FM 2012 player profile – Nelson Oliveira

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Nelson Oliveira

Age: 19

Position: ST

Club: Benfica

Nationality: Portuguese

Value: £2.3 million

Price tag: £4.4 million (in patch 12.2)

Nelson Oliveira’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Nelson Oliveira’s scouting report from Ryan on Man Utd

Nelson Oliveira’s profile aged 24 in the year 2016

Nelson Oliveira’s career history until 2016

This FM 2012 player profile of Nelson Oliveira shows a well rounded forward with everything in his locker. Nelson has great potential in FM 2012 and while he can take some time to really boost those attributes into great numbers, he has the all round game to become a real legend upfront. From the future profile above you can see he has great physical, mental and finishing attributes. And the rest of his  stats are at a good level too. For just £4.4 million this kids a must buy if you can wait a few seasons for that potent goal scorer.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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Looks very good, how do you play him?


Don’t know how Pedro does it but I usually feature him in a lone striker role with poacher duty or as a poacher in a dual-striker partnership with either Rodrigo or Borini in my Benfica save. Results vary since he spent most of the first season as Cardozo’s understudy. Had to sell the big man in order to allow Rodrigo, Borini and Oliveira space to develop. So far so good.


wouldn’t you say that yaya sanogo does everything he does, but better and for a lesser price ?


Jesus, Pedro can make any player look amazing.. Would love to see how he trains the players, I’m pretty clueless to be honest.

Pedro Silva
I dedicated a lot of time to Nelson. He’s one of my favourite players in real life, so I wanted to develop him I started to work on his phisycal attributes, because his speed is quite low (not at all accurate in reality, he´s very fast and strong), when it was decent, around 13/14, I started on finishing, then compusore, and them dribbling, I wanted to make him a complete forward. At the beginning it was hard to get him to develop. I had him been tutored by one of my forwards, but it didn’t work. He only developed when… Read more »
Rui Meireles

Can you send me a email to “” cuz i would like to talk with you to know how do you work with the youngsters and what you do to develop them.


Pedro you are really good at developing players and i was wondering if you could make a tutorial/Video on how you do it so quickly and soo efficiently.


So, anyone know how to run FM on a mini-laptop? Don’t get me wrong, I have bought the game, I just can’t get it to run on it. Works fine on my brother’s laptop.

Vitor Ferreira

can any one also do the profile of Rodrigo also from Benfica? i just did 2 seasons with him and the guy is a goal machine! in the first season he scored 28 goals in the league and was the best scorer in the champions league.

rui pedro

i am training benfica right now and i want to now if rodrigo, luis martins could turn into good players


rodrigo scores a lot of goals in my Benfica. Luis martins I don’t know if he turn a good player, I’ve never played with him in my benfica.

darren could you give me an opinion in my benfica team, im on the summer transfer season fo 2014 /2015 . and i need an opinion in what should i do? gk – madanda(free this season ), rui patricio , mika dr – corchia, romario, andre almeida dl – kolarov, fabio dc – prestia, rodrick, dani wilson , Kyriakos Papadopoulos. cm – Tolga Cigerci , pogba , bertolaci, hamsik, guzzo – weak point amr – deulofeu , weiss , vadillo amr – Griezmann, markoutz -weak point amc – erik torres , Eriksen st – cavani, tevez(free this season) , ayew,… Read more »

As we dont know ur save, players atributes and stats its difficult but well.. u have about 30 players u should loan Mika and put as 3rd keeper some kid, sell andre almeida and markoutz (weiss can do this wing too) i think u need to choose if u play with 2 strikers or 1 attacking midfielder

U can have a problem in champions league cause u dont have (except roderick and noliveira) players “born” in club


the question is if you change something in the team or if you buy some player to a specific position. And in terams of championship i own the champions league and everything in the league this season.


hey darren, you should check out darwin quintero as well. His stats doesn’t look too good but he scores a lot!.


Can you tell me which skin are you using ?
Such a nice skin ( picture of Nelson Oliveira’s profile aged 24 in the year 2016 )