FM 2013 Player Profile – Marc-Andre ter Stegen

FM 2013 Best Players

written by Karl Deighton

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Age: 20

Position: GK

Club: Gladbach

Nationality: German

Value: £8m

Price tag: £23.5m

ter Stegen’s profile in 2012 (after starting new game, in version 13.3)

fm13 player profile, ter stegen2, 2012 profile

ter Stegen scouting report from Moss of Liverpool

ter Stegen’s profile aged 25 in 2017

ter Stegen’s career history until 2017

He we have a keeper who, in 2017, is arguably the best in his position, he attributes are amazing, I don’t even know where to start describing them, because they are all brilliant. He would be a great player between the sticks. At the start of the game he is great and could walk into almost any side too. A truely amazing player and his price tag of £23.5m is actually quite cheap for the quality you are bringing in.

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar P. Rubio October 22, 2012

    Wow he is incredible! He is a definite purchase in my books.

  • comment avatar dhu October 22, 2012

    would like to see the other big german goalkeeping talent Bernd Leno please :)

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton October 24, 2012

      I think one of the other scouts are going to profile him, so he will get one soon, don’t worry :D

  • comment avatar Daneatl October 22, 2012

    WOW, amazing stats…

    Can you tell me how Adrian and Oliver Torres from Atletico will do in your saved game?

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton October 24, 2012

      Adrian has progressed slightly and is decent but oliver Torres has not. With game time m sure he would though

  • comment avatar Rob October 23, 2012

    Yeah great stats but what the hell, conceded 53 goals in 30 apps with only 3 clean sheets.. The defence in front of him must have been on holiday!

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton October 24, 2012

      Yeah they probably were not his fault, he must have had a terrible team ahead of him :D

  • comment avatar Alexander Tommos October 24, 2012

    He got better from 12? lol did not expect that!

  • comment avatar Chinmay October 31, 2012

    Any idea whether he will sign for Liverpool ? , thanks for the profile :-)

    • comment avatar mersk November 11, 2012

      Yes he will. I signed him for £17m, and sold Reina to Arsenal for £15m. The fans didn’t like me selling Reina, but they’re loving ter Stegen. Reina has declined the last two years, which is also noticeable in his PA (Potential Ability). The PA of ter Stegen is higher than that of David de Gea, and he is probably the best keeper on the game. I bought him in FM12 too, but he ended up as a benchwarmer due to Reina being ever-present, and eventually stagnated. This time I’ve sold Reina and ter Stegen is the one being ever-present. A definite purchase.

  • comment avatar JoeySamSam November 4, 2012

    He is one truly amazing keeper! Also, I have a suggestion, I don’t know whether he turns out amazing but Jak Alnwick of Newcastle. Krul got injured for me a month into the first season, and Alnwick put in some incredible displays, ones you’d expect to see from someone like ter-Stegen! If you could consider looking into him I’d appreciate it, thanks. :)

  • comment avatar Sawa December 5, 2012

    who is better Marc or Courtios or Cech for chelsea ?

    • comment avatar vjcsmoke October 12, 2013

      Cech is a beast. He should be good for another 5 years. But it never hurts to develop a youngster behind him. Courtois demanded to leave in my Chelsea save cos he couldn’t get off the bench! LOL

  • comment avatar Alexander Tommos December 6, 2012

    Will you eventually profile the arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczęsny?

    He probably deserves a profile :p

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton December 6, 2012

      One of us will probably profile him in the future.

      • comment avatar Alexander Tommos December 8, 2012

        thanks for the answer , good to know.

        He moved to real madrid on my save, have good averages and stats :p

  • comment avatar matt December 24, 2012

    i think the arsenal keeper szczessny is better tbh, got a screen shot of him 3 years in and he is amazing

  • comment avatar Tom December 29, 2012

    Do you reckon you would be able to do a profile on young FC Porto goalkeeper Kadu? Cheers.

  • comment avatar Tom December 29, 2012

    And Nicola Leali from Juventus who has been labelled as the next Salvatore Sirigu if possible. Thanks.

  • comment avatar dimi January 5, 2013

    His rating is too low to be the best GK in the game i think. With his stats he should have at least an 7,5.
    This is not a GK who wins points for his team.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 5, 2013

      Wow that seems misplaced, I’ve seen him in action, and I can’t think of a better keeper in FM13…you can’t take those av. ratings too seriously as it was under CPU management. And ‘not a GK who wins points for his team’, couldn’t disagree more TBH, again while under CPU management and at such a poor performing team he’s bound to concede goals. Just out of interest is this all from personal experience or just your evaluation of what you see above?

  • comment avatar dimi January 6, 2013

    This is from personal experience, i bought him in my second season for 15 mil. and he finished with an average of 6.75. I was pretty disappointed!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 6, 2013

      Wow, how bad was your defense??? I had him and he’s incredible!

  • comment avatar Dimi January 7, 2013

    My defense was good, i was playing with

    ———Ter Stegen———-
    Ramirez————-Wellington Nem

    So that is not a bad defense huh!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 7, 2013

      Well something certainly ain’t right if he’s performing that badly, keepers always tend to get around the 7 mark maximum but the rating you mentioned is a little bizarre. I could see Clyne, Clark and Digne been a little too raw but still not enough to show the keeper up like that.

      Unless of course you are commenting after just a few months in which case he will need time to adjust.

  • comment avatar Stuart Gould January 16, 2013

    Sold Reina for £29m to Arsenal and signed Stegen for £21m at start of game. Great buy and fans soon forgot about Reina

  • comment avatar Dickie February 9, 2013

    signed him on a FREE for sunderland in 2015!!! he is a beast! best player in my team by a country mile.

  • comment avatar Brucey February 17, 2013

    Too bad he has to get past Neuer for the national team!

  • comment avatar Steven February 19, 2013

    this guy or Bernd Leno? thank you.

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton February 19, 2013

      Stegen for me hands down, Leno is a great keeper but Stegen is just better in evert aspect.

  • comment avatar Rodd March 12, 2013

    Might be getting Stegen on a free be amazing if this happens

  • comment avatar shay April 8, 2013

    is he better than de gea??

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