FM 2013 Player Profile – Mattia De Sciglio

FM 2013 Defenders

written by Darren Smith

fm13 player profile, de sciglio, image

Mattia De Sciglio

Age: 19

Position: DR/DL/WBRL

Club: AC Milan

Nationality: Italian

Value: £2.2 million

Price tag: £12.5 million (in patch 13.3)

Mattia De Sciglio profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, de sciglio, 2012 profile

Mattia De Sciglio scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

fm13 player profile, de sciglio, scout report

Mattia De Sciglio profile aged 28 in the year 2021

fm13 player profile, de sciglio, 2021 profile

Mattia De Sciglio career history until 2021

fm13 player profile, de sciglio, career stats

This FM 2013 Player Profile of Mattia De Sciglio shows the full backs true potential. This kid starts at Milan and to doesn’t look all too talented in fairness, not to the level of which he achieves in my test save. Great development sees this wonderkid grown into a very fast full back, with good crossing and defensive attributes that are very, very impressive. 16 for tackling, 17 marking, 20 positioning, 17 concentration and 15 composure mean this kid is a rock at the back. And just for the cherry, he’s determined and a real hard worker too.

My only concern comes in the average ratings, I just don’t understand how he achieved so many under 7’s while playing in Portugal, I can only assume it was poor management or he could be a late bloomer. Either way, De Sciglio is a must have full back at £12.5 million, if you have the cash, invest.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Hadi April 29, 2013

    Can you do a Henrikh Mkhitaryan one please? Searched for it on all over and didn’t find any.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 29, 2013

      He’s not done enough in my save to warrant a profile I’m afraid, though with the right management could be good.

      • comment avatar Hadi April 29, 2013

        What about Chalobah? Really tempting to buy but not sure because I need a defensive mid and he’s a defender ( even though he can play as a midfielder )

        • comment avatar Darren Smith April 29, 2013

          He’s pretty good but never developed enough for me, though human management would probably nurture his talents better. Personally I’d look elsewhere though.

  • comment avatar AzzA GunneR April 30, 2013

    This guy was excellent for me. surprised to hear you don’t think Mkhitaryan isn’t good enough, he always ends up at united or spurs in my games and is really solid

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 30, 2013

      I said that he would be good with human management but hasn’t done enough in my future saves, not that he isn’t good enough in general. If we had a profile to match his ability then he’d get profiled for sure.

  • comment avatar Rohan May 4, 2013

    Hii Darrenn, I could help you out with a Chalaboh profile…..Have a very solid looking profile of him with human management…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 4, 2013

      If the profile is from a game started with patch 13.3 then send it my way, I’d be happy to have a look.

  • comment avatar Diavolo1992 May 5, 2013

    Amazing player!

    Very good defensively…maybe too good :)

    I would train him more on attack attributes….dribling, technique and off the ball.

    Milan have some very potential kids…el shaarawy, niang and de sciglio(new maldini)

    How is going salamon and gabriel(GK)…also milan players

    Thanks for SS…i will try to beat this stats :D

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 5, 2013

      I agree, he’d benefit more form training in attacking attributes, as for the two keepers, Gabriel hasn’t done much and Salamon isn’t one I can find.

      • comment avatar Diavolo1992 May 6, 2013

        Salamon isnt GK, he is polish defender/midfielder :)

  • comment avatar Shane July 24, 2013

    Any chance of doin a review on Kyle walker his lethal on mine deffo one of the best RB on the game keeping rafael outa the first team (mainly cos rafael always injured) but a solid player in defence and going forward with his pace!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 24, 2013

      Sorry we have stopped doing profiles for FM13 now.

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