FM 2012 player profile – Thibaut Courtois

FM 2012 Goalkeepers

written by Darren Smith

Thibaut Courtois

Age: 19

Position: GK

Club: Chelsea (on loan with At. Madrid)

Nationality: Belgian

Value: £7.75 million

Price tag: £55 million (in patch 12.2)

Thibaut Courtois’ profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Thibaut Courtois’ scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Thibaut Courtois’ profile aged 27 in the year 2019


Thibaut Courtois’ career history until 2019


Courtois is certainly a talented Keeper. However his asking price of £55 million is far too much. Chelsea demand this due to just signing him but give it a few seasons and Courtois will be available for a fraction of the price. The profile above shows the Belgian aged 27 after years of first team Football but I still think he has a little more growth in there, that and the fact that his asking price doesn’t have to be as much as shown left me to give a rating of 7.5! Thanks to P. Rubio for the future screenshot.

Best buy rating: 7.5/10

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  • comment avatar tom October 26, 2011

    Looks good…its a shame that hes been on the bench for years…his progress is still very good tho…

    Quick mention to a goalkeeping gem i found…Marc-Andre ter Stegen of Gladbach…already spoken as the next Oliver Kahn and Manuel Neuer…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 26, 2011

      Yeah I think the price tag is a real shame but if he misses first team action its a positive in that he’ll be available for cheaper. I am already preparing a post on Stegen which should be done in the next few days.

  • comment avatar mario December 6, 2011

    got him on loan in second season with Wolves and by end of it I could get this guy for about 10mil euros…but I’m still waiting for stegen :D

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 6, 2011

      Courtois is a decent keeper but his rushing out really bugs me, that is the only reason I didn’t sign him for free.

  • comment avatar Rudolf December 17, 2011

    I think you should mention this bargain ‘keeper called Francesco Antonioli. He may be 42, but his price tag is very low. He’s good for couple of seasons, but he may decline very quickly if not given regular first-team football.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 17, 2011

      Sorry mate, he’s just too old for me personally. I only profile players I think I’d like to sign or I can’t relate to them and it would be an unfair profile. Thanks for the recommendation though.

  • comment avatar Heresy March 21, 2012

    Wow, this command of area and areal ability look amazing! Shame about communication though but I guess lack of first team football does that to a goalkeeper. Rushing out being low? That’s not a big problem. Areola’s is just 11, but his acceleration, agility and decisions make up for that. The Belgian just needs an intensive aerobics training. He will make mistakes, just not too many. I think that in those 9-10 years I’ve had Areola between the posts (in all my games), he’s made maybe 5 mistakes in rushing out. And with that he caught nearly every cross thanks to handling and aerial skills.

    I don’t think you can get a complete goalie anywhere. There’s always gonna be this one attribute that isn’t high standard. In my opinion 10M asking price after 2 seasons is a bargain for what you can get.

  • comment avatar Meister March 26, 2012

    his stats on this in 2019 are the same as his stats in my chelsea save in 2014

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 26, 2012

      Yeah he hasn’t really been trained or played correctly by the CPU so I’d expect him to be better in your save…you can provide a screenshot if you want.

  • comment avatar TheGaffer April 2, 2012

    Just got this guy for 4.3m in January 2013 in my Middlesbrough save. Already had a promising young keeper in Jason Steele but the class, age, potential and spirited nature of this lad convinced me to rinse my budget on him. With composure and aerobic training, Im sure he will become the best!

    Darren, you should do a profile for Zaha(6m) from palace, Ruben Pardo(2.3) from sociedad, Kerim frei(2.3) from Fulham and Welbeck(5.5) from United if you havent already, all young, cheap and very promising so far on my save.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 2, 2012

      Thanks for the recommendations, some of them just aren’t good enough and the ones we haven’t properly looked at yet will get some attention tonight.

    • comment avatar Heresy April 19, 2012

      Frei as a recommendation? The scouts may see something in him but he certainly isn’t Premier League material. He might be good value for Championship teams after 2-3 seasons and a lot of first team football, but he starts with ridiculously low CA, thus it would be a risk putting him out there on the pitch.

      When I managed Fulham, he was getting some gametime during the first 2 seasons as I didn’t have the money or rep to fully stack my midfield (6 quality players for 3 spots). He only played against the bottom 5 teams from EPL and in easy cup matches and he struggled to get a score above 6.5.

      I don’t think such a player is good enough to be featured on this site. But if you really want to rob Fulham of any talent, get Pajtim Kasami ;)

      • comment avatar JasonW May 10, 2012

        Frei always ends up at City or Real Madrid when i start a save. Yet i have never seen how he develops. Theyve obviously taken notice of his performances for Fulham this season when hes been given first team action he looks like a real handful and a decent prospect.

  • comment avatar P. Rubio April 2, 2012

    Would you recommend me getting him or ter Stegen?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 3, 2012

      I’d recommend Stegen but only because I had him with Malaga and therefore know how well he can perform.

  • comment avatar P. Rubio April 3, 2012

    Ok thanks Darren

  • comment avatar P. Rubio April 24, 2012

    Hello Darren thanks for this site it’s been truly helpful. I have a better future screenshot for Courtois and I wanted to know if you would want it. Also I wanted to know if you will be making a profile for bernd leno of leverkusen because I have the perfect screenshot to show his talent. Again thanks for all you have done.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 24, 2012

      Yeah I will a look at both screenshots, I need the players ‘overview’ ‘profile’ screenshot not their attributes screenshot and also their career history.

  • comment avatar P. Rubio April 24, 2012

    here is Courtois first is overview and second is history
    and here is Bernd Leno again first overview and second history

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 25, 2012

      OK I have updated the screenshots of the profile above and will take some time to profile Leno, but will eventually so thanks.

  • comment avatar JasonW May 10, 2012

    He seems to be getting decent game time at Chelsea from your 2nd picture there Darren or is that from someone else? begs the question whats happening to Cech if Courtois is getting most of the game time.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 10, 2012

      I wouldn’t know as that was all the CPU’s management during a save when I didn’t pay attention to the Chelsea squad.

  • comment avatar Azerke May 15, 2012

    Hi Darren,
    What do you think of Thomas Kaminski?
    He’s wanted by all the great teams (Chelsea, ManU,…) in my save after just 2 seasons. (I’ll post his screens one of the following days)

  • comment avatar Andrew July 20, 2012

    My friend and I were arguing over which was better so I was wondering which you think is better Guilherme, Ter-Stegen, or Courtois. Cheers mate.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 20, 2012

      I would personally side with Ter Stegen.

  • comment avatar Andrew July 27, 2012

    Hi, sorry to comment again but I just got a huge sum of money from my team, for winning the treble, and I was considering getting De Gea over Ter-Stegen. I just finished my second season, cheers.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 27, 2012

      I’d say get De Gea as long as you aren’t paying more than £30 million.

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