FM 2012 player profile – Sebastian Toro

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Sebastian Toro

Age: 21

Position: DC/DR

Club: Colo Colo

Nationality: Chilean

Value: £1.0 million

Price tag: £1.1 million (in patch 12.0.2.)

Sebastian Toro’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.0.2)

Sebastian Toro’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Sebastian Toro’s profile aged 26 in the year 2016

Sebastian Toro’s career history until 2016

This FM 2012 player profile of Sebastian Toro comes with thanks to an FMS scout reader called Oliver. He sent me the future screenshots that you see to recommend Toro and I agree with Oliver, this kid is a very good buy. Toro may need to spend a year adapting and improving but with the right management could be a starter for nay club across Europe. He has great strength and knows how to play the game. The only thing that stopped me offering 9/10 is Toro’s heading and jumping which make him less of a threat from set pieces. Still a wonderful buy at just £1.1 million though.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Mike December 21, 2011

    Been waiting for this profile for a long time. The guy’s brilliant and reminds me a lot of Vermaelen. Reads the game very well with his anticipation and positioning and would be brilliant to play alongside some one more dominant in the air. Good stuff, thanks again Darren, the site’s brilliant!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 21, 2011

      No problem mate and I agree this guy would work brilliantly as limited centre back next to someone dominant aerially. Sorry it took a while to get this done but I have a list the length of my arm :)

  • comment avatar Martin K December 22, 2011

    is he trained by a human player on his future screenshot?? or do he automaticly develop so good?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 22, 2011

      He is trained by a human in this instance as mentioned at the bottom of the profile. But he wouldn’t reach this level without that and first team football.

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    can i advice you two players ?

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    try to see kyle bartley, ezquiel munoz , and henri lansbury. this 3 kids i have them in my arsenal team and they are in rotation , and they are developing very well

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    kyle bartley has everything to be a major player ( in my save )

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 29, 2011

      I can’t see Munoz, Lansbury and Bartley are good but I’m not sure they’ll ever make it to world class…will keep an eye out though.

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    i think if they had the right training ( human ) they should turn into something

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    i say that because munoz until i signed him the kid dind´t have game time and that is crucial for a player. i also thinking to signe gaston ramirez but im not sure.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 29, 2011

      As mentioned I can’t see Munoz but know Lansbury and Bartley won’t be world class, they just don’t have the PA to make that possible, they could become something but not world class. I am already on with Ramirez and should have his profile for the weekend maybe.

  • comment avatar p December 29, 2011

    ok he is something ? better thab griezman ? because in my save the kid is on reserve list

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 29, 2011

      Who is better than Griezman? Lansbury is nowhere near that standard (research taken from three separate saves and other stories) and as said I can’t see Munoz so can’t asses him.

  • comment avatar Matt December 30, 2011

    May I recommend Anthony Limbombe? I’m not sure of his overall potential but relative to the belgian league he has huge potential. He plays for Genk U21/19.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 30, 2011

      I am sorry Matt, that player is not available in my save. I reckon you may need the Belgian league or a large database for him to be available.

      • comment avatar Matt January 3, 2012

        Oh Ok no worries then, thanks for checking. What about Kevin De Bruyne – also for Genk?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith January 3, 2012

          I can’t see him I’m afraid.

          • comment avatar danny June 4, 2012

            hes on loan from chelsea that kevin de bruyne

  • comment avatar p January 1, 2012


  • comment avatar p January 1, 2012

    im refearing to ramirez

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 1, 2012

      Ahh that makes more sense for sure, I have just published Ramirez’s profile and would say he’s very similar to Griezmann but don’t be off put by him starting in the reserves.

  • comment avatar p January 1, 2012

    ok. and happy new year

  • comment avatar iRavi January 23, 2012

    I have a problem with my Newcastle save. I am on my third season and I don’t have enough English players. In addition I’m running short of money. I need a new striker in addition to a new left wing.

