FM 2013 Player Profile – Alexandre Lacazette

FM 2013 Strikers

written by Darren Smith

fm13 profile, lacazette, image

Alexandre Lacazette

Age: 21

Position: ST/AML

Club: Lyon

Nationality: French

Value: £4.1 million

Price tag: £13.75 million (in patch 13.3)

Alexandre Lacazette profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 profile, lacazette, 2012 profile

Alexandre Lacazette scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

fm13 profile, lacazette, scout report

Alexandre Lacazette profile aged 25 in the year 2016

fm13 profile, lacazette, 2016 profile

Alexandre Lacazette career history until 2016

fm13 profile, lacazette, career stats

This FM 2013 Player Profile of Alexandre Lacazette shows one of the deadliest poachers FM13 has to offer. At just £13.75 million Lacazette is a snap, he develops well in all the vital areas. The screenshot above was provided by Wayne, one of the FMS readers. With human management this wonderkid has developed 18 in dribbling, first touch, composure, off the ball movement, acceleration and more. Good creativity and flair mean he can lead the line as a lone striker too.

In this save he may not have scored a bundle, but that may be down to the scoring exploits of Destro who stole the limelight, those average ratings aren’t to be winced at though. And his value in 2016 has sky rocketed to £27.5 million.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Ben February 3, 2013

    He is a class player, ripped me apart in my Rennes save and love how he ends up at Wolves!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 3, 2013

      Yeah he was a great signing for Wayne who provided these screenshots.

  • comment avatar 123. February 4, 2013

    Look at that 24goals from 22caps with France unbeliveable

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 4, 2013

      Didn’t notice that, amazing record.

  • comment avatar Jay February 4, 2013

    yo in my save Liverpool bought for 45 million, when I saw that my jaw dropped

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 4, 2013

      I think that speaks volumes for his class.

  • comment avatar KW13 February 8, 2013

    Newer seen him reach such a level at 28-30yrs of age let alone at 25 – props to Wayne.

    Abolute steal if you can develop him to that level.

    Looks Amazing. One of the better inside forwards.Underrated in the wider FM community

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 8, 2013

      I’ve seen him come close to this but only three years later than shown, great player if developed well.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 21, 2013

      He does look insanely good there.

  • comment avatar ian June 10, 2013

    What do you reckon his best role is? Poacher?

  • comment avatar Secotti June 18, 2013

    yo Darren, as some other french fellas, have u ever took a look at aboubakar and jordan ayew?they look like promising poachers but ive never catched a profile of them like 25-26’s.i wonder if they’re worthy.

  • comment avatar Konrad Exposito July 25, 2013

    Lacazette or Bernard as IF attack AML

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