FM 2013 player profile – Ademilson

FM 2013 Cheap Players

written by Darren Smith


Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: Sao Paulo

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £850K

Price tag: £11.5 million (in patch 13.3)

Ademilson profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 player profile, ademilson2, 2012 profile

Ademilson scouting report from Lawlor of Man Utd

Ademilson profile aged 24 in the year 2018

Ademilson career history until 2018

This FM 2013 player profile of Ademilson demonstrates the perfect poacher. The 18 year old develops his finishing, dribbling, composure, off the ball movement and pace to an excellent level. Put all these together and it equals goals, lots of goals. Ademilson is available for £11.5 million at the start of the game and the screenshots above don’t do him full justice. With proper human management he can develop beyond what I have shown.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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Rohan Parekh

Looks a truly Awesome Prospect by his future screenshot and when you say that he can still develop beyond this theres just one thing to do…………BUY HIM ASAP
Very much like Leandro of last year i think…..
will there be a profile of Leandro???


Signed Ademilson in my third season of managing Nottm Forest for 6 million,helped me finish 5th in prem & win Capital one cup,in my fifth season Chelsea,Man City & Man Utd came a knocking,sold him to City for 23 million! I remember a ‘Leandro’ (that was his full name) that I signed as youngster in Liverpool game in FM12,solid player,also sold on at a profit

Tijmen Stronks

Great prospect! Reminds me of Chicharito!

Scott Czerkiewicz

Starts with 15 finishing ends up with 19!! Sensational would make an immediate impact anywhere.

Malhar Bhadbhade

wow, he seems the real deal! Amazing! any ideas about a story yet Darren? Also, how does Hazard turn out? World-beater?

Ian Pickett

What formation / tactics are you using Darren this year? I would love to try and fit Criestig, this guy and Gotze all in the same team :)


Do you think Ademilson gets to Cavani or Falcão’s level of play? And which one of them ( Cavani of Falcão) is better?


Will he sign for Liverpool , and btw how do you find the game ? ( i have pre – ordered but after reading that the BETS version has issuez i decided not ro play it)

Bjørk Lange

Bought him after my second season at Swansea and in the 4th year he became PL top goalscorer with 28 goals in 36 matches, but attributes still not as good as this future screenshot.



Wich one should I go for with chelsea?

Rodrigo or Fierro or Ademilson or Lewandoski?

I can get two of them, dunno who scores more goals per season so far?


I would recommend selnæs and dockal from Rosenborg in Norway, great talents!

Mehul Rajgor

Hi Darren,

Thanks for the updates mate, thanks to you, I’m building a team that is young, cheap and quality!

On my save, for some reason (I think in the new update) Ademilson’s natural fitness is 7…is it like that for you or anyone else? I want to make him my main striker, but I’m worried about this


looks like a cheaper option to neymar ;) does wilfried zaha become any good?

Brian Dalrymple

With his low release clause, you cant beat Ademilson. I buy him for my Napoli save and will work him in behind Cavani (and as an eventual replacement) with a good run of matches as sub or starting in cup or small euro battles. Gonna train him something fierce!


my ademilson after 3 1/2 seasons

just worlclass ;)

comment image
comment image


I Signed Admelison in my second season for Liverpool then loaned him to Boro where he scored 15 in 18 games then I loaned him to reading where he’s on 20 in 28… do you think his stats will improve much by going out on loan ?


in my save the staff said that he is proper to injurys how could i train that weakness?


ty darren. hope that i doesnt get injured to much


mine rarely gets injured and hes a monster just come off a season winning 40premier league goals in 36 games to win my blackpool side the league

I had him at Porto on my save, i was playing 5-4-1 with aml and amr, and him as lone striker with poacher role, also on aml i was playing james rodriguez and amr wellington nem, both with inside firward dutues, he was scoring for fun alongside wellington nem … If i remember well he scored in one season over 4o goals, i think it was my third year at porto … I was playing him in the starting lineup from the 2nd season … I managed to win the ucl in my 3rd season and lost it in the… Read more »

Signed him for Barça, just for cover. He was my only fit striker at one point, right before the El Clasico. We won 6-0 at home and he bagged 4 goals and an assist! Not done much otherwise, although he’s not had much of a chance I must admit.


best wonderkid

Adam B

Hey Darren,

I’m currently playing on a Arsenal save – just started, so I am still in the first season.
I’m look for a poacher and I just can’t decide between Carlos Fierro and Ademilson. If you have to recommend one over the other, which would it be?

Cameron H

Signed him before the update and he became a god. Got 47 goals in one Premier League season

Panos Otto

he is very good but not a wonderkid and certainly not clinical like cavani,falcao.
he is a good sign as he devellops well . Always grab him as you can easily sell him for many millions and can be a trustworthy rotation player

johnny jaswe

i have signed ademilson and jovetic in my second season for chelsea. I’m trying to switch between them in every match. do you think that is better then to send him on loan? he have scored 4 goals and 1 assist in 10 games(6 from start). mostly champions leauge and cups.


Ademilson or Fierro ?