FM 2013 player profile – Jack Wilshere

FM 2013 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Jack Wilshere

Age: 20

Position: AMC/MRC/AMRL

Club: Arsenal

Nationality: English

Value: £13.5 million

Price tag: £37.5 million (in 13.3)

Jack Wilshere profile in 2012 (after starting new game, 13.3)

fm13 player profile, wilshere2, 2012 profile

Jack Wilshere scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

Jack Wilshere profile aged 27 in the year 2019

Jack Wilshere career history until 2019

This FM 2013 player profile of Jack Wilshere probably shows one of the best midfielders available this year. Jack develops into an absolute beauty, with attributes such as 20 technique, 19 passing, 20 flair, 20 creativity, 18 first touch and 17 balance. These skills make him unstoppable on the ball and a genius maestro that can see the game two moves ahead of his opponent.

One of a kind is the only way to describe this wonderkid, £37.5 million is a lot, but Wilshere is probably worth more TBH. Just look at those average ratings during my save, incredible!

Best buy rating: 10/10

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Tijmen Stronks

Gotze or Wilshere, what’s your opinion?


Wow just wow. What a player he is IRL and on FM

Miles Smith

I would struggle getting him to my Tottenham side I think, I think I’ll have to stick with Gotze & Maher. Speaking of Gotze make sure you get him early because he only get’s more expensive in the second season!


I’m Arsenal already but i want to know… what position is he most effective in?

Bjørk Lange

Jack is insane in FM13, and as a Gunners Fan, it is wonderfull to see. I have had must succes in playing him at AMC as a advanced playmaker attack. He never has a bad game, lots of assists and even scores a few.

Greg Pancoust

Has anyone managed to buy him yet? Considering what he said IRL that he will never leave. I first heard that of him a while ago and lately.


Purchased him with Villa after 3 seasons after he he was unhappy at Arsenal for 17mill. He is class in midfield, trained him as an advanced playmaker in midfield and is very good. I have xhaka and pedro alongside him, with cirigliano holding…any other ideas on a quality midfielder/defensive midfielder?


Bah, what a beast! England just need to clone him to play all positions in midfield :D

Greg Pancoust

Good point Darren on my last comment.

Greg Pancoust

Maher or Wilshere in future?

Greg Pancoust

On the cloning thing what about this for a new Christmas song for the England squad. 5 Jack Wilsheres,4 Wayne Rooneys 3 younger Terrys 2 Ashley coles and a Joe as Goalie. Lame I Know

Mehul Rajgor

Hi Darren,

Thanks for getting back to me about Admilson earlier. I have a question, I’ve just got Wilshere for £35 and Maher, I am Newcastle and using your tactic for it, who would you play as the advanced playmaker and the central midfielder (with support)? Both have the quality to play as the playmaker but who do you think would be a better fit?

Thanks mate.


Arsenal transfer listed him in the Summer of 2014 in my save, grabbed him for Liverpool and have him taking over Steven Gerrard’s spot for the next decade. Absolutely feeds my wingers, Neymar and Yarmolenko.


yea so wilshere just destroys in my save. play him as AMCR and cuts inside, just puts it to teams game in and game out.

Iker Muniain

Have you ever signed this guy Darren provind extremely hard, even when Arsenal finished 15th on the first season, any advice

Iker Muniain

Thanks Darren he become available in the summer and I got a 22 million pound bid accepted only for him to say no to the deal which is fair enough, but good news Will Hughes will be used much more


Hello:) Toni Kroos or Wilshere?:) I’m in 2016.


Wow, Wilshere is incredible in 2013 he has scored 17 for me this season and it’s only January (I’m in third season by the way). I have noticed that many English players have been given attributes this year. And that certainly has helped with my now entire English arsenal squad.

Faith Ogundele

I signed wilshere by offering nani in exchange. I now have wilshere and gotze. should I play wilshere as a cm support?


Should I go for Isco or Wilshere for AMC?

Or should I go for both while having Isco in AMC and Wilshere in CM?


Hi Daarren, I have a Better Future Screenshot of Wilshere than the one on the Profile, he is still only 24 and has more or less developed fully….You can Put it up as an Extra Profile with The Orignal one also Kept…..
Would you like me to Upload it?


Doesnt seem like his health is a problem based on the screenshots. Signed this guy for 22.5 million on my 4th yr as Newcastle Manager.


is wilshere good at aml ? i know that he makes wonders at midle.

Mihail V

Dis anyone succeeded to stop him from going forward whenever possible? I want to use him in a 3 5 2 as a DLP and a can’t with this preferred move.
I tried to stop him 3 times to do that and no pozitive result.
Any advise? Thanks


I just signed for Liverpool after two succesful years at Getafe, and I was surprised to see Wilshere was willing to move to Anfield.

Did’t think twice before paying £34 million for him. I absolutely love his team work, creativity and passing (essential for my tactics).

Would love to see my Real Madrid sign him IRL! ;)

Nice profile, Darren.


he grow much much better in my save for man utd..i develope him as an inside foward.. and he is still developing..

Whoop whoop

A big thankyou to you and the rest of the boys who have put a lot of time into this site, I always refer back to here when looking at new players. Awesome job

Major Tom

Wilshire picks up far too many yellow cards.