FM 2013 Player Profile – Iker Muniain

FM 2013 Best Players

written by Johnny Karp

Iker Muniain

Iker Muniain

Age: 19

Position: AMC/ST/AML

Club: Athletic Bilbao

Nationality: Spanish (Basque)

Value: £10.5 million

Price tag: £39 million

Iker Muniain profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, muniain2, 2012 profile

Iker Muniain scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

fm 2013 iker muniain scout report

Iker Muniain profile aged 26 in the year 2019

fm 2013 iker muniain future profile

Iker Muniain career history until 2019

fm 2013 iker muniain career stats

This FM 2013 player profile of Iker Muniain shows one of the best young players in FM 13 and his steady progress until the year 2019. At the beginning of the game he’s only 19 years old but his talent would make him slot right into any team in the world. The only thing that he doesn’t have is strength but apart from that this wonderkid has all the necessary attributes to be a huge star. Unfortunately his club, Athletic Bilbao, are unwilling to let him go, and I can’t really blame them. They want no less than 39 million for him at the start of the game and there is no indication that they might settle for a lower price in the next seasons.

In fact, he remained at Bilbao until 2019 in my save, which probably shows that they didn’t agree to a lower asking price in future seasons. However, I would pay as much as that for him. If you look at his future profile you will be impressed by his amazing flair, dribbling, technique and off the ball movement while his speed is also very good. He would be a great inside forward in any team in the world but he can also cover the attacking midfielder, advanced playmaker and trequartista roles.

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar dpk04 January 14, 2013

    can u post the profile of jese (real madrid), luke shaw (southampton), danny wellback (Man utd).

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 14, 2013

      Not all at once but we’ll try to have a look at those.

  • comment avatar Steve Robson January 14, 2013

    Great work so far, would you be able to do a profile on marco verratti (psg)? Keep up the good work

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 14, 2013

      We probably will but he’s not a priority since you can’t sign him at the beginning of the game since he has just joined PSG.

      • comment avatar Steve Robson January 14, 2013

        Thanks for the reply, hes available for around 14m in my save so would love to see a profile to see if its worthwhile. cheers.

  • comment avatar Jim goon19 January 14, 2013

    In my save , i tapped him up and he didnt sign a new contract, really good player but 10/10 is very generous as hes not in neymars class

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 14, 2013

      Yeah, Neymar would probably deserve a 10+. But you can’t compare everybody to Neymar or Messi, those lads are unique.

    • comment avatar Miles Smith March 11, 2013

      As people have said the only way your going to get this kid at a good price is to unsettle him, his talent is unquestionable though.

  • comment avatar Nick January 14, 2013

    i kept praising him and declaring interest in him and managed to get him to hand in a transfer request
    snapped him up for 22 million

    could you see if inigo martinez the CB from real sociedad is worth getting.they wont sell for less than 47 million in my save

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 15, 2013

      We do have a profile of Martinez, check the player index. He’s definitely worth buying.

  • comment avatar fajar January 15, 2013

    on my save game he move to PSG in 2016 on free transfer,,too bad my scout didn’t find him,,

    sorry for my english

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 15, 2013

      You should sack that scout :)

  • comment avatar Jay January 15, 2013

    are you going to do Souleymane Coulibaly? if so I could give you a picture of him in my future save

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp January 15, 2013

      He doesn’t look too good in my game to be honest.

  • comment avatar Sekouaarne January 17, 2013

    Thank you Johnny for this one, he has been amazing in my Newcastle save. I really mean amazing! :D

  • comment avatar henlaz January 21, 2013

    splashed the cash on him in my Liverpool save (£41m release clause), he’s struggling to make an impact as left inside forward unfortunately..

  • comment avatar Nick February 13, 2013

    Playing as Aston Villa, into my third season and he has signed a pre-contract with me instead of Real Madrid! Very surprised he agreed my contract offer over Madrids

    Can not wait to see what he does next season!

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp February 13, 2013

      That’s quite a coup, “stealing” him from Real Madrid :) I’m sure he will do well.

  • comment avatar muhammet May 6, 2013


  • comment avatar Derg May 22, 2013

    does he play better as an inside forward or a poacher?

  • comment avatar BJ August 27, 2013

    Shocked I got him on a free in 2016. Insane pickup. Been rotating him and Deulofeu. Very similar players. Both are amazing dribblers. They dribble past guys for fun.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp August 27, 2013

      Getting this lad for free is unbelievable, well done!

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