FM 2012 player profile – Sime Vrsaljko

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Sime Vrsaljko

Age: 19

Position: DR/WBR/DMC/CM

Club: Dinamo (CRO)

Nationality: Croatian

Value: £1 million

Price tag: £1 million (in patch 12.2)

Sime Vrsaljko’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Sime Vrsaljko’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Sime Vrsaljko’s profile aged 25 in the year 2017

Sime Vrsaljko’s career history until 2017

Probably one of the best right backs in Football Manager 2012, Vrsaljko doesn’t start with mind blowing attributes but he has bags of potential. Just look at the two screenshots above, the Croatian is lightening quick, solid in defence and can also deliver a good cross. He’s the perfect all round full back and a bargain at just £1 million.

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar Ben December 27, 2011

    He just went on my game with latest patch to Arsenal for just £1million. I was just looking into getting him myself and they snapped him up as a squad player.

    Your list has been very useful for my Blackburn side though, thanks a lot!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 27, 2011

      That is a real shame, he’s been a rock for me and great going forward too. Glad the site could help though mate.

  • comment avatar Erik Zilinskas January 17, 2012

    This croatian kid is just amazing, he is very cheap and in my opinion he has the potential to shine in any team on the planet, i have bought him for my Newcastle team and quickly he became the titular in my RB position, he develops very well..tireless, determined, hard working, play in many positions, amazing player.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 17, 2012

      I think he is my first signing if available no matter who I manage, he’s just that good.

      • comment avatar CharlieFineman February 4, 2012

        Same here, now that I think of it, I’ve never managed a team without buying Sime first.

  • comment avatar Heresy January 23, 2012

    He’s been amazing in my first Arsenal season. Improving dramatically, performing consistently, losing determination.. wait.. WHAT?!

    Yeah, determination decreased by 2 points and I’ve no idea how to make the tendency stop. I fear that it will affect his performance and development. Any thoughts?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 23, 2012

      I’m not sure what the issue may be, if you haven’t already put his individual training intensity to high.

      • comment avatar Heresy January 23, 2012

        His individual training intensity is indeed set on high. But I’m afraid you cannot train determination :( May it be that the stat adjusts to overall squad value? As my boys are more ambitious than determined. Any another signing actually increased his determination by 3 in 6 months.

        • comment avatar Darren Smith January 23, 2012

          Yeah, it is strange to see him drop in determination but I don’t think its a team trait problem. I’d keep playing him and see if it goes back up.

          • comment avatar Heresy January 24, 2012

            I did play him, he was rotating with Sagna, 31 appearences, 2 subs. I’ve never made him angry, I praised him on occasion via private chat. End of the season and determination still at 16.

    • comment avatar Tomas March 17, 2012

      Did you ask Sagna to mentor him? During that process he might have adapted to same personality type as Sagna.

  • comment avatar CharlieFineman February 3, 2012

    Sime is unbelievably versatile in both FM2011 and FM2012. He learns very quick, with a proper training schedule and loads of games you’ll have yourself a beast of a player. I started him as a RB, then switched him to the left, once I bought Romario, amazing ratings in both full back positions, they’re both rock-solid, and have great resale value if anyone decides they have someone better for that position.

    • comment avatar Heresy February 3, 2012

      There are only a few players who can play on both flanks of defence as well as he does. He doesn’t seem to mind where he plays at all. And whenever my Ball Winning Midfielder gets injured and I have no one to sub him, Vrisaljko moves up to midfield and does incredibly well.

      I play him with Arsenal, where Sagna isn’t getting any younger (still, only his acceleration decreased till now, and only by 1 point), and after 2 seasons, the Frenchman’s become a sub for this young lad.

      • comment avatar Darren Smith February 3, 2012

        I agree with you both, for such a great right back he can do just as well in other positions and proved vital for me with Newcastle and Malaga. Certainly one of the best signings I have made on this version of the game.