    My squad is like this:

    Gutierres – Eriksen – Shaqiri
    Cabaye – Tioté
    Santon – Vadim Demidov – Kara – Walker

    Demba Ba is sold, and City won’t let me loan Adebayor for another season. Also, Tevez does not want to discuss a contract. I have £3,6 M left.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 23, 2012

      I can’t make any recommendations because three seasons in and everything is different. Most players will have moved and may or may not be of a good standard anymore. To avoid the issue of not having enough English players for every place that is left empty in the registration it counts for an English trained player so you’ll just have to register less players.

      • comment avatar iRavi January 23, 2012

        Thanks for the reply, Darren! But do you have any suggestions for my left wing problem?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith January 24, 2012

          As I said I can’t make recommendations when you are so far into the game, I don’t know which players are available so its pointless.

  • comment avatar Clodoaldo July 21, 2012

    Hi Darren, I was looking at purchasing Toro halfway through my first season in Italy but then got offered Martin Kelly from Liverpool for 3.5 mil. I know you don’t normally have much confidence in scout reports, but I have a scout with 20s for both Judging Potential and Judging Ability, and he gives Kelly the same Potential ability as Prestia, Miranda and some of the other good CBs which you recommended. Plus, Kelly is aged 21 and already at the level of someone like Anderson Martins whom you have given 4 stars here- so even if he is not a 5 star talent, he would have to deserve 4.5 stars, surely..? In saying that, I know he is valued at 5.5 mil at the beginning of the game, so it is just a stroke of luck that I am able to get him for 3.5 just 6 months into the season, but again, I don’t see him on any of the lists, including Wonderkids. He is a major talent from a major club, so I’m guessing there is a reason you chose not to include him..?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 21, 2012

      The only reason is his asking price at the start of the game is too much compared to the quality he shows in my future saves (that’s not to say he can’t go beyond the ability in my saves, its just because of CPU management but I have to offer solid evidence of a players ability and asking price.) Long story short the screenshots I have of him in the future just aren’t good enough TBH.

      • comment avatar Clodoaldo July 21, 2012

        Price is definitely a factor, 3.5mil is probably a quarter of what L’pool would normally want for him, and it’s still more than double Toro’s asking price. The only reason I’m really thinking about Kelly is that Toro, Miranda and other good & cheap DCs I’ve shortlisted are all loaned out to other clubs, with a buy-out clause of around or even under their nominal value. I’m probably kinda reaching here, but would you happen to know how often clubs with reasonable transfer budgets (e.g. Toro is loaned to Santos) would act on the buy-out clauses in the loan contract? I’m not exactly holding my breath for a definitive answer either way, just thought I’d ask in case there is a definite trend you may have noticed in terms of the buy-out clause in loan situations for good young prospects. And btw the work you put into the lists and comments in muchly appreciated :)

        • comment avatar Darren Smith July 21, 2012

          TBH I don’t know what the exact trend is on clubs making an offer for loaned players agreed price etc. From what I’ve seen they don’t often end up signing the player but I honestly don’t know the proper answer to give here as I am not aware of a set trend in that area.

  • comment avatar Clodoaldo August 22, 2012

    Hi Darren, another quick question about Toro…wasn’t initially able to get him due to non-EU player restrictions (2 per season), but am looking to do so in the next offseason. My only concern (aside from composure and passing, which I’m confident he can improve on), is his jumping. After a year and a half in the game, he is still at 12 with his jumping, and his future profile you have here also still has him at 12, aged 26. I realise that this is CPU management, and that human management is better, but I wonder, can a player measuring 178cm even be trained to have much better jumping? I’ve only ever trained CBs and STs for jumping, and they were all pretty big guys, unlike Toro. Also, would you say that Toro or Miranda would be better defensive partners for Kara? (my first buy) Thanks!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 22, 2012

      I don’t know what the rules are on that but I can tell you you’ll struggle to improve his jumping past 14…I’d personally go for Miranda unless you need someone to make an instant impact in which case Toro is the better option.

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