FM 2012 player profile- Dede

FM 2012 best players

written by Karl Deighton


Age: 23

Position: DC

Club: CR Vasco da Gama

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £4.2 million

Price tag: £16.25 million (patch 12.2)

Dede’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)


Dede’s scouting report from (Comolli from Liverpool)

Dede’s profile aged 30 in 2018

Dede’s career history until 2018

Dede is a rock at the back, hes fast, strong, a threat in the air and an all round great centre back. His great attributes could fit into any team and they helped him earn 66 caps in seven years for the great Brazil. Although his price tag is out of reach of most top division clubs, if you’ve got the money and in need of a defender he’s well worth the buy.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Benjy May 22, 2012

    While his stats aren’t quite as good as Papadopoulos’, the great average rating and spare £22 million make this guy look like a great buy. Nice find, Karl

    • comment avatar dzunglv May 22, 2012

      Actually i think he is better than papadopoulos in term of Ariel playing and concentration which are very important for a CB. He also has speed which helps him plays man- marking effectively.

      • comment avatar Karl May 22, 2012

        I personally believe he is better papadopoulos, he is a greta player but Dede is a great all round centre back. He is cheaper and more reliable

        • comment avatar Benjy May 22, 2012

          I have only ever had Papadopoulos out of the 2, so I will definitely give Dede a go the next time I have a need for a CB

          • comment avatar Nick Jones June 22, 2012

            This player is a monster at the back. I’d get him every time ahead of K Papadopoulos because he’s 4 inches taller and wins everything in the air. Plus he’s 1/3 the price to buy.

  • comment avatar tom May 23, 2012

    i see Papadopoulos as very similar to the role mascherano plays at barcelona…can play at centre back or defensive mid…has similar stats too…

    Dede is a great player…signed him as a replacement for vidic on my man u save…very consistent and rarely beaten

  • comment avatar Rodrigo Rodrigues Dos Santos Junior May 23, 2012

    Papadopoulos has a lack of concentration and u can see very well that in his game(i play him at in a network save)so in a comparation with dede will loose for sure.

  • comment avatar vp May 23, 2012

    player that can surpase dede is otamendi . for me the best ~he is a rock solid and goal scoring dc . check im , his jumping is quiet low but he still is a very good header

    • comment avatar Karl May 23, 2012

      i’ve heard of himbut i’m not sure of his price tag, will check him out

  • comment avatar Joeyboy June 10, 2012

    What do you think is the ultimate centre back pairing that you can buy on FM12 that makes an instant impact, but lasts a few years too?

    • comment avatar Karl June 10, 2012

      thats a tough question,there are loads of great CBs out there. Zouma is the best but not for 5 years or so, Kara is great and very cheap but my favourite Cbs are probably Hummels and Dede

  • comment avatar Harper O'Keeffe June 11, 2012

    I bought Dede for my Man City save and him and Kompany are the best pairing I have ever had. Dede got the most goals in the FA cup to! If you have the money you should buy Dede, he is awesome and great in the air.

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton June 25, 2012

      They would be a great pairing, I agree, everyone should buy dede!

  • comment avatar Pirate of the Indian Ocean June 25, 2012

    I bought him in the January transfer period with Real Madrid as a replacement for Carvalho while looking for a young cheap player in the transfer market and I came across this lad whose contract with his club Vasco was about to end in two years and I bought him for €11i million and he impressed me so much that I decided to sell Pepe for €28 million to Arsenal and use him permanently in the starting 11 while Varane became kinda more as a replacement for Carvalho eventhough I kept Carvalho by extending his contract for another year while lowering his wage demands by 55%. I swear no one gave me a tip, I just bought him as a sub player lol but he turned out to be a world class defender and by the way his stats currently at the age of 25 is better than the stats shown here at the age of 30 so something must have gone wrong in reaching his full potential or he hasn’t been given the right training.

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton June 25, 2012

      he is good enough for the first team at any club. Him and varane would be amazing! In the future screenshot above he was computer trained, so he won’t have as good stats if he is personally trained. On your save he could’ve reached his full potential already and may not grow much more

  • comment avatar Pirate of the Indian Ocean June 26, 2012

    Varane is for me still too young to be given a permanent starting 11 and he still has to learn a lot because in my save he’s 21 while Dede is 25. I use at the centre back Raul Albiol (28) who is quite similar to Mats Hummels mentally but also in terms of defending eventhough I rate Albiol better than Hummels atm because of experience and defenders are usually at their best between 27 – 32 so I keep Albiol for at least 2 years and beside Albiol I have Dedé who is playing along his side which by the way also works out well and my right back is both Ramos and Corchia who I rotate often and the left back position is Marcelo and José Angel depending who the opponent is.

    • comment avatar Karl Deighton June 26, 2012

      That’s quite a defence mate, saying that you can buy whoever you want :D I really like hummels, he is probably my favourite defender on the game and he’s amazing in real life

  • comment avatar silva July 22, 2012

    I love Dede was going to buy him for Southampton but he accepted RM offer they paied double for him then in the screenshot

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