FM 2012 player profile – Romario

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith


Age: 17

Position: DR/WBR

Club: Vitoria (BRA)

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £700K

Price tag: £575K (in patch 12.2)

Romario’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Romario’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Romario’s profile aged 25 in the year 2019

Romario’s career history until 2019

To look at Romario’s starting attributes you wouldn’t think much, he comes across as a good player but no more. However the young Brazilian has amazing potential and his screenshot aged 25 is brilliant (thanks to P. Rubio for that.) Romario develops the main three things I look for in a full back, pace, tackling and good ability going forward. Add to this a price tag of £575K and you’ve got yourself one of the biggest FM 2012 bargains, top quality!

Best buy rating: 10/10

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He is a great player, but if you start in England, you can’t get a work permit for him unfortunately.


im managing Liverpool And Brought Him Easy he passed his work permit first time


i started as wolves in the prem and got him for 1 mil best buy ive made also a guy u may wanna look at is Zeil Ismail good young player just need game time and a good training schedule

Johnny Karp

He was great in FM 11 as well and I’m happy to see that he’s just as good in FM 12. I hope to be able to lure him to Romania once I get promoted ;)


THANKS SOOOO MUCH just baught him for 8.75 mill in second season for BURNLEy he qualified for a work permit and at just 18 he’s in the first team and he got young player of the month TWICE in a row i reccomend him for anybody!!!! :D

Peter G

In my second season for Wolves I got him for £2.5mill


can you please tell who is better Romario or Sime Vrsaljko


i wonder why my romario on age 21 is better than the atributtes u show us on age 24, i played inter milan and tutor him with maicon


i’m at man utd in august 2013 and i have vrsaljiko, rafael, and romario as right backs. what do you think, can vrsaljiko or romario be better than rafael? i was thinking of selling him because 3 right backs of this quality are hard to keep happy

Another godly talent give him first team football and watch him bloom at 21 mine is almost at the same level as the screen shot above, he went though a patch where he just dropped like 1 point on all attributes with no injury freaked me out but he rebounded, put him on my first team played OK first season but as soon as season 3 started he is getting forward more and really linking well with my wingers i love his movement though his stamina is worrying since he is so athletic gets tired really quickly so have a… Read more »

romario is a damn machine.. i just got an offer of 50M € from man city in season 16-17.. ofc i reject coz he’s the best and with just 22 years..

P. Rubio

I also got very good screenshots for romario too
comment image
comment image

Nelson Costa Inácio

I hire him for Benfica on 3rd season, for little bit more than €1M, after a scout report of 4 stars.
Looks like I made a very good deal :).


Wallace from Fluminense is the same age and price (release clause of 800k) and much better.

comment image


Fair enough.


In my save they won’t let him go for less than 2.8 million, not sure how you got him for half a mil. Seriously considering Kvekveskiri now… How quickly does Romario develop, is he good enough to start for a mid-table team in the Serie A in, say, 2013?


Jordan Lukaku is LB, he’s 16 from Anderlecht..he would be available in between £190k-£250k.
His early stats aren’t quite impressive but little way down the road..say probably 2nd or 3rd season one would see his stats rising very high, & by the 4th season he’s awesome. Cheap Bargain!