FM 2012 player profile – Dudu

FM 2012 Central Midfielders

written by Ryan Daly


Age: 19

Position: AMC/AMR/ST

Club: Dynamo Kyiv

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £2.7m

Price tag: £8.5m (in patch 12.2)

Dudu profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)


Dudu scouting report from Friio of Man Utd

Dudu profile aged 24 in 2016

Dudu career history until 2016

This is my type of player. I have tried to  not get over zealous when doing this profile and deliberate over other people’s point of view on different philosophies. Dudu is can become a world class attacking midfielder but some people find getting assists a little hard to come by and that isn’t really Dudu’s niche, he is one of the best goal scoring AMCs in the game. Although even if you have players that get plenty of goals i would still urge you to get Dudu in your team because he adds that flair to your team that every great time needs and has that magic to win you a game when you most need him, BUT he must be played regularly, he is just one of those players, but surely for £8.5m he is a snip. (my opinion)

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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Karl Deighton

Dudu is a great player, he probably wont want to join in the first season ’cause he’s only just joined Kiev

Matt Nelson

New to the site, just want to say the job you guys do in producing these profiles is amazing, keep up the good work!

I dont use an AMC in my team, but due to his ability to get goals do you think Dudu could be retrained as a striker?