FM 2012 Player Profiles- Lewis Holtby

FM 2011 Wingers

written by Sibo

Lewis Holtby

Age: 20

Positions: AMC/MC/AML

Club: Schalke (GER)

Nationality: Germany

Value: £5.5 million

Price Tag: £42.5 million (patch12.2)

Lewis Holtby’s profile in 2011 (12.2)

Lewis Holtby’s scouting report (Rowley)

Lewis Holtby in 2017, aged 26

Lewis Holtby’s career history until 2017

So, you can see that Holtby has been an important part of the Schalke squad in this game, playing in the majority of games each season. His creative presence can also be seen in the amount of assists he grabs. He is a quality playmaker, very creative, although it is a shame his technique doesn’t match that otherwise he could be a world class player. He also has a reasonable amount of pace, so if you don’t want to play him in the hole it is possible to use him on the wing with an advanced playmaker role. It’s a shame that Schalke have put such a ridiculous price on him, even after negotiation, which means that he falls into a strange category. The teams that can afford that price don’t need him at the start and the teams that could really develop him (Arsenal, for example) aren’t able to afford him.

You may be able to buy him later on for a better price, but it is certainly a tough transfer to justify at the start of the game.

Best Buy Rating: 6/10

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Ouch, in the last version after he came back on loan i got him for around 15 million pounds, great classy player but probably a bit too much this time around, unsettling him might work i assume………

Darren Smith

That price is just far too much unfortunately, I don’t think unsettling him would make a massive difference either.

Connor Bennett

Spent 24 Million on him for Everton. Price tag well justified. I dont think your profile on him is truthful in all honesty. Played 62 games in his season with 20 goals and 32 assists.