FM 2012 player profile – Iker Muniain

FM 2012 Strikers

written by Darren Smith

Iker Muniain

Age: 18

Position: ST/AMCL

Club: Athletic

Nationality: Spanish

Value: £9.75 million

Price tag: £21 million (in patch 12.2)

Iker Muniain’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Iker Muniain’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Iker Muniain’s profile aged 26 in the year 2019

Iker Muniain’s career history until 2019

This FM 2012 player profile of Iker Muniain offers some vital information. The Spanish forward develops well and becomes a very creative player. While playing upfront is his main strength, due to Muniain’s creativity, pace and flair he may be better used as an inside forward from the left wing. The future profile above doesn’t show a prolific goal scorer but I think this is in part down to his team mates, put Muniain in a better team and he’d excel. Due to the odd doubt and £21 million asking price I put the wonderid at 8.5/10, but a lower fee and more prolific record would have bumped him up to 9/10.

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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  • comment avatar N.Loureiro November 25, 2011

    What about Flamengo’s Adryan? I think I can get him with Koln as things stand but I need to know. Also, can you check on Mitchell Weiser, my assistant tells me he has talent but hey, it’s Koln, Miso Brecko has talent for me. Oh and Tiago Alves from Santos too. Sold Andrezinho and got him cheaply.

    Would you check those 3 for me?


    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 25, 2011

      All decent but I wouldn’t buy them if ever aiming high in Europe.

      • comment avatar N.Loureiro November 25, 2011

        Thanks. Well, I have Tiago coming so I can’t do anything about him. Podolski is a beast. his 14 strikes have put me in 1st place for now and I have already beaten hoffenheim 1-7 at their turf and Schalke 5-1, plus freiburg, kaiserslautern and such. I have won all seven games so far. So I need someone to cover for him, should the need arise. Am about to lock horns with Wolfsburg and if he gets injured…well, bye bye beautiful. Still, I think that I can gun for Europe. Kvekveskiri and Xula have been instrumental as well.

        Thank you for those two

  • comment avatar tom November 25, 2011

    He maybe the perfect inside forward…finishing and pace aswell as anticipation…and dribbling…high transfer fee tho…if can get it down to around 15mill would be perfect…i may look at this one…

    Surely theres room in the list for Son Heung Min…club HSV…fantastic prospect…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 25, 2011

      He is a good player, but like you say the price tag is just too risky. Min is a great player and one I’ll do eventually.

  • comment avatar Martin K November 25, 2011

    what an injury prone. The worst buy for me so far. Cant finish a match without taking knocks or injuries. So much money out of the window.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 25, 2011

      Really, I didn’t notice that….thanks for the heads up.

  • comment avatar rjv November 28, 2011

    surely my best buy of the season. i bought him first season with arsenal to back-up rvp, very reliable to score even coming from the bench, train his composure and u got urself a prolific goalscorer, he also works better when i use a higher tempo. the only minus is because he didnt really wanted to go in the first place so he asked a huge wage (60.000 p/w) which forced me to sell chamakh

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 28, 2011

      Thanks for the info mate, I do think he’s an excellent prospect and improves fast.

  • comment avatar cillo December 19, 2011

    Started off very poorly.. in first season with Spurs only scored 2 in the league from 22 games (15 in 36 in all comps).
    However during the second season he turned into an ABSOLUTE BEAST scoring 21 in 28 in the league and 38 in 40 in all comps! Also was top scorer in champions league with 12 goals.
    Also i dont feel that the future profile here does him any justice, as he is almost as good as that in just 2 years in my save file

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 19, 2011

      Good to know mate, thanks for sharing. Certainly sounds like Muniain can dominate after settling in.

  • comment avatar Oleat January 6, 2012

    Who is the biggest striker talent? You coulnd’t make a top 3 list?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 6, 2012

      For me personally, I’d say my top three are Neymar, Damiao and Fierro.

  • comment avatar terry January 20, 2012

    for him, its best u purchase him as soon as possible and give him games, i did that in 2014 and he bagged 40 goals minimum per season. althou the drawback was he costed me 37.5m

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 20, 2012

      I think that can be the case with every wonderkid too, signing them quick and offering game time will always see them improve faster than leaving them to be managed by the computer.

  • comment avatar Anton March 8, 2012

    Hey Darren! First of all, great website, and thanks for putting in all the hard work!

    Decided to contribute a bit as the patch 12.2 came out today, and sees Muniain bumped up in initial ratings quite a bit, perhaps even on par with Gotze! Purchased him for Arsenal for initial 15m EU with a possibility to go up to 25mil, looking forward to see his development..

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 8, 2012

      Thanks for the kind words and info Anton.

  • comment avatar Connor March 18, 2012

    Best ever buy for me,Over Hulk,Holtby and Neymar. Perfect Trequartisa playing off Moussa Sow. Make him retire from International at 22 because hes quite injury prone but 23 million release clause with 22 in 24 in his 1st season with Average Rating of 8.1. Cant argue really.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 18, 2012

      You certainly can’t argue with those stats.

  • comment avatar RedDevil March 19, 2012

    Wow, in the new patch his stats have improved a lot and hes cheaper! Got him for 16mil :)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 19, 2012

      Yeah he has improved a lot for the new patch.

  • comment avatar Marshall April 15, 2012

    I don’t know why, but like messi on FIFA 12 , his heading really shines through, helped win me the community shield, and he out headers anyone that isn’t Vidic,Terry or Puyol. So much more clinical than aguero.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 16, 2012

      That is rather weird as he seems more like a flairful poacher but I think some players personal traits can lead to such advantages.

  • comment avatar neutronstar44 June 1, 2012

    Just sold nangis for 30m pounds to Arsenal and bought muniain as replacement for 33m (in 2015,Doncaster). Hope it works out. Planning to play him on the left wing as an IF with Kadlec as my advanced forward.

  • comment avatar JasonW June 10, 2012

    Got him on a free transfer for Liverpool 3 seasons in and when he plays he plays in the hole just behind the striker for me.. ive just came off my save and he got player of the month hes a quality player.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 11, 2012

      He would be immense for free, certainly a no brainer.

  • comment avatar Stuart Granger July 18, 2012

    Hes available on a free in 2013 if you can unsettle him…despite having way too many options on the left (Hazard, Rodriguez, Willian, Valencia) i couldnt resist!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 19, 2012

      Very tempting for zero cost regardless of who you already have.

  • comment avatar Jerry July 27, 2012

    I got him for free with Arsenal, he didnt sign a extension to Bilbao ! :)

  • comment avatar michael August 25, 2012

    he has developed far beyond that in my game at liverpool. he really excels in my team as a trequartista just behind the striker. currently in 2014 and he’s proving to be the real deal.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 25, 2012

      He is a great player and certainly capable of developing well beyond the profile shown as that was from CPU management.

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