FM 2012 player profile – Eden Hazard

FM 2012 best players

written by Darren Smith

Eden Hazard

Age: 20

Position: AMC/MC/AML

Club: Lille

Nationality: Belgian

Value: £8.0 million

Price tag: £35 million (in patch 12.2)

Eden Hazard’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Eden Hazard’s scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

Eden Hazard’s profile aged 28 in the year 2019

Eden Hazard’s career history until 2019

This FM 2012 player profile of Eden Hazard is an understatement in my opinion. The future profile could be much better and his career history is short of what the wonderkid is capable of. I bought Hazard in 2014 with Malaga, the Belgian scored 21 goals and assisted 24 in all competitions during his first season!! The future profile above is with the CPU as manager so he can certainly develop beyond that. Not to mention the £35 million asking price is a snip considering how incredibly talented he is. Its very rare to find a player that can win the biggest of matches single handedly but Hazard is one of them and I’ve experienced it first hand!

Best buy rating: 10/10

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  • comment avatar Jarvis November 28, 2011

    Where are you playing him? Can you advise on Player Instructions. He really isnt performing for me at Newcastle in Season 3!

  • comment avatar Tijmen Stronks November 28, 2011

    I’m managing ManU and I need a AMl. So what’s your opinion? Neymar or Hazard. I think Neymars stats are better but Hazard was highly recommanded by others.
    And another question about the ratings: Why has Hazard a 10 and Gotze a 9? Gotze is better and the asking price is almost the same!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 28, 2011

      I personally think Hazard as he’s far more consistent in my opinion and seems to settle much quicker but both players are very special.

      Thanks for the heads up on my Gotze rating, obviously I do these profiles at different times and there wasn’t as many in the list when I rated Gotze so his price tag seemed ridiculous….however now there are more expensive players it feels right to rate them more on ability when they are so talented….short version, I’ve adjusted Gotze’s rating. :)

  • comment avatar tom November 28, 2011

    Hazard develops alot better than this…for my Man U game he storms every single game…i play him as an inside forward…not his best position i kno…but hes dominating for me in that position…train his finishing and the guy is unbeatable…capable of winning matches on his own…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 28, 2011

      Yeah I agree, as mentioned in the description this future profile doesn’t do him justice.

  • comment avatar Wilko December 2, 2011

    He Darren love this scouting site helped me alot, Bit stuck tho. I have Toni Kroos, Eden Hazard and Mario Gotze in my team. I play a 4-3-3 at home with those 3 in middle with Kroos as a DLP. Away i play a 4-1-2-2-1 with Gotze and Hazard as IF on wings. My problem is i cant seem get them play in middle of park in my home formation. Any Ideas?

  • comment avatar Wilko December 2, 2011

    Thanks Darren also I letting a lot of goals in away from home and cant seem find awauy to keep clean sheets.
    Will try out that new formation

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 2, 2011

      No problem, I’d try my tactic and maybe use counter strategy away from home. You need a solid back line but that tactic should work well.

  • comment avatar Wilko December 2, 2011

    Yeah thats tactic i been using, I have cahill and papadoupoulos at centre with azpilcueta and clichy full backs with m’vila as holding but still no better

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 2, 2011

      Give my Arsenal tactic a go and just remember the best form of defence is attack….the opposition can’t score if they don’t have the ball, I know thats cheesy and you can be hit on the break but its true.

  • comment avatar Wilko December 2, 2011

    Mate you should see some my defeats i have had 90 to 80 percent passing and 75 to 60 possession every game they get me on counter or set pieces it hurts. I am an Arsenal fan so I love attractive football but sometimes it backfires

  • comment avatar mario December 6, 2011

    my favourite player but I’ll probably never get the chance to manage him…btw can you do a profile for alex teixeira?he looks awesome…and can he be trained to play as (effective) winger?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 6, 2011

      He can be trained to play as a very effective AML inside forward….but I don’t think he’d be as good as a winger.

  • comment avatar Sixteen December 8, 2011

    Hi Darren, I have Hazard in my squad and he is playing on AML port with IF(support) duty. Is it the best post for him?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 8, 2011

      I personally use Hazard from the left with inside forward, he has scored 22 a season and assisted around 25 so seems to work in La Liga.

  • comment avatar Sixteen December 9, 2011

    Thanks Darren. Should I individually train Hazard’s finishing? or other area should be focus?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 9, 2011

      I would certainly train him on finishing and maybe a little on crossing.

  • comment avatar Martin K December 14, 2011

    Would he be the best choice for a AMC advanced playmaker? with 2 strikers in front. Im thinking between him or Pastore.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 14, 2011

      I personally think Hazard is best used from the left as inside forward but he would certainly be very dangerous in AMC with the right tactic.

