FM 2012 Player Profile – Lucas Digne

FM 2012 cheap players

written by Karl Deighton

Lucas Digne

Age: 17

Position: DL/WBL

Club: Lille

Nationality: French

Value: £725k

Price tag: £1.3m

Digne’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Digne’s scouting report from Comolli of Liverpool


Digne’s profile aged 25 in 2018

Digne’s career history until 2018

This profile of Lucas Digne shows how good he can be at around 2/3 of his potential, he can grow to become one of the best left-backs on the game but unfortunately the computer likes to mix the development of players in different saves and none of the scouts have came across him at full potential. Although he is not great Digne is still an established player in one of the world’s top leagues and would be a nice addition to most teams. I just with he was at his full potential, he would deserve a 9 atleast, but because of the average profile, it’s only an eight.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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As it has been said many times before, football really lacks quality left backs. I’ll definitely give this guy a go just for the price tag and those physical stats. He is quite solid across the other stats too, so he’ll definitely turn into a monster with games and training.

Darren Smith

Great player here Karl. I think this profile is the sort to separate the more experienced players from the newbies. I like yourself and I’m sure many other FM addicts think that despite the rather average future profile Digne can be a superstar. I just look at that profile and instead of thinking, whats the big deal? I see what he can be with the right management and game time. A great signing and worth a lot more than 8/10 if only we had the future profile to back up our claims :)


he is a great buy i used him all the way back since 2010 really fast and a killer


bought him at the start of my 3rd season with Benfica, slotted straight in at left back and didn’t take any time to adapt. Just finished my 3rd season and he was very solid one of my most consistent players, his physical attributes are great and crossing top notch, in another 2 years or so i reckon i could show you a much better screen shot for him

Karl Deighton

That would be great, thanks


i need a left back for the future however i dont know who to get. any suggestions

Darren Smith

Digne, Robinson, Fabio or Alex Sandro.


Actually i bought Digne and giving him first team place and guest what his attribute increase magnificently untill the age of 27 might be because he is not played with top flight club that why his attribute is average