FM 2012 player profile – Gerard Deulofeu

FM 2012 Wingers

written by Jonathan Carver

Gerard Deulofeu

Age: 17

Position: AMR/L

Club: Barcelona ‘B’

Nationality: Spanish

Value: £4.1 million

Price tag: £9.5 million (in patch 12.2)

Gerard Deulofeu’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Gerard Deulofeu’s scouting report from Rowley from Arsenal

Gerard Deulofeu’s profile aged 24 in 2018

Gerard Deulofeu’s career history until 2018

Here is a great young Spanish player that in time and given the right training can become a worldwide star. He can play on either the left or the right attacking midfield positions and has great dribbling and flair attributes, essential for any winger. It is in 2018, however, when you see how good Deulofeu can really be; he enhances all the required attributes to be very skilful and technical, and at 24 he is still only at the start of a very promising career.


Best buy rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Karl May 30, 2012

    deufoleu is an amazing winger, potentially one of the bes wingers on the game, would always buy him if I had the chance

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver May 30, 2012

      Definitely a must buy, his potential is amazing!!

  • comment avatar Darren Smith May 30, 2012

    To think he reached that level despite Barcelona not offering him much first team football bar the second season, its scary to think what he could be with first team football season in season out.

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver May 30, 2012

      I agree, with top of the range training, he could be even better than this future profile, which is exciting!!

  • comment avatar Redle May 31, 2012

    Great, another one from barcelona, a.k.a. spanish wonderkid factory

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver May 31, 2012

      Barcelona do produce a lot of amazing youngsters, in game and real life :D

  • comment avatar Balkxxx May 31, 2012

    Agree , but chances are small , cant become that good alone in all the saves we play, atleas in mines. But how he develop DAMN :D

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver May 31, 2012

      Not necessarily mate, if you bring him to your club straight away and have him on your own training regimes with good coaches and focus an individual somewhere, he can progress even better than the profile we have on him.

      Even giving him a few games in the first team will help a lot more than being stuck in Barca’s B team!! :D

  • comment avatar ryan May 31, 2012

    just bought wiess, he is joining up with me next season
    and have put in a bid for lazar markovic, from partizan belgrade, i think he could develop into a great player with the proper training
    but this kid looks outstanding that would mean 3 players in the same position i must drop one of them who should it be

    • comment avatar Benjy May 31, 2012

      rotate them and maybe put one of them on the opposite flank

    • comment avatar Karl May 31, 2012

      markovic can play up front, deulofeu is as good on the left as he is on the right and wiess can play amc or aml also. so just move your team around to fit them in

  • comment avatar Adrian June 1, 2012

    What about his footedness?? He looks like a dribbling machine but is his end product any good because his creativity/ finishing hasn’t develop like his dribbling

    • comment avatar Balkxxx June 1, 2012

      Well atleast he have Composure, and he dont need goals look at his assists, more than enough good crosser for me.

    • comment avatar Karl June 1, 2012

      he is right footed and as you can see from the stats (my save) he scored a respectable 43 goals in 163 games and he can develop further than the future screenshot

  • comment avatar danny June 1, 2012

    check out jean marie dongue plays for barcelona hes only 16

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 2, 2012

      If you upload a future profile, we can see if he becomes good enough :D

      • comment avatar danny June 3, 2012

        after 10 games into 1st season already improving fast

        • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 3, 2012

          Looks good there, I will check him out on my future saves to see if he is good enough to be profiled :D


          • comment avatar danny June 4, 2012

            thats him playing u18s football and reserve

          • comment avatar danny June 4, 2012

            oh and he will be spanish in future

        • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 4, 2012

          Just checked him on my future save mate, unfortunately he doesn’t progress well enough, in 2017 he is still only a good Championship player :(

          • comment avatar Karl June 4, 2012

            I could check on my future saves for dongue if you want JC

  • comment avatar ma3rush June 2, 2012

    Deulofeu or Joel Valencia?
    Which is a better buy for Man Utd?

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 2, 2012

      Depends what you want? Deulofeu is better at the start of the game but Valencia has much better potential and is cheaper. To be honest with you, you could have both :D one on either wing!! But if I had to pick it would be Valencia simply because he is cheaper :D

  • comment avatar ryan June 3, 2012

    does brek shea develop plays for dallas

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 3, 2012

      I’ll check him out, if he is good enough, I will profile him :)

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver June 4, 2012

      Sorry mate, I can’t find him on my save

  • comment avatar sander June 4, 2012

    Hahaha, bought him to southampton and as of april im.heading towards the 1. Place with a 15 point lead. Hopefully he’ll give me an egde in the premier league (he’s arriving in june, i paid £ 200.000 upfront and £9,1 mill over 48 months )

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver July 10, 2012

      Great :D I’m sure he will be a hit in the premier league!!

  • comment avatar C July 10, 2012

    Is he a consistent performer?

    • comment avatar Jonathan Carver July 10, 2012

      Juts look at his history mate, over 7 average rating since the start of the game :D he must be doing something right every game to achieve that :)

      • comment avatar C July 11, 2012

        tbh I don’t trust any simulated ratings/results. Do you have any personal experience with him? Looks like a good player, but his mental stats are bit iffy.

        • comment avatar Jonathan Carver July 11, 2012

          I haven’t personally as I haven’t been with any club with the rep to buy him but Karl has and he told me he is one of the best buys on the game!! :) I would definitely buy him if I could!!

          Hope this helps mate :)

          • comment avatar C July 11, 2012

            Thanks for the feedback mate.

            I’m really tempted to sign him, his stats look amazing. Need to clear up some space in my squad first.

  • comment avatar silva July 22, 2012

    WOW :o

  • comment avatar dude November 10, 2012

    his work rate, decisions, concentracion and determination are quite low. is that relevant?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 10, 2012

      Depends on the tactic and role you use really, but for an attacking midfielder or wide playmaker it isn’t that relevant.

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