physical attributes and probably quite a bit of room for improvement. You will surely make a profit if you sell him in a couple of years.

      • comment avatar Sybren March 19, 2013

        I intend to do so :P

        And he just got named Player Of The Year by the club’s supporters :P

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