FM 2013 Player Profile – Kevin Volland

FM 2013 Strikers

written by Johnny Karp

Kevin Volland

Kevin Volland

Age: 19

Position: ST/AMLC

Club: Hoffenheim

Nationality: German

Value: £4.8 million

Price tag: £25 million (in patch 13.3)

Kevin Volland profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

kevin volland fm 2013 initial profile_25m

Kevin Volland scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

kevin volland fm 2013 scout report

Kevin Volland profile aged 26 in the year 2019

kevin volland fm 2013 future profile

Kevin Volland career history until 2019

kevin volland fm 2013 career stats

This FM 2013 player profile of Kevin Volland shows a brilliant young striker, a true FM 13 wonderkid! At the age of 19 he is already good enough to play for just about any top team in Europe and his development until 2019 is stunning. In my test save he was bought by Tottenham for 28 million and then by Barcelona for a mighty 42 million! His speed and agility are just short of Messi’s in 2019, his mental attributes are excellent while his technique and first touch might give you a clue to why Barca wanted this kid. His only weak side is in the air, but apart from that he is brilliant.

He doesn’t come cheap though, Hoffenheim want no less than 25 million for him at the start of the game and I doubt you can get him for less considering how talented he is. However, that will be 25 million well-spent, so I give him a 10 out of 10.

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar stenen06 March 9, 2013

    Weird that he hasn`t played in the national team yet, in my save he has 14 apps for Germany at the year of 2015.

  • comment avatar Bubba March 9, 2013

    He looks great! Good find. :D

    • comment avatar Bubba March 9, 2013

      Too bad about the positioning tough.

      • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 9, 2013

        That’s not a big problem I guess, unless you want to play him as a centre back. I would advice against that given his height and heading.

        • comment avatar Bubba March 9, 2013

          Hahahah, but, with that positioning, won’t he be in the wrong place much? Or very much offside?

          • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 9, 2013

            Positioning is important for goalkeepers, defenders and defensive midfielders. I am never checking positioning when deciding whether to sign a striker or not. Moreover, being in the right place in attack has more to do with flair than positioning imo.

          • comment avatar Darren Smith March 9, 2013

            I too have never paid attention to positioning for players further forward than MC, more off the ball movement for me personally.

          • comment avatar rayon March 31, 2013

            being caught offside has to do with off the ball, anticipation, concentration, and decisions. positioning is more along the lines of “reading the game” and is a defensive attribute, not an attacking one.

  • comment avatar Miles Smith March 9, 2013

    Great player to start of with, couple of week points but then he develops into an absolutely class looking player.

    • comment avatar Miles Smith March 9, 2013

      I would also note that he doesn’t really go up in price so if you have 25million spare it might be worth going for someone else and then picking this guy up in the second or third season.

      • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 9, 2013

        His value does go up, at least from what I’ve seen in my test save: 28 mil to Spurs and then 42 to Barca… I’d get him right away to be honest.

        • comment avatar Miles Smith March 10, 2013

          If you can afford a £25 mil player I’m sure you can afford a £28mil player. I personally would wait a season to sign him but I see your argument.

  • comment avatar step35 March 9, 2013

    Hi could you take a loke in this players :
    because my scouts give them heigh votes except for stockm but in my perspective he seems to have quality

    Bertrand Traore – chelsea
    chalobah – chelsea
    tomas kalas-chelsea
    islam feruz-chelsea
    ruben laftus-check – chelsea
    cole stockton – tranmere
    john stones – everton

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 9, 2013

      Chalobah is on my list, he seems to develop well. I’ll check out the others as well when I get around to that.

  • comment avatar Alexander Tommos March 10, 2013

    Did he “become” a super talent in the update or was he as good before? cant remember seeing him before.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 10, 2013

      I’m not sure, fact is I didn’t come across him while searching for good players with the previous database.

      • comment avatar Alexander Tommos March 10, 2013

        My thoughts exactly, must be bumped in the update.

    • comment avatar Bri March 11, 2013

      He was good before. I bought him for chelsea and i still had to pay £25 mill

  • comment avatar Bubba March 10, 2013

    Look what I found :D Worth a profile maybe?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 10, 2013

      Definitely looks interesting, I’ll check him out in my game too. Long throws attribute is a bit low though :)

      • comment avatar Bubba March 10, 2013

        Yeah…I guess there won’t be a profile. Dammit, Y U NO THROW LONGER!?!?!

        • comment avatar Bubba March 10, 2013

          Forgot to mention, the screens are from 2017, June.

        • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 10, 2013

          Who said there won’t be a profile? I said I will check him in my game and that’s what I’ll do.

          • comment avatar Bubba March 10, 2013

            It was a joke about the long throws ;)

          • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 10, 2013

            It surely was :)

  • comment avatar step25 March 10, 2013

    nice to see that kevein develops this well but one of things that i notice is his finishing is equal to lukaku. And besides that the cpu developed them in mental and physical area more than tenical.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 10, 2013

      Indeed, I guess you could improve his technical side quite a bit if you sign him early.

  • comment avatar Ross March 11, 2013

    for anyone who was wondering, i can confirm he does turn out good in the old patch!

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp March 11, 2013

      Great, thanks for the info!

  • comment avatar RonSwanson March 15, 2013

    On my game with Mainz I managed to unsettle him and at the end of the 2nd season he is transfer listed by request for 14.75mil – so he can be got for cheaper than the 25mil asking price

    shame I probably still wont be able to afford him as mainz are skint!

  • comment avatar Fred lime March 23, 2013

    I got him for 13.5m :)

  • comment avatar hfoster02 April 21, 2013

    Joining my BVB team in Jan 2013 for £13m. He requested a transfer in October due to not getting any game time.

  • comment avatar AzzA GunneR April 22, 2013

    i picked him up for 16m by making the transfer date for the start of the second season. it ment i got him signed and no one else could out bid and in my first season he didn’t spend it on the bench. just a tip if your not in a huge rush to fill a hole in your side.

  • comment avatar ian April 22, 2013

    Do you reckon this slag would make a good advanced forward?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp April 23, 2013

      Yes, definitely. He could cover almost any striker role given his quality.

  • comment avatar nay May 27, 2013

    I bought volland on the fm13 handheld version for 17m and he is awesome I have him with cavani and his goals to games ratio is 3/1 and at the age of twenty one Is ridiculous! Definite buy!

  • comment avatar Jack Dunn June 22, 2013

    Hoffenheim were relegated 12/13 season so picked him up for 9 million in the summer for Arsenal! Looking forward too partnering him with Giroud (who scored 37 goals in the first season btw, absolute machine!!)

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp June 23, 2013

      That’s a very good piece of business, I’m sure he’d be worth more than 25 mil in a couple of seasons.

  • comment avatar matter June 28, 2013

    I got Rodrigo and Jovetic already can i use volland as a winger or is he bad at winger?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp June 28, 2013

      Shouldn’t be bad but it’s not his natural role, you might have to train him for that position.

  • comment avatar Sean July 14, 2013

    Ive got a better future screenshot of him. This lad is something else on my leeds save. city snapped him up and mancini has turned him into a Balon d’or candidate

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