FM 2013 Player Profile – Mason Bennett

FM 2013 Cheap Players

written by Jonathan Carver

Mason Bennett

Age: 16

Position: STC/AM(RC)

Club: Derby

Nationality: English

Value: £300k

Price tag: £2.7 million in patch 13.3

Mason Bennett’s profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

Mason Bennett’s scouting report from Rowley from Arsenal

Mason Bennett’s profile aged 21 in 2018

Mason Bennett career history until 2018

Here we have a young English striker with bags of potential. At the start of the game he is only a sweet 16 year old but he has some awesome stats for being such a young age. With the right training and some first team football, this lad can be the leading English striker for years to come. In 2018 he is still only 21 and he is a total star!! He tore up the Championship for 4 seasons with Derby until Swansea took a gamble and bought him for a decent sum, but he stepped up his game and to score 34 goals in his first 2 seasons in the Premier League at his age is outstanding. Tottenham decided he was worth a cool £30 million and at 21 he still has many many years to improve. He also already has 10 caps for England in my save scoring 3 goals and not to mention scoring an incredible 20 goals in 31 appearances for the U21’s. I simply cannot rate this guy highly enough!! An absolute must buy!!!

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar AzzA Gunner December 10, 2012

    My head of youth development always signs him for me with arsenal. he became arsenals youngest ever scorer in my game and i see him playing alongside destro up front for me after podolski gets a bit too long in the tooth.

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      Yeah, arsenal do seem to snap him up quickly, he is a great prospect though and worth it in the long term!

  • comment avatar Steve Hodgson December 10, 2012

    Derby seem to have some very good youngsters this year. They might be worth a save depending on how hard it will be to keep hold of them.

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      Yeah, that would be the problem with Derby, all the big teams snap up all their youngsters straight away, but if you could keep them Derby could do well!

  • comment avatar rui December 11, 2012

    bought him for 3.9M

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      Yeah, I think they accept different values between £3-4 million, I got him for £3 million in a network game!

  • comment avatar Kent December 12, 2012

    Was going to buy him January window, but the fing gooners snapped him right infront of me. Hopefully he will just rot in their academy for the next two years so i can snap him off cheap. Doubt it thou

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      Yeah, Arsenal get him quite quickly in the game or he stays at Derby like my save, keep an eye on him, he might not get another contract in a few years!

  • comment avatar Visitor December 12, 2012

    Can somebody make Abel Hernandez of Parlemo please I would love to see him and him, Leandro Damiao, Lukaku, RVW who I should get or anybody has better suggetion thanks

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      I think some of these are on our lists mate, we will get them out ASAP

  • comment avatar rui December 15, 2012

    develope is driblling, long shots, give some little atention to first touch, finishing,penalty taking and composere and we have here probably the best striker or one of the best strikers in game

  • comment avatar rui December 15, 2012

    since is just 21 years

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 28, 2012

      Yeah I totally agree, he is only 21 years old in 2018, imagine when he is 26 or 27 with human management, could be a world class striker!

  • comment avatar rui December 15, 2012

    but i notice that he has low ratings with to seasons with ratings around 7 or above.
    thats due to cpu management or could be other thing ?

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 15, 2012

      I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that for now, in those years he would still be 19/20 and may be restricted to only sub appearances. The fact he develops so well under CPU management and is still only 21 speaks volumes about this lads potential! He could well become one of the best strikers in the game under human management when he is in his mid 20s!!

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 15, 2012

      And he still does score a lot of goals in those seasons!!

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver December 15, 2012

      I can’t be sure really, only thing I can think of is if he had a few bad games with ratings in the 5 and that has brought the average rating back down. But he is young and will make mistakes, I’m sure as he gets older he will get much better!! :)

  • comment avatar rui December 15, 2012

    that´s the reason of akward ratings he scores a lot but since it was under cpu management he could find a lot of mistakes or things that whe would have done better. i have him on my team and he scored in 4 goals in 8 gamesin the league and is developing quiet well and i dont regret a bit the 3.9M spent on him lets hope that i could reach biger stages =)

  • comment avatar BlackCat December 29, 2012

    Went to sign him but Spurs got him before I got the chance!I’ll have to wait a season or 2 and try and pick him up.

    On another note is there any plan on a profile for Jean-Marie Dongou of Barcelona as my scout gave him a 5 star potential ability rating so I was wondering if he would be worth trying to purchase.

  • comment avatar Jake January 11, 2013

    Signed him up in my first season as Man. United, into my second season and already a 3rd choice ahead of Welbeck. Bangs in goals for fun in the cup and Europe. Became the Champions League and Premier Leagues youngest ever goalscorer as well, and his physical and technical stats soar with Rooney tutoring and first team action. Awesome! One of the best buys on the game.

  • comment avatar fm13 January 12, 2013

    He scored 24 goals in premier league for me with west brom in my first season!!

  • comment avatar casey Boyles February 11, 2013

    I signed him in my rangers save on loan (transfer embargo) at 17. banged in 13 in 16 in Scottish division 2. signed on a permanent deal for 450k in January and has now scored 27 in 30 games valued at over £2m

  • comment avatar pedro February 28, 2013

    this kid is very akward. beacuase he either increases like a beast and then when seems going very well the evolution stops and gets down in some attributes. game time is no problem because he is my first choice and i must say that im very happy with the results. he socres like no other but his evolution is strange . in some stats is the same or a litlle better than showed here.

    one of the examples is he had finishing at 15 and composure at 17 and creativity at 11 and all of them decreased.

  • comment avatar ian March 17, 2013

    What role suits him best? I’ve been playing him as a poacher and he’s either brilliant or none existent. But that might just be his age.

  • comment avatar Alejandro March 22, 2013

    Hey bro, I have a question.

    I have just scout him with Monfort ( 18 on judging potential ) on my Real Madrid and he says that Bennett only has 2.5 /5 stars of potential, do you recommend me to sign him?

    Thanks and awesome job doing this profiles

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 23, 2013

      Not for Real, chances are you won’t play him enough to reach his potential.

  • comment avatar Alejandro March 23, 2013

    What oyung striker (16-17 years old) do you recommend me to my Real? What do you think about Mbaye Niang?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 23, 2013

      I’m not so keen on Niang, but would recommend Fierro.

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