  • comment avatar CharlieFineman February 10, 2012

    Having started yet another save, and having bought Vrsaljko yet again, I’d just urge those of you who are having second thought about him to do the same. BUY him and you’ll never look back. Amazing player. I always wonder if he’s as good in real life, if so, wow!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 11, 2012

      Well FM are usually very good with representing players general abilities, obviously they can’t get everyone spot on but many top flight clubs use the game for scouting purposes, Everton even signed a deal with SI to use the game for that purpose.

      • comment avatar CharlieFineman February 12, 2012

        Which is ironic, because I’m managing Everton right now, ha!

        • comment avatar Darren Smith February 12, 2012

          Gotta love a bit of irony and to be fair, Everton are probably the most understated club in the EPL for maintaining the same level and even building on it slightly while still making money in the market, coincidence? ;)

  • comment avatar Heresy February 20, 2012

    I’m a liiiitle disappointed with Sime in my current save. He’s played for me for 3 years now and he rarely shows just how good he really is. Mostly he just picks up cards or loses the ball while overlapping my winger. He’s been playing as a sub for half a year now because a very very understated guy named Daniel Carvajal has been brilliant. (Darren, he’s really worth being put on your list btw)

    Sime’s morale is awful. It rarely goes up from good and lately, whenever I’m losing at halftime, it goes down to poor or even abyssmal. I have absolutely no idea why that is. I even offered the Croatian a new contract. Needless to say it proved to have no effect. His determination is at 18 but he acts as if it were 1.

    I really hope he’s just been having a bad year and in the next season he’ll improve. I’m starting to lose patience with him and I’m not a girl who loses her patience with a player too easily (I’ve been ripping my hair out because of Leandro for seasons now and still love the kid).

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 20, 2012

      That’s a little weird as I haven’t really seen a bad season from Sime so far, but different scenarios and squads can bring out the best and worst in any player I suppose, it has happened to me with other players before.

      • comment avatar Heresy February 20, 2012

        He gets loads of yellow cards, as I’ve said vefore. Got 2 red cards because I didn’t have a sub for him after 60th-70th minute when he gets tired and fauls for his second yellow. That’s how he’s always been for me but he usually played better. His first season was a success, his 2nd season was meh…., his 3rd season was dreadful and Carvajal, a player much worse than Sime, took the Croatian’s spot. I’d sell him sooner but there are no decent DRs available to take his place (got Romario, thought about Corchia and the Georgian player but neither have been properly managed).

      • comment avatar Heresy February 20, 2012

        I got Corchia anyway. Now I have a deadly right wing, Sime will probably go to the left wing as soon as Romario and Corchia settle and start getting results. I’m having problems on my left side as Jack Robinson is still very young and Riise is getting very old and sloooooow. Have potential in my youth team but I need someone to step in for the big matches.

        Anyway, after I’m done with him, Sime will be one ofthe best fullbacks in the world. I need to buy a biiig wallet for all those millions I’ll receive for him :)

        • comment avatar Darren Smith February 21, 2012

          Yeah, Corchia will certainly do the business is Vrsaljko isn’t.

          As for the player from PSG, I can’t see him in any of my saves so he won’t be profiled I’m afraid.

      • comment avatar Heresy February 20, 2012

        Oh yeah, btw.. :P Can you see Jordan Ikoko (PSG Reserves)? In my current save he has had NO first team football and therefore is a lost cause. But I remember my previous PSG game when I sent him out on loans for 2 years and then he became my supersub for Corchia. This kid has the potential to be very good (Lucas Digne kind of good) but with no first-team football… :(

  • comment avatar FootballManagerTony March 17, 2012

    I don’t think you get enough credit for all this mate. You should be bloody knighted! The time and work you’ve put into this is literally just outstanding.

    All the best mate!


