FM 2012 player profile- Rafinha

FM 2012 Central Midfielders

written by Karl Deighton


Age: 18

Position: AMC/CM,ST

Club: Barcelona

Nationality: Spanish/Brazilian

Value: £4.1 Million

Price tag: £28.5 Million (patch 12.2)

Rafinha’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Rafinha’s scouting report from Comolli of Liverpool

Rafinha’s profile aged 25 in 2018

Rafinha’s career history until 2018

Rafinha is the ultimate AMC and is one of the best players in 2018. His price tag is high and he wont negotiate with many clubs at the start of the game but his cost will drop and he could find himself on the transfer list due to the class players at Barcelona. If you find that this player is available for a reasonable price I would strongly recommend buying him.

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith April 30, 2012

    A truly outstanding player indeed and would be worth 10/10 if the price was so high at the start. Just look at his goal scoring record, that’s very impressive if Barcelona didn’t use him upfront.

  • comment avatar p0w! April 30, 2012

    Hi, was this computer trained? or did you train him yourself with a specific schedule?

    P.S this site is great keep up the good work guys helps me out alot :D

  • comment avatar Karl Deighton April 30, 2012

    I agree he would be 10/10 if you could gethim for 5/10 million, he was used as an AMC for barca so his career stats are pretty impressive
    he was trained by the Computer, so he could be even better with specific personal training!

  • comment avatar Josh May 1, 2012

    A fine player, very fine player. Even though his determination is only 10, his overall data is grown very amazing. His dribbling, passing and stamina is what make him monster as he can move forward very fast and passing accurately that make him like another Iniesta with Daniel Alves stamina. Also unusual strength for Driser (Dribble Passer). Amazing. If only he a winger… No doubt he will be best winger in FM 2012, IMO.

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton May 1, 2012

      i believe he is more suited as an AMC but if you train him from the start of the game to become a winger, he will be very effective

  • comment avatar Mike May 1, 2012

    Hi Darren, do you think you could give Sergi Roberto (at Barca B) a quick look? I’ve heard he molds into a perfect Xavi replacement :)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 1, 2012

      Just checked him in my future save but he hasn’t improved enough but maybe Karl (who also does profiles here) has a better future profile, so we’ll see what he says.

  • comment avatar Sekouaarne May 2, 2012

    Rasmus Elm is really good in this game, what do you think about him Darren?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 2, 2012

      He does look good but will never get a profile as his physical attributes tamper him too much IMO.

  • comment avatar Karl Deighton May 2, 2012

    i have a decent future profile of Roberto, but I don’t know if he deserves a profile, I’ll send it to darren and see what he thinks

  • comment avatar Matt May 2, 2012

    Do you think he could be developed as a goal scoring striker as Niang in my save just can’t do it, any recommendations?

  • comment avatar Hugo Falcao May 2, 2012

    Hey Darren, before everything I wanna congratulate you for the great work that you are doing, I really enjoy what I read here ;)

    About FM 2012, im playing often since last month. I’m in Benfica and before know your webpage I already had some players that you talk about, like Fierro (free transfer), Romario (1.8M euros), Verratti (1.5M euros – I really need to show you the profile of this player,since second season I put him playing in first team and he is so developed, he is the hero of my supporters and at the age 21 he was called to Italy squad), R.Miranda and Nelson Oliveira (already from Benfica team). I agree with everything you wrote about this players.

    I’s starting now the season 4 and a little inluenced for your opinion I bought:

    Nika Kvekveskiri (dinamo) – 2,5M
    Kakuta (chelsea) – 2,2M
    Jano (Real Madrid) – 2M
    Mateo Kovacic (dinamo) – 7,5M
    Kadlec (Prague) – free transfer (he have 22 years and already 17 in finishing, lets see if he will improve with me, im excited about :D )
    Rafinha (Barcelona) – 1M

    I think I’m creating a great team :D

    I wanna recomend you to pay a little attention to Gabriel Silva (brazilian left defender), I bought him for 4,5M in my first season with 18/19 years (he start with atributes similar to Romario) and since this time he is the owner of my left back, he improved a lot, if you want I can send you the profile ;)

    If you want any infomation describing the evolution of this players in my team just say, will be a pleasure help you ;)

    continue the good work. regards

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 2, 2012

      Glad you have enjoyed the site, you can send me a screenshot of Silva if you’d like…he hasn’t improved enough in my future save but I could take a look at yours.

  • comment avatar Matt May 2, 2012

    Do you think he could be developed as a goal scoring striker as Niang in my save just can’t do it, any recommendations?

  • comment avatar Karl Deighton May 2, 2012

    Matt, I don’t think he can be as good as Niang but as you can see from his history he can hav a good goalscoring record

    • comment avatar Matt May 2, 2012

      Thanks, will definitely try him in the Arsenal tactic at advanced playmaker, what about Alcacer could he be as good as Niang?

      • comment avatar Karl Deighton May 2, 2012

        never brought Alcacer but he is a great player, personally, I think Niang is the best you striker on the game but Alcacer is a good player

  • comment avatar Bayern Munchen June 2, 2012

    Hey Darren!

    I’ve just started a brand new Barcelona-save. My goal is to not buy any developed players, just go with youth and talent. How would you reccomed training for example Rafinha, Marc Muniesa and other talents?

    As much a-team football as possible, tutors like Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol?

    I’m not completely new to the whole “raise a talent to a pro” business, but I would really appreciate a word of advice from a master like you!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 2, 2012

      Basically cover every base. Get the best schedules possible, train them on individual areas that need the most improvement (switching area every month,) tutor them with pro’s of a similar type and most importantly offer first team football at every possible opportunity.

  • comment avatar Tomo June 9, 2012

    Just picked up this player on a free transfer after he refused to sign a new one with Barcelona.

    • comment avatar Karl June 10, 2012

      Thats a great buy mate

  • comment avatar DanP July 22, 2012

    Still cant quite believe I managed to get Rafinha on a free with chesterfield in my 3rd season!

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