FM 2013 player profile – Hatem Ben Arfa

FM 2013 Best Players

written by Darren Smith

Hatem Ben Arfa

Age: 25

Position: AMC/AMR

Club: Newcastle United

Nationality: French

Value: £9 million

Price tag: £14 million (in patch 13.3)

Hatem Ben Arfa profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, ben arfa2, 2012 profile

Hatem Ben Arfa scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

Hatem Ben Arfa profile aged 29 in the year 2016

Hatem Ben Arfa career history until 2016

This FM 2013 player profile of Hatem Ben Arfa is outrageous. The French wizzkid is by far my favorite player, you could put an army of trolls in front of goal and he’d find a way through! I used Ben Arfa as inside forward with attack duty from AMR and he was immense. Minimum of 10 goals a seasons and averaged 13 assists, all in the league alone.

Hatem won countless awards and even managed 35 goals in all competitions adding 17 assists during 2014/15. The word genius doesn’t begin to describe this guy and you can have him for £14 million, but act fast as Man City will strike quick. Shortly after taking the screenshots above I sold Ben Arfa for £30 million aged 29, so he’s a solid signing that can easily double your investment.

Best buy rating: 9.5/10

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  • comment avatar Nick Sundin November 25, 2012

    YEEEEES, newcastle’s best player finally. Won me the title along with cisse first season but needs be, I sold him to Juventus for 34 million start of 2013/14

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 25, 2012

      He is exceptional, by far my favorite this year.

      • comment avatar harry November 27, 2012

        i have a save with newcastel but can not seem to get him playing well i play 4 1 3 1 i play him as a winger do you have any advice ?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith November 27, 2012

          Just that I use him as inside forward from the right wing with just one striker and three MC’s, that way he has room to run into.

    • comment avatar loci February 19, 2013

      I always do a swap deal with juventus for vidal.
      He’s too inconsistent, lazy and injury prone.

      • comment avatar Darren Smith February 19, 2013

        Must be a one off or not given enough time, he’s anything but lazy, inconsistent and injury prone in all the saves I’ve had. I think the screenshots are evidence of that.

        • comment avatar Nick April 22, 2013

          I just started Man City, and bought him for playing AMC inside forward.
          – 1 full game against Wigan – decent game from him.
          – Than injured at training 7 days.
          – West Brom, injured before 5 min, 11 days.
          – Q.P.R, injured after 12 min, than injured 2 months

          Played 1 full match – and since been injured till November.

          Pretty bad, overpriced (bought him for 26 millions) – for me.

          • comment avatar Darren Smith April 22, 2013

            I repeat, he’s not injury prone, that was poor luck, I and plenty of others haven’t had a problem with injuries, you could have rushed him back too soon after injury and that could have caused the further problems, or again it could have been bad luck. It seems everyone complaining about this player hasn’t even given him a chance, half a season is not long enough to call a player crap or injury prone, I have raised him over many years so I know thats not the case and if everyone would give him a chance to settle then I’m sure you’d have a different tone.

            An injury prone player can’t go through the whole game without injuries, but a perfectly fit player can have an unlucky stint. Same as his quality, a crap player can’t perform consistently amazing, but a great player can perform badly when he hasn’t settled.

  • comment avatar John November 29, 2012

    Is the list you add requested players to, secret? (I am talking about the ones you haven’t scouted yet)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 29, 2012

      Every scout researches players their own way so there is no list really. I personally look at recommendations straight way and either profile them or rule them out. The scouts may have a different method though.

  • comment avatar Jeraldo December 7, 2012

    This guy was injured on my Newcastle game. 1st injury was 5 months. Upon return, scored a goal against Arsenal in 80+ minutes. But also got injured for another 5 months. After injury. His pace is down to 11, and stamina to 10. WTF? Is there a way to get him back to his old self or did I do some mismanagement for this to happen?First step I did was to actually replace my Head Physio. Any suggestions guys?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 7, 2012

      You were just very unlucky…I don’t think you can get him to his best with such lengthy lay offs I’m afraid.

  • comment avatar rui December 8, 2012

    darren what do you think about fede vico ? the kid seems to have potential

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 8, 2012

      He seems talented indeed, but he doesn’t seem like he could ever be world class from what I have seen.