    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 17, 2012

      Thanks for the kind words mate, it can be a thankless task at times but comments like this make it all worth while and the general feeling of knowing we’ve helped a few gamers is great too…

  • comment avatar darsnider March 21, 2012

    i loved him in fm 10- 11 it was always him digne and corchia in my juventus squad trained all three both DR and DL and never looked back i was wondering why you don’t have a profile on digne he is a great player and very pacey doesn’t he develop well also what about sorenson while i must admit he doesn’t have stellar stats with plenty of first team football he potential increases after one season he is now judged as a quality player player . also can we get a profile on vadillo from betis expensive as hell but a great player

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 21, 2012

      Both are good players but I can’t profile a player without an excellent future profile as proof of their development and I haven’t seen one yet.

  • comment avatar darsnider March 22, 2012

    well ill see how good i can make them they are coming along fine especially vadillo sorensen is ok and didgne kinda letting em down but hoefully when they hit 20- 21 i can havea nice one for you

  • comment avatar Dimas April 12, 2012

    Could check Kyle Walker from Tottenham? He looks have bag of potential

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 12, 2012

      He does, he is excellent but haven’t done a profile because most people already know his development.

      • comment avatar Dimas April 27, 2012

        well.. i get him in 3rd season only 5 million euros. he just played in tottenham reverse. i dunno why. well then, great posting darren. It helps me a lot

        • comment avatar Darren Smith April 27, 2012

          Thanks Dimas, glad the posts help.

  • comment avatar alfie May 11, 2012

    Hey danny i think you’ve done an awesome job on this site. Just got a problem. Have you tried to profile Tomas Kalas, because i think he’s a really good defender.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 11, 2012

      Thanks Alfie, my names actually Darren but don’t worry about that. As for Kalas we don’t have a good future profile of him so doubt he’ll be featured I’m afraid.

  • comment avatar alfie May 11, 2012

    and just so you know you’re doing a good job, i’m all the way in ghana, west africa. Your site is the first one i come to for tips on football manager.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 11, 2012

      Thanks I’m glad you find the site helpful.

  • comment avatar TommyTomster123 May 19, 2012

    Man this guy is amazing! Allready just after 1 season at liverpool he is now better then glen johnson in very way and he always deliver quality performances. What a player! :)

    • comment avatar TommyTomster123 May 19, 2012

      He is now better then Glen Johnson in every way*

      • comment avatar Darren Smith May 19, 2012

        I agree, he’s probably my favorite right back and a player I look to sign every save.

  • comment avatar Shirish K July 14, 2012

    easily one of the best RB in the game. :)

  • comment avatar 022 July 28, 2012

    Do you guys think he may be great DMC in future at least equal to Radja Nainggolan? Or it will be waste of his potential as RB to play him at DMC ?:)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 28, 2012

      He could be a good DMC but I think that would be a waste of a great right back TBH.

  • comment avatar 022 July 28, 2012

    I already have Romario as future RB but my only options for DMC are Nainggolan and Sime don’t know wich i should pick :>

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 29, 2012

      I’d suggest playing Sime for now but find a new DMC.

  • comment avatar Luke B July 29, 2012

    hi I am currently playing as man utd on my first season who do u think is better vrsaljko,rafael or romario?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 29, 2012

      Vrsaljko for me but thats from personal experience so some gamers may vary due to their tactics etc.

  • comment avatar Darren July 30, 2012

    i really needed him for my sunderland team we’re leaking so many goals which isnt helping in the relegation dogfight but hes been signed by some spanish team and hes rotting in the reserves

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 30, 2012

      Make an offer if he’s been there a while as if he’s a reserve maybe they’ll sell him for a reasonable price.

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  • comment avatar Tay August 6, 2012

    Vrsaljko was lethal in my Man U save but unfortunately for me, he for some reason became unhappy even though I played him a whole lot and always praised him. He refused to re-sign when his contract was up, even though I was more than prepared to give him a significant raise :|

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 6, 2012

      Yeah some players just want a new challenge.

  • comment avatar alexT August 6, 2012

    Are you certain on the price tag?
    I’ve 12.2 but the club’s rejecting 1M for sure.
    The best deal I could get was 3M over 48mnths.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 6, 2012

      Yeah definitely, I have had the odd game where certain players are a slightly different price but he has always been £1m for me.

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