FM 2013 Player Profile – Adam Campbell

FM 2013 Cheap Players

written by Johnny Karp

Adam Campbell

Age: 17

Position: ST

Club: Newcastle

Nationality: English

Value: £100K

Price tag: £600K (in patch 13.3)

Adam Campbell profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

Adam Campbell scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Adam Campbell profile aged 24 in the year 2019

Adam Campbell career history until 2019

This FM 2013 player profile of Adam Campbell shows one of the most amazing bargains in Football Manager 2013. You can get this lad for just 600K (or pay 615K in compensation if you approach to sign him directly) and he is worth every penny. The Arsenal scout gave him a full 5 stars for potential in my save and he wasn’t wrong. In fact, Arsenal snapped him up in my test save and the lad provided a decent number of goals each season and his value went up just over 15 million pounds. He seems the perfect poacher for any top club in the world, a must buy!

P.S.: Future profile images provided by Bjørk Lange, thanks mate! 

Best buy rating: 10/10

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when starting wt newcastle u gotta do all u can to make sure u dnt lose this boy!!


Seems good! I’m currently playing as Real Oviedo in the spanish third division, the richest man in the world has bought the club, and i have 2.1 mil to spend with a 100k wagebudget. Any recomendations?, im playing “Darrens 4-5-1”


First thing i did on my Newcastle save, before offering Ba a new contract was offer young Adam another contract which took out his compensation, currently out on loan and doing well.

Next season he will be in and around the first team on a regular basis

Darren Smith

AHHHH hddjsfhsdkjfhsdkfjahkfa…thats what I do in stead of swearing, just sold Campbell in my fourth season, for free!


hi great player can you check viktor fischer please from ajax, i remember asking you last year for fm 12 and you couldent find him, just seen skysports and real madrid are after him !! you should have listened to me haha

Darren Smith

Can’t profile someone if they are not visible with the leagues we load, which he wasn’t in FM12, but this year he is visible and we have had a profile planned for a while so it will be due soon enough.

Bjørk Lange

Viktor Fischer is the greatest Danish talent IRL and he just got his debut on the national A team last week vs. Turkey and did well. He has been performing very good for the Ajax youth team in the Nextgen series, and also on the first team recently. He is good in FM 13 as well, but i still have not seen any mindblowing development from him, but along with other danes, Christian Eriksen and Lucas Andersen, he can form a dangerous offensive in Ajax.


Great development here! :)

Nick Sundin

I actually know him through my stepbrother who he went to school with up to last year. Real talent and talked about less than you would think among newcastle fans, but if we can give him games in the europa league he will shine.


Paulo Dybala from Palermo looks amazing, any thoughts?


I was wondering if he is injury prone?


This guy scored his first goal on his debut for me at Newcastle. Also scored a goal in a derby cup match. Although I think he is too young for my first team as he tends to get nervous at games. Plus my striker position is loaded with Cisse, Paloschi and Zaha.


Bought him for 5mil in my second season with Birmingham in the premier league, put him on finishing training focus and gave him around 20 games. However only scored 5 times, finishing at 12 but doesn’t improve a lot in first touch, dribbling and off the ball, all at 10. Seems like Mason Bennett of Derby is developing better under CPU management, any reason why? Or any suggestions to improve him?


I’m wiith Newcastle , with 13.2.0 patch. I’m in 2013 september, guy played his first year in the youth team, now i loaned him out to Second Division side Crystal Palace. Too bad, he got injured for 3-4 months almost right away. :/ I think he had some injury problems in my 12-13 season too, he didn’t progress too much actually…we’ll see..


i started a game with Everton and i’m trying to sign campbell but newcastle are asking over 10M for him!!

Can’t upload a screen shot but started playing him with Newcastle almost straight away just to see how he developed with first team exposure playing as an advanced forward, with focused training on finishing,composure, and positioning through out his development, stats improved markedly across the board, only scored 6 first season in 35 appearances 15 in 31 then 14 in 33, finally came to life in 15-16 finishing top scorer in prem with 25 plus a hatful in Europe. I know most people are on 2014 but if your still on 13 this kid is a must buy at that… Read more »