FM 2012 Championship Player Profile – Xisco Nadal

FM 2012 Championship Players

written by Darren Smith

Xisco Nadal

Age: 25

Position: AMR/ST

Club: Unattached

Nationality: Spanish

Value: N/A

Price tag: Free Agent (in patch 12.2)

Wage expectation: £11K per week (in patch 12.2)

Xisco Nadal’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Xisco Nadal’s scouting report from Ruddick of Southampton

Xisco Nadal’s profile after one season in 2012

Xisco Nadal’s career history until 2012

This FM 2012 Championship Player Profile of Xisco Nadal shows a top class free signing to enhance any second tier side. During my save Nadal joined Adelante’s Hercules and performed to an outstanding level in Spain’s second tier scoring 15 goals and assisting 9. This shows just how well he could perform in the Championship, with good pace and general technical skills this 25 year old would be a leading star for any lower league side. He’s also available on a free transfer including reasonable wages of around £10K a week.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Ryan Daly June 15, 2012

    great find Darren and great profile i think he would be a coup for most championship sides just signed him for my Polonia Warszawa side which i’m doing a story on for the Forum check it out some time first installment will be up in the next few days

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 15, 2012

      Thanks, I think he is a good player, his attributes don’t look amazing but he seems to perform very well at Championship level.

  • comment avatar super bob's locker June 24, 2012

    Hi guys.

    Signed Xisco for my Notts Forest team in my first season 2011-12 on a FREE.
    Mainly played him as an attacking right winger, although he makes a great back up striker as well. He is brilliant in the championship:
    41 appearances
    26 goals
    14 assists
    10 mom
    overall rating of 7.60

    First season promoted into the Premiership his stats were as follows:
    33 appearances
    6 goals
    5 assists
    2 mom
    Overall rating of 6.81

    I think you can see the difference playing at that level makes to his performnce – although to be fair he was playing in a very average Notts Forest Premier League side.

    If you are a Championship side he is a MUST buy.

    • comment avatar Darren Smith June 24, 2012

      Good to know he works as well as he looks…you never fully know until someone tells you.

  • comment avatar Connor July 8, 2012

    Looks like a good player for a lower table spanish club. Also i was wondering what you think of Alex Serrano from sporting Gijon?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 8, 2012

      Serrano is one of those awkward players where he doesn’t look capable of making it at the top level and doesn’t have the ability at the start of the game to make it in the Championship or lower league EPL. So while he is a good player he just falls right in the middle of buying for the present and the future to the point where most gamers would prefer other options.

  • comment avatar Connor July 8, 2012

    Would you recommend him for Chelsea as i have seen screenshots of him in my friends inter milan save and he looks a decent talent so i thought he would be good if i trained him in my U19 squad but i’m not sure?

    • comment avatar Darren Smith July 9, 2012

      I wouldn’t no, he has never developed enough for that standard and to be honest I’m not sure he has the ability.

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