FM 2012 Player Profile- Robert Green

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Sibo

Robert Green

Age: 31

Position: GK

Club: West Ham (ENG)

Nationality: English

Value: £1.8 million

Price Tag: £6 million (Patch 12.0.2)

Robert Green’s profile in 2011 (patch 12.0.2)

Robert Green’s scouting report (Rowley)

Robert Green’s profile in 2013 (aged 33)

Green’s career history until 2013

Rob Green is a top quality goalkeeper, that could easily play for any of the top teams in Europe, other than those with a world class stopper (Valdes, Casillas, Cech), but even then he is a more than capable back up. I would say that Green has still got four years in him at least and if you can keep his training correct and keep his reflexes and handling high it could even be five or six. Also, if you are lucky, then you can even get him on a bosman if you swoop in quickly in January, so the deal just gets better if you are not in desperate need of a ‘keeper and don’t want to give £6 million to West Ham. As a result I have evaluated my best buy on the potential for a bosman, as well as if you have to, or want to, pay for him.

Best Buy Rating: 7/10

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  • comment avatar Didit November 11, 2011

    I’m playing with West Ham, still my first season, but boy, he has been instrumental. 11 league games, only conceded 4 so far, and those 4 are just from 3 games. plus, he’s still playing for England eventhough he’s playing in the Championship division.

  • comment avatar Aj December 11, 2011

    Hey all im hoping someone can help me lol

    im trying to buy Mbaye Niang im playing as newcastle in july 2011

    they just wont have it everytime i try to buy him the wont let him go for less than 17 million…

    newcastle just doesent have that sort of funding.

    can someone tell me what im doing wrong ?
    or explain the process you guys go threw to get him if different from just aproaching with an offer.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 11, 2011

      I’m afraid it sounds like this player is out of your reach then. I always offer just above their asking price and keep offering in small increments until the club negotiate then I go way below what they are asking for and keep doing this until we meet in the middle. Try going for Erick Torres, Vaclav Kadlec or Yaya Sanogo….these guys are all as good potentially.

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