FM 2012 player profile – Nika Kvekveskiri

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Nika Kvekveskiri

Age: 19

Position: DR/DC/DMC/MR

Club: Dinamo Tbilisi

Nationality: Georgian

Value: £600K

Price tag: £775K (in patch 12.0.2.)

Nika Kvekveskiri’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.0.2)

Nika Kvekveskiri’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Nika Kvekveskiri’s profile aged 27 in the year 2019

Nika Kvekveskiri’s career history until the year 2019

Kvekveskiri is one of those players that could escape your gaze for many in game years until its too late to purchase him on the cheap. This is of course due to his low value and low reputation club, it has nothing to do with quality nor potential. In fact this 19 year old could play for any mid-table side and grow to challenge for honours with any club in Europe. Kvekveskiri has tremendous pace, tackling ability, mental attributes and delivery making him the perfect full back, ow and did I mention he’s available for £775K. A must buy, but be aware that he may fail a work permit request if you’re managing in England.

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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i can’t believe how much he’s grown with only 6 in determination. great players you’ve found


Strange, in my game (12.0.2 skidrow ;)), he’s not as good as your first screenshot, and he’s so small (163cm, 63kg), some atts are not good like your, ex: acc 13, tack 14, passing 10, flair 5 ?!
Is my game fake :((


same in my game, his height is 191cm and left footed, but he has good ability


I bought this guy along with Shula – thank you for putting them here, btw – but he’s not as tall as you have him on your save. Still, he’s great and will soon push Sasha Riether out of the starting Eleven. I also got Juan from Internacional on Loan. Another guy that is good but rather expensive is Luciano Narsingh. I have on my Benfica save.

Thanks for these players. Saves me a lot of trouble since I am playing Koln who have next to transfer funds.


Very good youngster, unfortunately has not done a great deal of progression with me at Newcastle, although he is improving now he is on loan playing regular football.


nika kvekveskiri is one of the guys without a fixed pa. in one playthrough he had 143, in another 167. one more thing: not only nika’s pa; his hidden mental attributes (professionalism, ambition .. etc) are not fixed.

the full list of players with fixed pa’s:

murtaz daushvili (another georgian guy) apparently shares the same fate with nika.


he isn’t in my game world