FM 2012 player profile – Gaston Ramirez

FM 2012 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Gaston Ramirez

Age: 20

Position: AML/AMRC

Club: Bologna

Nationality: Uruguayan

Value: £4.7 million

Price tag: £40.5 million (in patch 12.2)

Gaston Ramirez’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Gaston Ramirez’s scouting report from Ryan on Man Utd

Gaston Ramirez’s profile aged 28 in the year 2019

Gaston Ramirez’s career history until 2019

This FM 2012 player profile of Gaston Ramirez shows the wonderkid has talent and shouldn’t scare off any potential buyers from the asking price shown. While I have stated what Ramirez is available for at the start of a new game after testing on two separate saves, he is in fact far cheaper later that season and at the start of the second season. I generally see this talent go for between £3-10 million which is a snap hence the 8/10 rating. Provided you can get Ramirez at the knockdown rate he is a brilliant signing with well rounded attributes making for a very consistent and reliable performer. But if you are considering the £40.5 million asking price then stop as he’s not worth such a hefty fee and patience will see that value quartered.

Best buy rating: 8/10 (only if signed for reasonable price)

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I am thinking about offloading Elia and getting this guy or Brahimi for my Juve save. Obviously it all depends on whether or not I manage to beat Parma in the Giovinco auction.

In which case, should I offload Elia? He does play well as inside forward in my set up but he is prone to mood swings and delusions of grandeur. What say you, Darren?

Oh, and Happy New Year, Darren

Danny Busenitz

Hey Darren, Ramirez had amazing attributes, but for me it seemed you did little improving of his skills in 8 years time. I don’t mean to offend, but from 8 physical skills, he improved 14 points, meaning less than 2 points per skill. From his technical skills the improvement was even lower, 8 points in 14, less than 1 pps. I’m an avid reader of yours and fan of your reviews, but in my opinion you could re-check Ramirez because this save has been sub-par.


I like this layer as well…BUT he is not even starting for Bologna anymore…and he is not even on the bench for the game today. It does not state any injury (AND you can never get any news on these players as to why or why not they play or not) Soo…I do not know what the issue is with him.


your right recobenzo,but darren doesnt know why he is in the reserves so he has given you the silent treatment


Actually Lee, that comment was with regards to real life football, this site is football manager only so you couldnt be further off the Mark, that is why I didn’t reply. I comment to around 20 people a day, so don’t appreciate your tone. You don’t have to view the site and I can make that happen if you’d prefer.


just signed this guy for my celtic team for 5mill (with the help of this profile). his wages where a bit high for me tho, 26k .right at the top end of my wages. i think he could be a fantastic signing!

Vitor Simões

I found this player out on loan with Olympique Lyonnais. I decided to take him for the season since I was low on funds. He did not disappoint. He has been getting consistent man of the match awards with atleast 2 assists per game. And that is just his first season ingame! With a little time and training I do believe he can become top-class.
Since I found myself awed by his performances I decided to check if you had any article on him. Just passing by leaving my recommendation


i signed him quite a while ago on my first season, thos os a great profile but, he doesnt cost nearly 40m i signed him for round about the 7-8m region


Hi ive just signed him for my Swansea team for 8m after a couple of seasons, i play him on the AMR as an inside forward and he does seem to be doing it for me :/
what position and role do you recommed for him?




what kind of player instruction should we use for Gaston? n wat do u think he should work on in his individual training?


are moses from wingan and redmond from birmingham good enought for the arsenal tem ?