FM 2012 player profile – Edinson Cavani

FM 2012 best players

written by Ryan Daly

Edinson Cavani

Age: 24

Position: ST/AMR

Club: Napoli

Nationality: Uruguay

Value: £11.5m

Price tag: £30m

Cavani profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Cavani scouting report from Ferguson of Man Utd

Cavani profile aged 29 in 2016

Cavani career history until 2016

First things first, Cavani can be even better than the profile above with human management and that’s scary. Above Cavani averages close to 8.00 every season in the Serie A, scoring an incredible 92 goals in just 137 games – if my counting skills are OK. That is the strike rate of a top class striker and that is exactly what Cavani is, with your management that strike rate can definitely be better ! The reason for this is his power and pace combined with his off the ball movement make him a nuisance for any defender and mean he is always in the right position at the right time but when he gets it he needs to finish right ? Well yes and with his top notch finishing he can do exactly that. There is not much more you can say except he is one of the best strikers FM has to offer and is worth the £30m outlay.

Best buy rating: 9.5/10

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  • comment avatar Redle July 12, 2012

    Cavani = God

  • comment avatar Walter July 12, 2012

    I am trying to understand why Cavani would be rated higher than Doumbia. Don’t get me wrong, Cavani is amazing. But…

    Doumbia has better finishing, dribbling, speed, determination, and technique while being the same off the ball.

    Then again it could just be a difference of opinion between you and Darren. :)

    Nonetheless, great work. He usually ends up going to Chelsea very early in my games usually making him unattainable :(

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly July 12, 2012

      well yea basically it is difference of opinion plus i just feel that his off the ball prowess means he is always in the right position meaning he gets an astonishing amount of goals and therefore is more effective

      • comment avatar Darren Smith July 13, 2012

        Every player has hidden attributes that define them in some cases and there’s a lot you can’t see from what is within the players profile screen…with that in mind Cavani is definitely better than Doumbia, you just have to see them both play in the match engine to see it.

  • comment avatar Alexander Ceol July 13, 2012

    Best striker in the game in my opinion, a sure 10/10, I also have a better profile of him if your all are interested :p

  • comment avatar Benjy July 13, 2012

    Whenever I have the money this guy is straight into my team. He can fill so many roles up front, it’s a bit frightening. But he isn’t just a great all rounder, he excels at several of these roles too, not least as a goalscorer.

  • comment avatar Nelson Costa Inácio July 13, 2012

    One of the great advantages to a team that have Cavani is the fact that he can play on several roles.
    That will make the team more unpredictable and give more tactical choices to the coach.

  • comment avatar ash July 13, 2012

    i bought him in my liverpool save and he scored 60++ goals per season..truly god..:)

  • comment avatar Dan Scutt July 13, 2012

    Darwin Quintero is a beast nd can score at any level, I’ve had Cavani nd played him as a TM, Poacher nd advanced forward but can’t get him to score

  • comment avatar Damien July 14, 2012

    i have better stats than that and a better record he banged 60 goals in for me in my chelsea cavani is a monster

  • comment avatar Hlf July 14, 2012

    Unreal player. Totally agree with the whole “right place at the right time” thing, he’s always popping up to tap it in the net, or even better seeing him walk into the net with the ball. Worth every penny of that 30m

  • comment avatar Jamie July 14, 2012

    Do you want a pic of Cavani in 2012 I have a liverpool save, I did buy him and use him so I guess it whould be differant but any players you want future pics of just ask me and I will send you one, you could just email me

  • comment avatar silva July 21, 2012

    This future screenshot is not that good his stamina goes from 20 to 19 he dose not look like he improves alot.

  • comment avatar Dimeji July 31, 2012

    I bought Cavani in 2011 in my Man City save. He cost me £25 million. It is 2017, and he has scored 469 goals in 369 games. In 2016/17, he scored 90 goals in all competitions, including 20 in the Champions League. He has won the World Player of the Year award 4 times, World Golden Ball 3 times, Best Player in Europe 4 times, and English Premier Division Top Goalscorer in all of his seasons at Man City, 6 times. In 2013-14, he scored 52 goals in the league alone. He has also got 20 finishing, 16 strength, 17 pace, 16 passing, 15 heading, and 19 off the ball. It is safe to say that Cavani is a BEAST.

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly July 31, 2012

      WOW. That is just incredible, i don’t think i have seen or heard of a better record. I think it is safe to say it was money well spent.

      • comment avatar Dimeji July 31, 2012

        Yep I know, he is my favourite player in the history of Football Manager, even better than Carlos Tevez in FM 2006, or Goran Pandev in FM 2008. He is just world class, and also, Cavani has a deadly partnership with Carlos Fierro and Sergio Aguero in my team, and he also gets support from players such as Antoine Griezzmann , Oscar, Wilshere and Thiago Alcantara, to name a few.

        • comment avatar Jack August 5, 2012

          Would it be possible to see a screenshot?

  • comment avatar Dimeji August 1, 2012

    I just started a new game with Arsenal. I bought Cavani for £33 million. He scored 102 goals in 56 games. Just a monster

  • comment avatar FredRead12 August 21, 2012

    whos better leandro damiao or cavani there partner would be carlos fierro

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 21, 2012

      That is personal preference really. Damiao is one of my favourite players on the game because I really like Brazilians. On the other hand, the majority of people would have a preference for Cavani.

  • comment avatar Gabriel August 24, 2012

    What position do you guys play him as?

  • comment avatar Dimeji August 28, 2012

    my screenshot of Cavani’s stats

    • comment avatar shahsaab November 4, 2012

      thats amazing! what role did you play him and what target man supply did you use?

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