  • comment avatar Sixteen December 21, 2011

    Hi Darren, as per my save, Hazard is not so consistent. He can drib well but once he reach the penalty box, he can’t pass killer ball or shoot well, always miss the chance over there. Just to check, at your save, Hazard is on attack duty of support duty? is he taking corners? Free kicks?

    Thanks Darren

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 21, 2011

      Hazard rarely takes my corners or free-kicks. He may seem to be missing a lot of opportunities but that could be because he creates a lot to mess up down to his overall ability. His crossing and finishing are low though so I guess its to be expected. How many assists and goals has he got from how many games? I have him on attack duty.

      • comment avatar Sixteen December 22, 2011

        Hi Darren, thanks for your advice. i bought hazard from 1st season January transfer window, with 18m pound. after finished the 1st season, he scored 2 goals and made 6 assists(overall), average rating is 7.01. In 2nd season he do improve, now in mid of season 2, he has scored 5 goals and made 12 assists. But I’m just not happy when i see him dribbing all the way long from midfield but can’t make a good impact after reaching penalty box. How about Hazard at your save? mind to share?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith December 22, 2011

          What is it you want to know about Hazard in my game?

  • comment avatar sachithyoda December 21, 2011

    I need a replacement for willian at aml iam thinking of hazard or gotze, from you profiles gotze looks better and both almost cost the same who would you prefer?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 21, 2011

      I have signed Hazard to great effect but not experienced Gotze so couldn’t say without being biased.

  • comment avatar fred135 December 22, 2011

    Do you play him AMC or AML?

  • comment avatar fred135 December 22, 2011

    He has a rating of 10 in finishing but he scores hat-trick in the CL final vs man u?
    Do you put his training focus to finishing?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith December 22, 2011

      Yeah I train him on finishing individually so now he has 13…one attribute doesn’t define someone’s overall game. He has other attributes that make finishing much easier for him.

  • comment avatar Sixteen January 4, 2012

    Hi Darren, will Hazard’s game imporved if he is train for place shots? curls ball? I’m thinking that since he is cutting inside, it should be create to place shot and curls ball.
    Below is my Hazard’s profile



    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 4, 2012

      It could help as Hazard scored his best goals for me when cutting inside and curling shots into the top corner from just inside the box.

  • comment avatar Karl January 21, 2012

    I somehow picked up this guy for 22 million!!!
    Sure he was 3 weeks injured but totally worth it for that sort of discount! What do you this of Lewis Holtby?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 21, 2012

      He must have had some problems at his club or something bizarre happened as that price tag is insane, as for Holtby he is good but not anywhere near Gotze, Marin and Hazard etc.

  • comment avatar Heresy January 26, 2012

    I signed Hazard in my previous PSG save when I was already winning the league blindfolded with all the potential in my team and.. he was a flop. 18 league apeparences, 7 assists and 3 goals halfway through the season when the team already had 52 goals scored. Not much of an impact. Good thing I still had Nene and Willian who could step up and cause havoc from the left wing. I was so disappointed, didn’t understand why everyone was so hyped up about him.

    Now in my Arsenal team I gambled and signed him 1 season earlier (2012-13). So far he’s fulfilled the expectations. I use him as AML Inside Forward and he either scores or assists. Or both. Let’s hope he can maintain his form because I wouldn’t be able to stand another flop with him.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 26, 2012

      He is a quality player, absolute legend with my Malaga side assisting minimum of 20 goals a season and generally scoring upwards of 15.

  • comment avatar axim78 February 8, 2012

    im managing united 2012-13,,i thot is easy to get early..but hazard?? lille want 100m,goetze 69m,neymar 78m,ganso 65m,erik torres 61m n im already bought eriksen 20m.everyone in ur list too expensive. .what a real deal..!! is becoz im united lols

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 8, 2012

      Wow, those asking prices are crazy…I’ve never paid more than £57 million for Hazard, guess everyone’s taking advantage of your wealth :)

    • comment avatar gabi March 28, 2012

      lol, your game has a little glitch, haha. got hazard for 44mil euros at city. and my personal record: 27.5mil euros at psg :)

      • comment avatar Darren Smith March 28, 2012

        No glitches, he is available for his minimum fee release at the START of a new game in patch 12.2 which is £35 million, so that is actually probably cheaper than your 44 mill euros anyway.