  • comment avatar rui December 12, 2012

    ty mate =).

  • comment avatar Jack January 10, 2013

    Darren, I wondering how well Davide Santon and Haris Vuckic developed on your Newcastle save?

    Also, what do you think of Jetro Willems? Under the right management, will he turn into a great player?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 10, 2013

      Vuckic didn’t develop much in mine, Santon was great as an all round full back but don’t expect 17’s anywhere. As for Jetro I haven’t seen a great profile of him yet, but he should develop well under the right management.

      • comment avatar Jack January 10, 2013

        Cheers for that. Congratulations on the website, really interesting and helpful when you’re a club with little money and you need to find cheap players but who have great potential.

        I’m currently Newcastle. Managed to snap up Mason Bennett before Spurs moved in and he’s now on loan, hopefully ripping the Championship up and improving!

        Also got Hiljemark, Yttergard Jenssen and Wellington Nem – so hopefully the future’s bright!

        Also, have you come across Mauro Caballero from Libertad?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith January 10, 2013

          Thanks Jack, I have seen Caballero just now, but he doesn’t look too great if I’m honest.

          • comment avatar Jack January 10, 2013

            No worries, and cheers.

            How about Stefan de Vrij and Jordie Clasie both of Feyenoord?

          • comment avatar Darren Smith January 10, 2013

            I personally think Clasie is good but lacks a little too much physically and generally on the technical side, whereas De Vrij is fairly solid but again lacking for quickness and in a few key areas.

  • comment avatar Jack January 10, 2013


    I was thinking of trying to sign Moussa Sissoko on a free in the January transfer window (that is, unless he signs a new contract for Toulouse or someone else snaps him up!)

    How does he develop on this year’s game? I bought him on FM11 and he developed into an absolute beast. Always remember his ridiculous long shots on that game!

  • comment avatar AzzA GooneR February 28, 2013

    Ben Arfa was a bit of a fizzer for me. i agree with Ioci, lazy and injury prone. i sold him off to real madrid after 2 seasons of barely rating in the 7’s at arsenal (not good enough by my standards for a winger) and from there his career has floundered.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 28, 2013

      Maybe not been given enough time to settle or proper game time, also if you are using him in winger role then you are using him wrong.

  • comment avatar realfan March 15, 2013

    excuse me, but what? this guy is a selfish bastard. sold him after half season to juventus. he was a constant crap. worst member of my squad. hate this guy !

  • comment avatar realfan March 15, 2013

    and yeah… AMR (Inside Forward) either with attack or support duty. sucked big time

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 16, 2013

      Shame your experience was different to mine as I loved him. But I agree he is a very selfish player, I guess the tactic you use and the freedom you give him can impact how he comes across in the match engine.

      You can easily have a very bad experience with a great player, I did recently with Ronaldo which I couldn’t wrap my head around, but it doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. However, its not possible to have a great experience for a long period of time with a crap player and the career history above doesn’t lye for the experience I had.

  • comment avatar Abdirisaq Osman May 24, 2013

    Hatem Ben arfa is a beast. Lack only crossing but that can be worked on. Too overpowered

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 24, 2013

      He’s an acquired taste but a real beast when managed correctly.

  • comment avatar Jeraldo June 1, 2013

    Im thinking of selling Ben Arfa for 25m in my second season. And I think I can get Shaqiri after getting the money and still have extra to buy a CM. I know its a good deal but do you think Shaqiri would be good replacement for him or can you recommend another AMR for me? Ben Arfa seems to be shooting ill advised longshots and doesnt pass obvious through balls to team mates. :(

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 1, 2013

      Firstly you need to change the individual instructions for long shots to rarely for him, thats just part of man managing such a player. But if you don’t want to spend the time on him then I would recommend Lamela as a good replacement depending on the role of cause.

  • comment avatar Viet Anh June 20, 2013

    Great player !! Newcastle wont ever accept a bid lower than 30 mil £ for him.
    I started new games in 4 different countries and noticed that Man city always have a bid accepted of 34 mil £ for him at the first day of transfer market O.O

    I admire technical players with great Balance, but is he worth that much of money ?

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