FM 2012 player profile – Alex Teixeira

FM 2012 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Alex Teixeira

Age: 21

Position: AMC/MC/AMRL/ST

Club: Shakhtar

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £2.8 million

Price tag: £4.2 million (in patch 12.2)

Alex Teixeira’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Alex Teixeira’s scouting report from Ryan on Man Utd

Alex Teixeira’s profile aged 28 in the year 2018

Alex Teixeira’s career history until 2018

This FM 2012 player profile of Alex Teixeira shows the Brazilians talent but not in full. Teixeira could play attacking midfield, central midfield or on either wing. I personally think he would suit a box to box role or advanced playmaker role from the middle but using Teixeira from the wings as an inside forward could also prove deadly. The wonderkid hasn’t grown to his full potential in the screenshot above due to the level football played with Sao Paulo, but I think this just shows how strong he could be. Work on the Brazilians shooting and with a little luck you have a must buy especially at £4.2 million.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Frozy January 15, 2012

    I’m from Ukraine, so I’ve seen his play for Shakhtar many times. I must admit the guy has talent and big potential, so he’s quite promising wonderkind. Probably he’ll be more effective in Spanish Primera than in English Premier League due to his low tackling and jumping, I suppose.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 15, 2012

      Yeah he does look talented especially with the ball at his feet.

  • comment avatar Jorge Fernandes January 15, 2012

    It´s a shame what happens to him at your save Darren, I’m sure that going to Sao Paulo really don’t help Alex reach his potential.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 15, 2012

      To be fair, I think Teixeira has turned into a good player in my save, but I understand where you are coming from as joining Sao Paulo and staying then suggests a player can grow much more to me.

  • comment avatar mario January 15, 2012

    thanks for his profile,he’s one of my favorite players in fm2012.I usually play him as an AMC but playing him as winger isn’t a bad idea at all…but something bugs me and that’s that several of his attributes drop about three months in the game,but they get back up by the end of the year.I don’t know why this happen but I’m sure that it isn’t due to training,injury or lack in match experience…btw,you can get him for £4.5 mill if you wait until the end of July,and his wage demands also drop to about £1.2mill per year

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 15, 2012

      Thanks for the info Mario, Teixeira is a great player and should prove a brilliant signing for almost any team if used correctly.

  • comment avatar N.Loureiro January 15, 2012

    Shaktar have a lot of talent in their ranks. Stepanenko, Mkhitaryan, Teixeira, Willian, Douglas Costa and Alan Patrick are talented enough to make it in Europe’s big leagues. Shame that most of them tend to make silly moves.

    • comment avatar mario January 16, 2012

      you forgot to mention srna,gai,rakitskiy,eduardo,luiz adriano,kryvtsov,chygrynskiy…in fact,their whole team is awesome

      • comment avatar N.Loureiro January 16, 2012

        Yes, Shakhtar has a good team all around. I think I’ll start a save with them.

        By the way, Darren, how does Lucas Ocampos turn out? Any good or will we have to wait until the next game comes out? Also, Serge Aurier, he was good in FM11. Does he get any good?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith January 17, 2012

          Ocampos doesn’t develop in any of my saves, not to an acceptable level anyway. Aurier is decent in FM12 but not as good as FM11.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 16, 2012

      Yeah those players are all good for sure.

  • comment avatar Erik Zilinskas January 17, 2012

    I see that Shaktar love buying brazilians players lol. I have seen Alex Teixeira playing in the brazilian team Vasco and indeed he has lot of potential, i want to buy him for my Newcastle save but Newcastle is not of the richest teams in England lol, i have won the PL and the board just gave me 15 million euros for transfers that i spent in another players.
    And one more thing, i wanna thanks Shaktar for allowing Jadson to come for São Paulo (the team that i support) with Luis Fabiano and Lucas São Paulo will have the deadliest attack in Brazil lol.

  • comment avatar Frozy January 17, 2012

    I’m sure that if there wasn’t a restriction for Ukrainian Premier League teams to have at least 5 ukrainian players in first 11, then Shakhtar bought even more brazilian players :) That’s the policy of this club.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 17, 2012

      Yeah they certainly seem to love their Brazilians but it shows in the way they play which is refreshing.

  • comment avatar conor January 18, 2012

    He’s a striker as well, but it doesn’t say that on his profile.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith January 18, 2012

      Yeah officially he is, but I don’t see him as that myself and would never buy him for that role, that’s why I haven’t listed it.

  • comment avatar Darren August 14, 2012

    i was jokin and i put in a 3 million offer and it was accepted haha would you play him on the wing as an inside forward?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 14, 2012

      Yeah that seems like the most logical position to play him in.

  • comment avatar Lukas August 16, 2012

    I get him 16m pounds…overpriced??but he’s great

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 16, 2012

      Maybe but he won’t if playing really well.

  • comment avatar Zak August 23, 2012

    I have a better profile of alex teixera if you want it…

    • comment avatar Darren Smith August 23, 2012

      No thanks we won’t be changing this profile.

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