  • comment avatar Thierry February 12, 2012

    Hi dude, I wanted some tips.
    I wanna try out your Arsenal tactics with my Man U.
    Will retrain hazard as AML.
    I got rodriguez (a beast) but he is AMC, should I retrain him like Hazard?
    For AMR I got Park and Iturbe.
    For MC I got Labyad, Hamsik, Fletcher, Anderson and Carrick.
    For ST I got Chicha, Rooney, J. M. Dongou and Berbatov.
    I know I’m asking for alot of information, but could you tell me which would be the best setup?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 12, 2012

      I’d say that Rodriguez should be trained for the left wing yes and as for the side I’d play them as follows.

      Hazard(IF) Iturbe(IF)
      Hamsik(AP) Fletcher(BWM) Carrick (CM)

      If using Hernandez you should change the striker to poacher. I also think you need some well rounded CM’s for the BWM and CM role…the likes of Badelj would work for CM.

  • comment avatar Thierry February 12, 2012

    Ok. But Rodriguez as IF too? he has an amazing crossing capability.
    How do I cancel preferred moved training?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 12, 2012

      Yeah you’ll still get crosses from him, he’ll just cut inside when it seems best. To cancel individual training just go to change the individual training and select ‘none’ which should be the top option.

  • comment avatar Vitor Ferreira February 19, 2012

    So Hazard is like Adam Hlousek was in Fm11? by the way i totaly lost track of Adam Hlousek but does he still so good like he was in FM11?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith February 19, 2012

      In my opinion Hazard is better than Hlousek was in FM11 for sure. As for Hlousek’s ability in this years game, he is a good all rounder but not world class like he was in the previous version.

      • comment avatar Vitor Ferreira February 19, 2012

        Sad to know that =( he was a great player in FM11, even tho hazard was better Hlousek was a bargain comparing prices.

  • comment avatar P. Rubio March 11, 2012

    I’m playing as manchester united and I got hazard but I don’t know if I should get j. rodriguez or g. ramirez. Who would you recommend?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 11, 2012

      I think James Rodriguez would be the more explosive winger type whereas Ramirez would be very consistent and rounded, just depends on what you’re after.

  • comment avatar Heresy March 21, 2012

    I got Hazard for 21M in the mid-season transfer window :D bargain of the century! Thanks to LOSC being in 18th position in Ligue 1 but who cares :D Then the spoiled kids from Man City showed up of course. Offered 50M up front for him (release clause). Luckily Hazard agreed to my contract, now he has 100M release to foreign clubs :D And he’s been pure inspiration since his arrival, gets more assists than goals, but we’re working on his finishing right now….

    Got Weiss on the right wing playing with Hazard, but in a not too distant future I see Demirci taking his place. Another amazing player, already 14 in acceleration after just 1 season!

  • comment avatar Gshinhar March 23, 2012

    Darren he’s a great talent but ganso is much better I give ganso cm-attack and he scores and assits including a winner aginst barca I give hazard 9 and ganso 10

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 23, 2012

      Not for me, as Hazard is probably better used from the wing cutting inside and they are different types of players…Hazard suits more varied styles whereas Ganso is limited to one or two roles. Besides I tested the asking price for both and Ganso wasn’t available for a reasonable price from the start of the game and in any of my future saves either.

  • comment avatar Lelouch March 24, 2012

    Could you do a profile of Chamberlain and Myaichi? I’m really curious as to how well they develop. Great site btw, really helpful!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith March 24, 2012

      I’m afraid both players haven’t improved enough in nay of my saves and I need a good future profile to provide a report. Glad the site has helped though.

    • comment avatar Heresy March 30, 2012

      When I chose to manage Arsenal once upon a time, I didn’t give much room for Myaichi to develop. He’s made around 15 appearences in the 1st season against rubbish teams and performed perhaps twice. No one wanted to loan him out even for 0% wages in the next season :D If I were you, I’d offload him as soon as you can, be it to a feeder team or on a transfer. I myself waited too long and no one wanted to buy him even for 1M after season 2.

      Chamberlain is nearly impossible to get in the first 3 seasons. The asking price is ridiculous and he would only accept offers from the top teams. You can only hope Arsenal has a lousy season so you can sign him for less or at all.

      Bottom line, in my opinion, Myaichi isn’t worth a profile because he doesn’t reach his potential, while Chamberlain is too hard to get to warrant a profile (as how many of you would play Arsenal just to manage him?)

      • comment avatar Lelouch April 2, 2012

        I understand, never really had any luck with myaichi myself. One player i would truly recommend for a future profile is Etzaz Hussain from Fredrikstad, you may need to include Norway when you start up though. He is incredible on the newest patch and i would love to see him in the future.

        • comment avatar Darren Smith April 2, 2012

          Sorry can’t see him, we only profile players that show up with major European leagues loaded as most players have already started the game when they look for players and won’t want to wait the season to add another league…long story short we’d rather miss talents further a field to avoid frustration.

