FM 2012 player profile – Abel Hernandez

FM 2012 Strikers

written by Ryan Daly

Abel Hernandez

Age: 20

Position: ST

Club: Palermo

Nationality: Uruguay

Value: £6m

Price tag: £40m

Abel Hernandez profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Abel Hernandez scouting report from Friio of Man Utd

Abel Hernandez profile aged 26 in 2016

Abel Hernanadez career history until 2016

Well the profile of Abel Hernandez says it all really, therefore i should just stay quiet and let you study it… i would like to add something though, what ever way you look at it Abel Hernandez is the perfect striker. Deadly finishing, extraordinary pace and acceleration, calm and composed, determined, strong, great positional sense, great movement off the ball and the ability to anticipate where the ball will end up – what else do you need ? Unfortunately his price tag affects the rating, he would be a 10/10 if he was a little cheaper, but regardless of that price Abel Hernandez can become one of the best strikers in the world, therefore he is a must buy !!!

Best buy rating: 8.5/10

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Darren Smith

Incredible player, just a real shame he costs so much.


I am playing with a friend a LAN game, premier league, and he could bought this striker for 25 mil Euro. he didnt, he picked Doumbie, and we hasnt regret that yet. Sorry for english.

Alexander Ceol

10/10 if you can get him cheaper? He is transfer listed on my save after one season, seeing how Palermo had a bad season.

I can pick him up for his value, around £6m, for my liverpool, and Im thinking about it…

Dan Heineman

The picture on the previous page is of Javier Pastore not Hernandez


what are you talking about?! this guy is mediocre at best! low Finishing, low composure,low work rate and team work. He barely is a 7/10 player regardless of price. I would take Fierro any day of the week and even as an 18 year old Fierro is possibly as good as him.
Shame on you for saying he is a 10/10 player!


after the first season , you can bought him at 8 millions euros.
he’s a fantastic player

Alexander Ceol

I just want to thank everybody who contributes here, I love this site! ^^


Yeah couldn’t agree more with Alexander here. You all do a fantastic job and shouldn’t pay any attention whatsoever to those who show no respect. Thanks a lot

Jonathan Carver
I have a love/hate relationship with him, he always seems to score against me which makes me hate him, but he is an amazing player :D a great buy if you can get him!! I also fully agree with Darren and want to defend Ryan here, myself, Ryan and Karl all are in close contact about which top profiles to do, and we all decide whether certain players are good enough! It’s a team effort and if you insult one of us, you insult all of us :( We all love working on the site, its an honour and I… Read more »

i want to ask both darren and chul two things about carlos fierro.

to chul:
what kind of training did you give to carlos fierro and what role does he play proacher ou trequartista ?

to darren:
darren is possible fierro stop being a trquartista to be a procher? i say this because in my staff they said he plays best as a trequartista ( i had de luuk de jong and didn´t go very well), and i prefer procher.

Darren Smith

Just because your staff say he best used in a certain role doesn’t mean that is the case. If Trequartista doesn’t work with your formation then it doesn’t matter how good a player is in that role, it just won’t work…I used Fierro as poacher for around 6 years to great success so would recommend that.


ok ty darren :) for the moment i have this st in my benfica save

st in second season:
ayew (best st for me in the moment)
sanogo (last season socre 10 golas in 18 games)
nelson oliveira (thinking in selling him doesnt score and is alredy made 9/10 games )
fierro (loan)

what do you think in your opinion what i should do ?

Darren Smith

I’d keep Ayew and Sanogo, lose Oliveira and buy Fierro.


i have fierro but is on loan in vitoria guimaraes

Alexander Ceol

Is there any reason you haven’t made a profile for Edison Cavani? always my best scoring machine :P


In my 3rd season with Valencia now.Soldado was doing great untill he got injured in 2nd season and since then he has never been the same player.Already got Fierro and regen as my back up striker,and Alcacer on loan at Milan.Thinking about selling Soldado and replacing him with Olivera or Hernandez.Who do you think i should go for? Cheers guys :)

Alexander Ceol

Hernandez if you can get a good deal


Hey, im playing with milan, have a chance of signing abel for 15mill, would that be a good replacement for robinho?


He is better than Robinho