FM 2012 player profile – Luis Guilherme

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Darren Smith

Luis Guilherme

Age: 19

Position: GK

Club: Botafogo (on loan with Boavista RJ)

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £425K

Price tag: £300K (in patch 12.2)

Luis Guilherme’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Luis Guilherme’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Luis Guilherme’s profile aged 26 in the year 2019

Luis Guilherme’s career history until 2019

Guilherme may not look like much in 2011 and that is why we provide future profiles. Just look at the young Brazilians attributes come 2019, this kid could really be one of the FM 2012 best Goalkeepers. Your only issue will be positioning but you can focus on that through individual training and it’s drowned out by his pure quality in every other area. Guilherme is available for a tiny fee of £300K making him one of the best cheap buys FM 2012 has to offer. Just note that he may struggle to get a work permit during the first season, making him tough to sign if you’re managing in England.

Best buy rating: 9/10

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You should be awarded the Fifa fair play award for doing this mate.. nice work!

This goal keeper is quite good, though I would rate David De Gea much better that this guy.

I’m in my 3rd season with man utd and he’s played 17 games in all competitions and only conceded 4 goals. Made a few mistakes in the first season.. but hes great now!


Luis Guilherme is one of the best GK in game IMO. I tend to leave him at Mineiro for a two or three seasons, and then sign, as he gets plenty of footbALL IN Brazil.

I’ll have to comment on Guilherme a bit in light of my almost finished season with West Ham. After grabbing him in my 1st season, he played backup to Robert Green for 1.5 seasons before taking over. You don’t have to do anything special in terms of training, just have a good goalkeeping coach and listen to his advice. I just won the Treble in my 5th season(FA, League Cup, EPL with 4 games to go) with him and Fierro leading the way. Least goals allowed(Sebastian Toro does help massively too), shut Man Utd down in the League Cup final… Read more »

How on earth has he managed to drop his positioning from 13 at the beginning to 7 in 2019???


Luis Guilherme or Plamen Iliev from Levski (Sofia)? I’m playing with Levski now.


federico neroni

Manny Sedita

This guy really is great, started him at VVV-Venlo in Holland and was little shaky in first season and now is preforming great Season 2.


At the start of my liverpool save he had 3,5 stars in PA but now after half a season he only has 1,5? You still think i should try buying him? And do you think he will have his work permit after the first season in the game? :)


I’m currently playing Betis and i signed this guy in the second season. Will I have to play him, or could I loan him out or move him to Betis B? :-)


Will he ever be able to receive a work permit in england?


i set up a feeder club for work permits but it takes 3 years for them to get one :(


i got his positioning up to 19 and he is a beast