  • comment avatar chorbinho April 12, 2012

    the best winger in fm… first season for me scored 9 and 24 assist, average rating 7.76..

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 12, 2012

      He’s certainly up there in my book.

  • comment avatar Asher April 13, 2012

    He’s better than that on my Liverpool game. Finishing 13 and first touch 19 to name a couple of attributes.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 13, 2012

      I should hope he is as the screenshot above is with CPU’s management so he should reach that level as a minimum.

  • comment avatar mpery86 April 18, 2012

    Hi Darren.a great player indeed..a few thoughts:in a chelsea save i had ganso as my cm-advanced playmaker,who was good and the team was winning.great passing but less assists and goals than i sign hazard to mix things up and create havoc with his speed and dribbling,train him in the playmaker areas,a little worried though about the teams domination,since he is not cm-marking tackling…the results as expected.hazard 1st season decent assists 15 in the league most of them killer balls and he is doing well but not perfect..when a regen pops out with perfect stats and i give him the playmaker role i moved hazard in the wings(couldnt have him on the bench).he is not a natural scorer and i am sure he can perform well in a aml-if role given his attributes,but here is my suggestion:play him as amr-adv plaker role.a complete revelation.the kid goes messi…23 goals-27assists only in the league without taking set pieces.give him the ball and the team is not having any problems with two playmakers(having cavani as poacher helps as well).he runs and passes better from the right,train him as a forward,finishing, the ball and try it.amr-adv pmk and hazard goes bananas!ps:sorry for the big post

    • comment avatar Darren Smith April 18, 2012

      Yeah it can be awkward and I think everyone will have a different take on how to best use any player. It all comes down to the overall squad, tactics and other factors. Good you’ve found a way to make him work in your system though, there’s nothing better than seeing a signing come good.

  • comment avatar artistic32 May 28, 2012

    how about marvin martin? where can i play him

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 28, 2012

      He is a good player and could play with most top sides around europe, he’s not been profiled due to price and not reaching his potential in my saves.

  • comment avatar ma3rush June 24, 2012

    Best Way to Play him for Man Utd?
    Also, is Goetze better than him?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 24, 2012

      It depends on your tactic, I always say never change a tactic around a player, change the players around your tactic, but inside forward from the left wing worked for me. I haven’t managed Gotze but reckon he could be better.

  • comment avatar dragosh June 29, 2012

    i got him with 14M in the end of my first season with FCP.HE WAS TRANSFER-LISTED BY REQUEST!!!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 30, 2012

      Lille were crazy to let him leave for that price even if he wanted to leave.

  • comment avatar Charlie July 18, 2012

    got him at £15mil in my first season because he was unhappy so lille offered him a move, and absolute steal of a price in my opinon

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 18, 2012

      Very cheap indeed, but I even think his minimum fee release clause is reasonable to be honest.

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  • comment avatar Tay August 6, 2012

    In my Man U save, he was transfer listed at the end of the 2014-15 season so I naturally attempted to make an offer of $35m USD which was refused… then when I go to make another offer, I saw that Man City made an offer of $79m… that immediately put me off which is a shame because I really wanted him too :(

    Man City is gonna dominate in 2015-16, I just know it, unfortunately for me.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 6, 2012

      Sounds like they’ll be tough to topple.

  • comment avatar Jack September 12, 2012

    I bought Hazard at the start of the game for Arsenal. Any suggestions why he’s not developing that great at the age of 23?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith September 13, 2012

      I’m not sure, it could be a number of things…if you’re not playing him in a position where he’s performing well, not got his training intensity to full and not training him in individual areas then they could all effect his development…also it could be that you haven’t got your coaching stars very high in training.

    • comment avatar foo October 10, 2012

      You aren’t going to see Massive improvements in him like with what you will with someone like Sanogo Fierro simply because Hazard’s CA is a lot closer to his PA.

      Even if he doesn’t reach his full potential (which he should barring any ridiculous injuries) he will still be World Class.

  • comment avatar Jack September 12, 2012

    Oh, and he’s pleased with his training schedule and I’ve used Ajinkx’s schedules but he isn’t progressing like I hoped he would.

  • comment avatar Jack September 14, 2012

    I’ll train him in the individual areas where he’s lacking a bit and hopefully that should sort him out. Cheers.

  • comment avatar Heonsu November 29, 2012

    Man, he’s incredible! February in my second season with Chelsea and he scored 20 goals with 17 assists in all comp!!!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith November 29, 2012

      He is great though this is a profile from last years games.

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